Marrying into Her Family Chapter: 1042 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1042

Zhang Xuan saw this and shook his head, “Really a kid who likes to be upbeat.” Putting his hands behind his head, Zhang Xuan walked to the side leisurely and looked around.
“Really, for such a big party, shouldn’t you come to the street stall or something to set off the atmosphere? Really.” Zhang Xuan curled his lips and vomited.
In the holy city, the seven forces, the forces of the gods from all over the world, Zhang Xuan, this time, can be regarded as seeing the true background of the gods, Zhang Xuan is not counted just as a master of Qi condensing, in the holy city , There were a few breaths that made Zhang Xuan feel palpitation.
Zhang Xuan stood in front of the world-famous church in the holy city and watched. The church occupies an area of ​​23,000 square meters. The whole church is a place full of holiness and glory in the eyes of the believers, but at this moment, it gives Zhang Xuan the feeling, But it was extremely depressed, and that feeling made Zhang Xuan a little breathless.
“Really, this kind of place, it’s better to come less often.” Zhang Xuan turned his head and walked slowly to other places.
The number of people coming to the holy city has been increasing. As time went by, Zhang Xuan clearly felt that the crowds on the street became more dense, and everyone’s face had a look of excitement.
This selection, for those bishops, is about their future, but for those who have nothing to do with this matter, it is like a grand gathering.
When night falls, there are still a lot of people, and the party here is completely different from the hot summer.
In hot summer crowded places, the streets are full of food stalls. To see if a place is hot, it depends on the number of people sitting and drinking in front of the stalls.
And here, there are people doing everything, street performances, bragging, gathering in pubs, and some people are still doing sacrificial ceremonies at night, but there is no barbecue stall on the street, which makes Zhang Xuan feel that the atmosphere is missing.
“Man, a glass of rum.” Zhang Xuan sat in front of a bar in a tavern and waved.
The waiter skillfully pushed a glass of prepared rum to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan picked up the wine glass and shook it, taking a sip.
“Slightly sweet, fragrant, not bad.” Zhang Xuan praised.
A figure, sitting next to Zhang Xuan, also ordered a glass of rum.
“How about it, what’s the gain this day?” Zhang Xuan brought the glass again and took a sip.
“I have heard a lot of news.” The person sitting next to Zhang Xuan was Tang Hao. “Now the entire city has been divided into seven forces. Except for the Eastern Continent, the disciples of the other six continents have recruited a lot of bishops. People, prepare to work hard for tomorrow’s selection.”
Zhang Xuan squeezed the wine stains remaining on his lower lip, and continued to ask: “What about the selection rules?”
“There are currently three opinions circulating outside, among which the credibility is relatively high. The higher point is that the bishop’s disciples lead the entourage to fight. The general number of entourages is controlled within ten people. Another saying is that the bishop’s disciples do not bring the entourage to melee. This rule has appeared once, but At that time, the archbishops were in action. The melee was too terrible and the fairness factor decreased, so the possibility of this rule is not high. The third argument is three selections, which are based on the points system. They are fights and heads-ups. , And dealing with experimental subjects, this is common in the past.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “The news we heard is not much different, but I have a question.”
“You said.” Tang Hao also held up the wine glass.
“Do you have any entourage?”
Tang Hao just gave the wine glass he was about to put in his mouth. After a long while, he spit out two words with difficulty: “No…”
“Then you hit a hammer, you hit it.” Zhang Xuan curled his mouth . “I have observed that the disciples of the bishops are all under 30 years old. The strongest should have the initial stage of Qi condensation. The weakest ones are also in the early stage of transformation. Your strength in this imperial stage , No one’s entourage can fight yet.”
Tang Hao’s face was full of embarrassment, “You know, I have never put my mind on these things.”
“Let’s go.” Zhang Xuan drank the rum in his glass and patted Tang Hao on the shoulder, “I will take you to find some entourage.”
“Looking for an entourage?” Tang Hao got up and followed with a puzzled look. Behind Zhang Xuan.
The holy city is not big, otherwise there would be no title of country China.
Tang Hao followed Zhang Xuan with a face full of confusion, “Brother, where are you taking me to find an entourage? My dad is a bishop in Europe. Now you can find people who have been eyeing me a long time ago. Are you looking for an entourage or an enemy?”
“Your xinxing has changed successfully, but your flexibility is still too bad.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Well, since your dad asked me to protect you, I will teach you again. You remember one point at a time, the enemy is not only used to deal with, but also used.”
“Use?” The more Tang Hao listened, the more confused he felt in his heart.
Zhang Xuan took Tang Hao all the way out of the holy city, and then came to a place similar to a market. On both sides of the street, there were pubs, in front of the pubs, there were many stalls, and all kinds of weird things were placed in front of them.
Zhang Xuan asked, “Do you know what this place is?”
Tang Hao nodded, “Ghost market.”
The origin of the ghost market was in Wenwan. , There are also rare items, and even fake ones. Once traded, they will not be returned or exchanged. They are called ghost markets.
Over time, ghost markets have become popular in many places, and large gatherings such as the Shenyinhui have also been set up early.
People who come to the ghost market believe that they have a pair of insights and can find treasures in the tatters.
Everything is sold in the ghost market, and Zhang Xuan even felt the breath of Lingshi even in the ghost market.
No matter where the power is, the spirit stone is absolutely hard currency. At the beginning, the divine punishment envoy Zhu Lan, because of the spirit stone, directly drove Zhang Xuan into the eighteen layers of hell. It can be seen how much the spirit stone is. important.
In the eyes of the Qi refiner, the spirit stone is the powerful foundation.
Of course, not all Qi refiners want to be infinitely strong. Some people will secretly sell the spirit stones when they find that their talents are limited.
After all, if the spirit stone is favored by a big power, it’s okay for this power to talk easily. If it’s not easy to talk, it’s okay to kill people and sell goods, let alone in the world of Qi refiners, but in the underground world. That’s commonplace.
Therefore, if you want to sell at a good price, the ghost market is a good choice.
Of course, there are real spirit stones and fake ones. Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao walked along, they saw a person who came to fight with others because they bought fake spirit stones. The people around were also watching the excitement. Go ahead, come to the ghost market. If you are clumsy, you can only blame yourself.

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