Mission To Remarry Chapter 630

Chapter 630

As soon as Estella heard that, she lifted her hands aggrievedly to wipe off the tears on her face before raising her head with a smile.

Roxanne was shocked to find that the young girl had really burst into tears. “I’m sorry for making you sad.” She bent down and caressed the girl’s cheeks.

Shaking her head earnestly, Estella then ran up to Lucian, pulled out the tickets from her school bag, and passed them to Roxanne.

The woman, despite feeling conflicted, eventually accepted the tickets. Before she could utter a word, Estella’s voice rang out again.

“Goodbye, Ms. Jarvis!” The young girl was afraid that Roxanne would change her mind, and thus she quickly waved goodbye and headed into the kindergarten after passing her the tickets. “See you at the concert!”

In response, Roxanne swallowed her words back down and gave Estella a slight nod.

With that, the three children held hands and entered the kindergarten together. leaving Roxanne and Lucian alone at the entrance.

As she lowered her eyes to look at the tickets in her grip, she could vividly feel the man’s intense yet indiscernible gaze directed toward her from behind. A turmoil of emotions surged within her almost instantaneously.

Agreeing to watch the concert with Essie means I’ll have to spend time with Lucian again.

Had it been the old Roxanne, she might have been able to persuade herself that she would only have to spend a little time with him.

But frankly, she was a little scared after yesterday’s incident. After all, she had no idea what Lucian would do or say at the concert.

“Ms. Jarvis.” While she was lost in her thoughts, Lucian’s voice sounded from behind her.

Lucian raised his brows meaningfully as he uttered, “Thank you for accepting the invitation. I’ll pick you guys up on the day of the concert.”

A frown formed between Roxanne’s brows as she replied without hesitation, “Don’t bother. I’ll bring Archie and Benny to the venue by myself. I shan’t trouble you, Mr. Farwell.”

She figured the outsiders would view them as a family again if she accepted Lucian’s suggestion to pick them up.

She did not want others to have such misunderstandings again. She stared at the man in front of her, her nerves stretching tautly. She had even thought about how she would reject him. if he continued to insist.

Little did she expect that Lucian would be indifferent to her answer. “That’s fine too. We’ll see you guys at the entrance, then.”

Then he turned and left without waiting for Roxanne to respond..

At that moment, Roxanne thought she saw a hint of smugness on his face, and she wondered if it was merely a figment. of her imagination.

It was until Lucian’s car vanished within her line of sight that she snapped back to reality.

He must’ve planned everything so that I won’t have any chance to reject him! I was still hesitating if I should go for the date, but his words swayed my attention to how I’m going to head over to the venue. In other words, I’ve made a silent acquiescence to attending the concert with him.

That thought made Roxanne feel overwhelmed by frustration..

Meanwhile, Lucian sped through the roads toward the office..

Throughout that, Roxanne’s expression from earlier flashed through his mind every so often. At the thought of how she was led by him earlier, the man wore a faint smile on his face.

It’s the first time I’ve played such a trick on someone. I can’t believe she actually fell for it so easily. Lucian began to look forward to the date.

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