Mated To The King’s Gamma – Chapter 94 – End

Mated To The King’s Gamma – Chapter 94

Read Mated To The King’s Ga*ma by Jessica Hall Chapter 94 – Abbie POV

Six Months later

So much had changed in the last six months. We moved to the Landeena Kingdom which is now the Valkyrie Kingdom. It took a lot of work to get the place they way Azalea and the king wanted it. This was Azalea’s fresh start, and mine. Being here it felt like home, and we had settled into our new normal comfortably. I eventually took Liam’s advice and I started counciling two weeks after moving here with Clarice.

Azalea and I also started being tutored by the king three days a week, and Gannon and Cedric the other two days and it felt very freeing not having to ask what words meant or what this said.

Our reading and math were caught up quickly. It helped that both of us had a huge de sire to learn. I needed to, for Tyson and both the King, Cedric and Gannon were patient teachers.

Liam and Dustin also started training me in all things Lycan, though it was hard to focus on anything with Liam constantly goofing around but I was relieved when the sire bond broke.

Tyson was also tested and we found out he has some genetic werewolf disorder similar to what humans call autism, they said he may never shift, and developmentally he is delayed.

Yet finally we had answers and he was making milestones, slower but still any pace is better than staying in one place.

He was now toilet trained, also attending speech classes, he could now say a range of words though putting them into sentences he struggled but I knew he would get there soon enough.

So for the most part everything was going great well except watching Gannon becoming frustrated as he realized he put the headboard on back to front and had to pull the entire thing apart again.

We sat on the floor in the nursery and Gannon was trying to set up a cot becoming frustrated with the thing. What is with men and never reading instructions. I shake my head, snatching the allen-key from him and setting it up myself. It took me all of ten minutes.

“Well, that is de-maning,” he tells me. Today we were going for the first ultrasound to find out what we are having. Gannon was over the moon when we learned we were expecting. So was I.

I just hoped Tyson didn’t get upset, he had a fascination with my belly, yet I don’t think he truly un derstood what it meant despite us trying to explain it, so I knew it would be a surprise for him.

Azalea was just as excited knowing her son would have a little friend to grow up beside just like me and her did.

“Come on, we need to head to your appointment, I want to know if my suspicions are cor rect,” he tells me. Gannon swears he can hear two heartbeats but I can’t seem to pick it up.

A few hours later.

The jelly was cool as Doc spread it across my stomach with a device in his hand. I stared at the screen above when squinted at the screen.

“I knew it. I was right!” Gannon says and I gasp looking at the screen as Doc chuckles. I frown wondering why I didn’t notice and Doc looks at me.

“Their heart rates are almost in sync, you’re still getting used to your senses Abbie,” he tells me and I nod. But now we need to buy another crib!

“So do you want to know the gender?” Doc asks, moving the device over my stomach and taking his pictures.

Gannon tells him he does and it takes a few moments and I can’t help but smile at his follow ing words. Our family was now complete.

“Seems like you have a pigeon pair, one is a boy and the other is a girl,” Doc says and I smile when Gannon chokes up. “Thanks doc,” he mumbles and I chuckle.

It was suddenly so real now, now we had seen them on the screen and knew their genders. And I knew that was what was up setting Gannon.

He wanted kids but I think it was only now that it truly set in that our family was growing and he was getting the family he wanted. One I wanted with a man I loved more than anything.

The End.

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