Marrying into Her Family Chapter: 1043 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1043

`”Brother, why are we here?” Tang Hao couldn’t help asking.
“Look at who it is.” Zhang Xuan pointed a young man. He led five or six people behind him, walking swaggeringly in the ghost market, looking like a king patrolling.
Tang Hao frowned, “Butler? Jason’s person.”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan said, “The news I found out. In tomorrow’s selection, Barrett will play as Jason’s entourage. Jason This person is not seeking more refinement, and he is very suspicious. Although the selection rules are defined as no more than ten followers, there are only six people here in Jason, and he believes in the strength of his six followers.
Let me say, his entourage is indeed better than others, but the lack of one is also an unbearable loss for him.” Tang Hao’s eyes flashed, “I understand, brother, you want to take Barrett ahead of time. Abolished, so that he can’t participate in tomorrow’s selection?”
Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “You just guessed it a little bit, follow me.”
Barrett took the people and swaggered around the ghost market, and took the things here. When I got up and took a look, something over there kicked a kick. Many stall owners were very dissatisfied with Barrett’s approach, but didn’t dare to show it. After all, Barrett’s strength lies there.
In addition, many people now know that Barrett will play as Jason’s entourage. Jason is the disciple of Bishop Mylow. Once this selection is over, Jason will be the next bishop, Barrett’s status. Naturally, the tide is rising, and now that he is offended, it will be uncomfortable to wait until Barrett settles the bill after the fall.
Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao followed Barrett, who was obviously in a good mood and drank a lot of wine.
“Yeah, little girl, come over and chat with me.” When he walked to a blonde beauty, Barrett unceremoniously stretched out his hands.
The beauty avoided Barrett’s extended hand, trying to get angry, but she didn’t dare.
“You f*****g, the idea of ​​hitting my sister!” Zhang Xuan, who had been following Barrett, roared, and rushed forward with a vigorous step, punching Barrett in the head.
Tang Hao, who was following Zhang Xuan, was taken aback, what’s the situation?
The blond woman stayed there too, she didn’t even remember when she had such a brother.
Zhang Xuan’s punch was neither light nor heavy, and it hurt Barrett’s head without any serious injuries.
How could the brave Barrett stand it? He glanced at Zhang Xuan and yelled, ”
Stop him for me!” The few people who had been following Barrett immediately rushed towards Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan had no other words at all, so he turned and ran.
“Chasing!” Barrett shouted and chased out first.
When Tang Hao reacted, Zhang Xuan and Barrett’s people had run out of sight.
Tang Hao suddenly understood what Zhang Xuan was going to do. There were so many people here, it was obviously not the place to solve Barrett, this was to lead Barrett to a place where no one was there.
Tang Hao simply stood still, and after about ten minutes, he saw Zhang Xuan walking with a relaxed expression on his face.
“Let’s go, solve it, and do the second item next.” Zhang Xuan clapped his hands, then took out an item from his pocket and handed it to Tang Hao.
When Tang Hao saw this thing, his face was weird, “Human skin mask?”
“It’s specially painted with your face shape. The price is not cheap. Don’t mess with it.” Zhang Xuan said, and took out a picture of someone. Put the leather mask on your face.
What Zhang Xuan used this time was not the one on the trial island, but a younger mask, including Tang Hao. The human skin masks used by the two of them were not particularly outstanding, they were very ordinary.
“Let’s go, take you to play.” Zhang Xuan glanced at the ghost market, and then took Tang Hao into a private club.
“Brother, you are…” Tang Hao still didn’t understand what Zhang Xuan was going to do.
“Take you to find a eldest brother to take refuge in. Tomorrow’s selection depends on the eldest brother.” Zhang Xuan laughed, “From now on, my name is Zhang Yiqing. As for you, please name yourself.”
Tang Hao looked at the mirror at the entrance of the club. Seeing this face of myself that has turned into an oriental face, I reached out and touched the golden hair on his head, “You call me Leng Shao.”
“Leng Shao…” Zhang Xuanton felt speechless, “I said. , What do you know about Yanxia Culture?”
Tang Hao laughed dryly: “Brother, I have liked Yanxia Culture since I was a kid. I used to sneak over the wall to play the Yanxia dance game when I was online. I was still in Donghua with people. I have brushed the trumpet in one area.”
Zhang Xuan swallowed and gave Tang Hao a thumbs up . Zhang Xuan admitted to the words Leng Shao and said he was dumbfounded.
The first floor of the private club is just an entrance hall. There is nothing. The wide stone staircase is placed in front of Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao. The top of the stone steps is a gate. In front of the gate, there are two strong black men guarding. There.
As soon as Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao walked to the gate, they were stopped by two black men.
“This is a private place.”
“We are here in a private place.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, and a cyclone condensed in his hands.
When the two blacks saw, they immediately lowered the arms that were blocking Zhang Xuan and let Zhang Xuan pass.
Zhang Xuan glanced at Tang Hao, then strode into the door.
As soon as he entered the gate, Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao felt like it was a bar, and they were all decks. There were already many people sitting here and chatting all kinds of things, but they were all talking about divine retreats, such as who Who has done what, for example, how is the girl of whose family, men talk about women and status, and women talk about women and men, the same as in the present world.
Practicing qi or not qi is just a matter of being strong or not. Everyone is still a layman in his heart.
Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao came to a deck to sit down, and soon a beautiful blond woman with a hot body came with a wine list and asked them what they needed.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the wine list, “You don’t have any excitement?” The blonde girl changed her expression, and then showed a puzzled look, “Exciting thing? Sir, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”
Zhang Xuan curled his lips, “I heard Jason say that he has good things, and it seems that it’s nothing, so I left.”
Zhang Xuan gestured and was about to get up.
The blonde beauty hurriedly grabbed Zhang Xuan’s hem, “Mr. Jason turned out to be a guest of Mrs. Jason, giggles. Since it is Mrs. Jason’s guest, of course there is something exciting, please.” The blonde beauty swayed her enchanting posture. , Took Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao, and walked towards a corner.
There was a secret door in the corner. After the blonde girl pushed the door open, she did not walk in. Instead, she made a please gesture in front of the door, “Two guests, please play well.”
“Haha, of course.” Zhang Xuan laughed loudly. , Swaggering in with Tang Hao, his posture was exactly the same as Barrett who had just visited the ghost market.

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