Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 147

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 147

Charlotte was still blushing when she walked into the office building. She soon noticed all her colleagues lined up neatly in two rows. They bowed toward her and greeted, “Mr. Nacht!”

She was taken aback and froze on the spot.

It was not until Lily, who stood beside her, kept winking at her that she reacted with hindsight and turned around…

Zachary’s tall and slender figure walked in with rays of sunshine behind him, exuding a commanding presence.

Charlotte hurriedly retreated aside; she bowed her head nervously while holding her breath.

Zachary stared straight ahead and strode forward. As he walked by her, he suddenly stopped and coldly reminded, “Since you’re late for thirty-five seconds, your punishment is to clean the swimming pool!”

“I…” Charlotte wanted to explain but then nodded humbly instead. “Yes, Mr. Nacht!”

Charlotte slowly lifted her head when his steps were farther away and stared angrily at his domineering back. Although he looked like her boyfriend, she loathed him.

I just want to kick him! !!

When Zachary was entering the elevator, he turned around and glanced in her direction…

Her bitter and hateful expression instantly became a fake and respectful smile.

When the elevator door closed slowly, Charlotte sighed in relief…

“Charlotte, Charlotte…”

A voice came and interrupted her thoughts.

Recovering her senses, Charlotte smiled and greeted, “Lily!”

“Are you all right?” Lily tagged her along to ride the elevator. “You don’t look good.”

“No big deal.” Charlotte shook her head. “Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“No wonder you are so out of it today. You didn’t even realize that you were in Mr. Nacht’s way.” Lily smiled and teased, “Luckily, it was you. Mr. Nacht only punished you for cleaning the swimming pool. If it were someone else, that person would be doomed.”

“Stop kidding…” Charlotte clarified in a low voice, “There’s nothing between Mr. Nacht and me.”

“Impossible. Mr. Nacht hugged you so tightly that day…”

“Impossible, you’re mistaken…”

“Here’s the elevator. Let’s go.”

Charlotte reached level 68 anxiously. When she was about to go to work, Lucy came to inform her, “Don’t go to work yet; leave it to Dani. You should clean the infinity pool. Report to me after you are done.”

“Okay.” Charlotte pitifully came to the infinity pool.

Although it was sunny today, it wasn’t hot and the pool water still felt chilly.

Charlotte took off her shoes and socks, rolled up her pants, and started cleaning the pool.

Given she had prior experience, she felt much more proficient doing the cleaning work this time.

She was also not as frightened when she turned around to realize that someone had appeared beside her.

She only froze for a brief moment before greeting respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Nacht!”

Zachary sat on the recliner and was spinning the ultra-thin mobile phone in the palm of his hand.

Charlotte worked silently; she was afraid of provoking him.

“How much is your monthly salary again?” Zachary suddenly asked her.

Charlotte was mopping the floor when she heard his question. She immediately stopped her work and looked at him timidly. “It was eight thousand when I was in the administration department and the security department. Now that I’ve transferred to the president’s office, it’s twenty thousand…”

“Do you want to make money?” Zachary looked at her.

“I do.” Charlotte nodded.

Zachary h****d his finger and motioned her to come closer.

Charlotte cautiously walked over to him.

Zachary gave her an X-ray report. “Go to the hospital and persuade Mr. Sterk to take the laxative and get the chip out. I will give you one million if you succeed!”

Charlotte was shocked. She almost forgot about this and hurriedly asked, “The chip hasn’t come out yet?”

“No, he took the laxative twice but it still didn’t work.” Zachary scowled. “The stubborn old man didn’t want to take it anymore. Tomorrow is Friday. If you can send me the chip by today, one million will be transferred to your account immediately.”

“Yes, Sir!” Charlotte could not hide her enthusiasm. “I’ll go right after I finish cleaning.”

“You don’t have to clean anymore. Go right now.” Zachary motioned her to leave immediately. “Your mission today is to get the chip!”

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