Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 59

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 59

“Remember to stay by my side after we arrive at level 68. Do you understand?” Yolanda reminded Charlotte.

“Understood,” Charlotte muttered as she racked her brains for a way to sneak into Zachary’s office.

“Hey, Charlotte…” Yolanda said all of a sudden. “Were you involved in Mr. Holt’s case?”

Charlotte took a while to register what Yolanda had been saying. “Well…I’m just an intern, so there’s no way I’ll get myself involved in such cases.”

“So you’re innocent?” Yolanda asked, staring straight into her eyes.

“Yeah. What’s wrong?” Charlotte asked, raising an eyebrow. Why is she so interested in this case?

“Nothing,” Yolanda said with a grin. “There’s been rumors going around that you were the one who got Mr. Holt into his current situation, since you were assigned to the security department just days after his reassignment.”

“Alright…so? What’s the issue?” Charlotte asked.

Yolanda froze and forced a smile onto her face. “I’m concerned about you. Young lady like you aren’t suited to be security guards.”

“Oh…” Charlotte said. Before she could say another word, the door to the lift opened on level 68.

Charlotte rushed out with the documents as Yolanda stepped out of the lift and gestured to the corridor beside them. “This way, please.”

They delivered the documents to the meeting room for the president’s secretary to collect, and Charlotte managed to sneak out when Yolanda was talking to the secretary.

Yolanda pretended not to notice her quick escape.

It was lunch time, and there were hardly anyone roaming the corridors on level 68.

Charlotte managed to find the president’s office in no time, and she raised her hand to knock on the door, only to stagger backwards when a man inside bellowed, “Get out!”

She shivered and pressed her ear against the door to eavesdrop.

“Please, Mr. Nacht, please forgive me! I’ll do whatever it takes to stay…”

That was Wesley Holt’s voice.

Charlotte froze. What is he doing here?

“Mr. Holt, you tried to rape a female employee! You could have gotten a punishment worse than what you got! What made you think plotting against others in the carpark you’re assigned to is a good idea? The President would never forgive you for this!”

That was Ben’s voice.

“N-No, that’s not true…”

“Destroying the security cameras in the carpark won’t hide your crimes! Every car in the carpark has a video recorder, so all your despicable actions were still caught on camera.”

“I…I just want to take revenge on Charlotte Windt! She has ruined my life! Hurting others or troubling Mr. Nacht was never part of my plans…”

“Is that your confession?” Ben scoffed.


“Ben! Get this filthy piece of trash out of my office!” Zachary yelled.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht,” Ben replied. “The police officers are on their way, Wesley Holt. I hope you’ll turn over a new leaf after you’re released from jail!”

“Y-You called the police?” Wesley stammered. “I’m literally begging you right now! Why can’t you just let me go?”

“You have no right to set foot in level 68!”

Charlotte shivered when she recalled how Hector had swooped in to save her from the falling crates in the carpark. I wouldn’t be able to stand here and witness this showdown if he weren’t there that day…

It seemed like a freak accident at first glance, but the neat stack of crates suggested otherwise.

So…it had been Wesley all along!

I bet he didn’t expect Zachary to catch him in the act a second time!

Just a few days after the incident, Zachary’s subordinates have gathered enough evidence to nail Wesley for the incident.

Zachary had threatened to kick Wesley out of Divine Corporation, and the latter had sneaked into level 68 in a desperate bid to plead for his forgiveness.

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