My Alpha’s Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance Chapter 138

My Alpha’s Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance Chapter 138

  1. Another Step Closer
    “Theon… Are you content with what I am doing?” Theoden asked as he patted my shoulder. I had just talked to Yileyna through the link, and I was planning on leaving soon. Most of yesterday had passed looking for the necklace, and to see if I could find anything on the Dark Ones.

Theoden was far too busy to do much, and he kept giving me jobs away from the castle, not that I minded since I needed an excuse to leave at times.

“Of course.” I replied.

I was wearing a high neck top to cover my mark, and it was taking me immense restraint to keep my powers in check. Powers that had strengthened since she marked me, the mark upon my neck which I did not deserve. I was lucky that I trained for years to gain self–control and pull back my aura.

“Then trust in me, no matter what happens, remember your father is only doing what the gods would approve of. It is time for all those who have hurt us, to pay. The beginning of the end for the sirens will happen as I promised!” 1

“I can‘t wait.” I replied coldly.

He nodded as he gazed out of the window, watching the alphas of the kingdom pour into the courtyards far below.

“They come as if they have never turned against me… bearing gifts and offerings. Tell me Theon, do we accept them?”

Yes, because everyone deserves a chance, but I know the answer a monster like you wants. “I don‘t think they deserve our forgiveness.” I replied icily, fuelling hatred into my voice. He chuckled as he slapped my back. I clenched my teeth, feigning a flinch of pain. “Ah, I forgot you are not well.” He said with a glimmer of something in his eyes. I couldn‘t read it… but I was sure he would happily kill me now that my part in this was done. “I‘ll be ok… it‘s just not healing,” I lied, frowning. Although the pain remained, the wounds were healing far better than Theoden knew.

The Alphas were pouring in, a mix of expressions on their faces, some intrigued, others excited, and many who were on edge. Unknowing of what was to come, yet unable to refuse the calling of their king.

Who could blame them?

Only the foolish would think there was nothing more to this than the king‘s invitation to get to know his subjects. This was a planned take–over on Theoden‘s part, and one we needed to put a stop to. Theoden‘s plans were sickening. I left when he dismissed me. Blending in with the shadows, I cloaked myself and left the castle through a rather deserted narrow servant entrance, making my way towards the outer wall of

the city. I paused when I heard two men walk by, dragging some crates. Dressed in armour bearing the crest of the Obsidian Shadow Pack, they were clearly my father‘s men.

What was in these crates?

I was questioning everything, on edge, and I wouldn‘t rest until Theoden was dead.

Once I had passed the wall of the city, I first made my way to the camp where Romeo‘s and Hunter‘s armies had arrived, as well as Zarian‘s Fae army. Their assistance in return for crops and food.

I was shocked that such a large number had gotten passed the border without Theoden finding out. It was thanks to a few packs Hunter knew they were able to enter with ease. I understood now why Mom always said that he would be there for us, he was powerful, and he was not blinded by greed or lies…

They had kept their presence masked with mages standing at every corner of the forest, blanketing us in an illusion.

Everyone was already ready, or almost ready, decked up in armour and sharpening their weapons.

I had just come to one of the tents to put on my armour, not wanting to be away from the city for long considering Yileyna may need me, although Raiden, Ryan and Thea were already in Westerfell posing as omegas

We were lucky that Theoden hadn‘t bothered to check on them, he had placed them in that cave that had been difficult to access to make sure I didn‘t find Thea. I was certain of it. And with Yileyna being injected with silver, they didn‘t realise she would still be able to mind link her people.

Fools for underestimating one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

I looked at the armour Hunter had just presented me, not knowing what to think. It was made of dark silver and black, with a crest that almost mirrored the mark upon my neck. A mark that stood for Yileyna. A full moon with a howling wolf, the sea, and a crown circling it. It was beautiful. 1

However, it was the insignia on the shoulder pad that caught my attention. Supreme Commander of the armies. The mark of the Champion. They wanted me to lead… “So, what do you think of it?” He was smirking, he was proud of the armour he had prepared for me.

“Why does it hold the crest of the Champion? I don‘t deserve to lead.” He sighed as he patted my shoulder. “The Queen commanded it. She chose you to be her Champion.” He said seriously, before that smirk returned. “I‘m sure you are a lot more than just her champion but…” He cleared his throat and I cast him a cold glare. 3

“Focus on your unborn pup and woman.” I remarked.

“Ah, your sister-in–law?”

I narrowed my eyes but said nothing as I looked at the black cloak that also held the silver symbol

Her Champion. 1 After everything… why me?

“You will not fail her, nor any of us. You have come a long way, Theon, the only thing left is for you to forgive yourself. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start and a new dawn. So why not let your past remain behind?” He asked seriously. “Carry your sword in the name of your people and your Queen, let‘s move on from our past.” 111

I sighed, as I ran my fingers across the armour.

“You know… if I were in your place, I would have let the bitterness of the fact she abandoned me get the better of me.” I said quietly.

I didn‘t know if tomorrow we would see one another again, if we would survive the war… but I needed to tell him.

Our eyes met, and although he tried to hide his pain, he was failing. “I wouldn‘t have done what you did, I wouldn‘t have been able to love her for leaving me when I was a child. You deserved better Hunter, far better, but I do want to tell you… Although. we will never learn of exactly what went through her mind, I can at least say that she always cried whilst penning those letters…” He knew who I meant, I didn‘t need to clarify it. “She was not complete without you, and there were countless days that her mind was elsewhere. Thea often asked her who was her favourite child and she would say all of us. Thalia would be adamant it must be me, but I already knew that position was taken.” 1

F**k, it was hard putting this into words. It brought back memories of her anguish and pain, it f*****g hurt. Looking back, I was sure Theoden had kept her from Hunter, probably even blackmailing her… Was she ever really happy?

“Thank you, for telling me that.” He said quietly, turning his back on me, and I knew he was trying to hide the tears in his eyes.

I smiled slightly. He had deserved better. He deserved his happily ever after more than I did… 2 I won‘t be able to tell him that I‘d be there, watching his back. He had a child on the way and no child deserved to grow up without the love of their father, but so I‘ll be there to make sure he made it back alive.

I had once orphaned a young girl, tore her world apart and broke her. Now, now I will try my best to make sure no more children are orphaned because of me.

“Hunter. If anything happens to me, be there for her.” I said quietly, my voice thick as I was unable to hide the pain from it.

He turned to me sharply, his eyes blazing.


“Theon. For her, you are going to f*****g survive. She‘s been through too much for you to

even think–” A commotion outside made us turn, and although he wanted to say much more, he didn‘t, as I knew someone had mind–linked him. We both ran out. “Alpha! Commander! There are Nagas outside asking for an audience!” The warrior who had come running exclaimed, his face pale.

I exchanged looks with Hunter.

“Let them in.” We said at the same time. Exchanging a look as many of the men looked between us hesitantly.

“There are at least 500 Nagas…” One of the men said, getting clarification from the scouts. 2

“Let them in.” Hunter commanded. The men simply nodded, despite the tension and fear that had fallen over them all. Even Romeo looked worried.

It wasn‘t long before three Nagas entered, their upper bodies clad in armour. The one in the middle held a scroll out to me. He was powerful, and he reminded me a little of the third prince, but far younger. Perhaps his son… I wasn‘t sure.

“I am prince Darshian of Naran. Our Emperor sends his assistance to the Queen of Astalion.” He hissed, his green eyes fixed on me as I opened the letter. 2

I skimmed through it and passed it to Hunter.

This was her true power. To earn alliances and victory with compassion and love, not with fear or weapons. My beautiful storm truly was incredible… I still remember her sneaking off to the coast or the White Dove… I almost smiled at the memory but kept my face smooth. “Welcome and thank you. The Queen will be truly grateful, would you like food from your journey? And may I ask how you crossed the border?” Hunter asked with a smirk.

The Naga grinned, his sharp eyes on Hunter.

“As a matter of fact, it was your pack that saw this letter and granted us entry.” “Alpha.” I turned to see the young boy who now stepped forward, seemingly having accompanied the Naga.

“Kasien?” Hunter asked frowning. “The Obsidian Pack was sent to attack us, and although we all went into hiding, the Naga pack killed the attackers.” He smiled at the Naga.

It was strange to see but I was glad they were safe.

“I see… I am glad. Thank you.” Hunter lowered his head to the Naga.

Setting aside differences for the greater good…

It was high time I set aside mine…

I had put my armour on before I had left the camp, telling Hunter I would meet them at the

gates. I looked at the amulet that the sirens had given Yileyna, not knowing how it worked, but as I stood on the coast, the water washing over my boots, 1 held it up to my lips. “I am here with the pearl of the emperor, on command of Queen Yileyna.”

Nothing “Can anyone hear me?” I looked at it and frowned. There was no such thing as a speaking device… This was f*****g dumb… I crouched down, tilting my head thoughtfully before I lowered the amulet into the water. A soft light spread from it before the water began rippling. I let go of it, stepping back

Suddenly the water began swirling and a powerful surge made me step back, before three sirens appeared, two I recognised. Deliana, the blonde who looked a lot like Yileyna, the redhead who I had injured on The Siren Killer, and the third looked older, but she held power.

I removed the chain containing the pearl from around my neck, and held it out to Deliana as per Yileyna‘s request. “Yileyna wanted me to return this to you, as promised she has fulfilled this condition.” I said, waiting for her to take it.

It was hard being in her presence, the memory of her killing Mom and Thalia returned.

She took it slowly and I turned my back to her.

“Theoden, the current king, will try to poison the oceans tonight or before dawn. Although we plan to stop him, place your own measures in place.” I said coldly.

“Where is Yileyna?” She asked sharply, ignoring my comment.

I swallowed, trying to calm my emotions.

“He bears her mark.” The elder siren murmured.

“So handsome, obviously she couldn‘t resist.” The redhead added. 1

Had she f*****g forgotten I almost killed her? “So you are hers… Theon.” Deliana said, making me tense. “Look at me child.” I clenched my jaw, trying to fight my pain and anger as I turned to her. The water swirled around her tail, lifting her up and bringing her closer to me.

She knew who I was, I could see it in her eyes, the guilt and the shock. She recognised me and she knew I recognised her.

“You accepted her despite the fact you knew she was my daughter…” Her eyes were softer than I had ever seen sirens eyes; aside from Yileyna‘s.

“She is not like you.” I replied emotionlessly. She nodded, her eyes seemed to sparkle with tears, and as much as I wanted to think Sirens didn‘t cry, I could feel her pain. “No she isn‘t, for I let my anger and hatred get the better of me.”

Like me.

“I am sorry, I know it will never bring your family back… but I am truly sorry that the vengeance I felt towards Andres got the better of me. I was angry at all Alphas for the sins of


Just like me… I hated Andres, yet I took it out on Yileyna…

What difference was there between the two of us? None. “It is in the past, let‘s leave it there.” I said quietly, and I meant it. She smiled faintly and nodded. “Yileyna is currently held captive, but we plan to take back the kingdom tonight. She wondered if the Emperor would grant his assistance?” I asked. “With this pearl returned? Oh he certainly would.” The elder siren replied with complete confidence. “Oh Lavina, we don‘t need father. Yileyna is heir to the Aethirian Ocean itself.” The redhead declared. “I will go on land right now.”

“Father will want to know… He will grant us more power… A werewolf was able to bear the pearl, that in itself would impress him. Perhaps it‘s her marking him.” I didn‘t care to tell her I had the pearl before she marked me, it was none of their concern, nor“. did I care about their conversation between themselves.

“How long will it take?” I asked.

“Oh not long, this pearl will be enough to bring him here… I will ask to be permitted to walk on land once more. We will come and assist you, fear not. Within the hour, the imperials will walk on land for our princess.” Deliana said confidently. “We will await your command once we are upon land.” 1

“I will see you at the wall of Westerfell.” I said, about to walk away when Lavina, the elder siren, spoke.

“Wait… you are injured…” “I‘m fine.” I growled, hating how she had even found out.

“When the pearl returns to the sea emperor‘s trident, it will heal you.” Lavina said quietly.

“I‘m sure father will grant our Yileyna that wish, she wouldn‘t want her plaything injured.” The redhead chipped in. 1 “I don‘t need it.” I replied icily. Not waiting for a reply, I walked off. Theoden may control a dark one and may have rallied most packs underneath him, yet the true queen had not only a few powerful werewolf packs, but fae, naga and sirens behind her.

The throne was hers for the taking.

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