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Chapter: 1041

Mid-May is the season when European lavender is in full bloom, full of romance.
There is a holy city from the edge of the Rus Country, known as the heaven of God.
This holy city is full of mythology.
For the Divine Enclave, this holy city has a supreme status.
In mid-May, the holy city announced that it would not open to the public for a short period of time, and that there would be a five-year ceremony.
The people of the Godly Enclave understand that this is a five-year selection, and it’s here again.
The selection can be said to be the largest exchange of blood within the Shenyin Society. Each selection will affect the pattern of the Shenyin Society in the next five years.
And this time the selection has a greater impact.
In the past, the selection was made by the bishops of each area.
But now, the bishops have been in office for a long time and they are old. The successors of the bishops will participate in this selection. The successors who participate in the selection will become future bishops if nothing happens.
Shenyin will be passed on for thousands of years, and its power is far beyond imagination.
When the holy city was closed to the outside, here, it became the world of divine retreat.
Shenyin will spread all over the world, and now gathered here, the number of masters of imperial qi alone is appalling.
The world-famous church, just a glance, will make people feel a sacred breath rushing to the face.
The seven archbishops, wearing white cloaks, have already entered the church.
Every bishop represents a continent.
Only the Eastern Continent is somewhat special.
This time, the person in charge of the Eastern Continent did not personally show up.
“Ma Yi, this year, are you on behalf of Master Chu Zheng again?” asked Bishop Milo, whose muscles exploded.
“Why, my lord’s matter, Bishop Milo has to ask, can’t it be done?” He said with an impatient look of linen wearing a hat.
“Of course not.” Milo smiled, “Master Chu Zheng has an extraordinary status. Although we share the post of Bishop of the Continent, we are not comparable in status. I am just curious. This time, Master Chu Zheng doesn’t show up, will his heir come forward?” When Milo said this, the other five bishops, including Bishop Del, all looked at Mai.
Although the same bishop, Chu Zheng is like an insurmountable mountain to them. If it weren’t for the particularity of identity and belief, Chu Zheng would have surpassed the bishop.
Therefore, when Milo asked this question, everyone immediately noticed that Chu Zheng’s successor could not be inferred by common sense.
Mai chuckled, “Everyone, this time, the adults in my family have naturally selected a successor, but I won’t say more about the specifics, and you don’t have to bother to ask.”
Mai said, a few people. The bishops all looked at each other, their eyes extremely complicated.
The whole holy city, at this time, was divided into seven parts.
They are seven continents controlled by seven bishops.
Eastern Continents, Europe, Western Continents, South America, North America, Oceania, Antarctica.
Among them, the one led by Bishop Milo is Antarctica, which can be called the most desolate place.
The bishop Guy of Oceania also put his hope on this selection. After all, Oceania is among the seven continents, slightly stronger than Antarctica, but compared with other prosperous continents, it is completely incomparable.
Bishop Del’s Europe is the place that everyone values ​​most. As for North America, as the second most developed continent in the world, its Bishop Leo is extraordinary.
The western continents are similar to South America.
As for the eastern continent, it is not within the consideration of these six bishops.
For a long time, the East has represented a lot of things. Even if the eastern continent is given to the care of these six bishops, they dare not take this hot potato.
In the two thousand years of inheritance of the Shenyin Hui, there has always been an unwritten rule that Eastern affairs should only be left to the Easterners.
A lot of people came from the seven continents, and every bishop’s subordinates were not monolithic. For example, Andre, who was the bishop of Del, had already played for Milo.
The seven bishops all have their own heirs.
“Brother Del, your Delk, it seems that you haven’t come yet.” Milo said to Bishop Del with a smile, “When the morning bell rings tomorrow, the selection will begin. If he doesn’t show up, you can even give up this time voluntarily. It’s selected, I think, that desolate and icy land is very suitable for you to care for, Brother Del.”
“Mylor, that’s not what I said.” Guy, who takes care of the powers of the Oceania, answered, ” I know that kid Delk has always lived under the auspices of Brother Del. Even if he comes to participate in this selection, Brother Del, I’m afraid he will go to Antarctica to stay. I think, Delk’s not coming to Del. Brother, it may be a good thing, otherwise, based on the cruel degree of the selection, after the selection is over, Brother Del will have to send white-haired people to black-haired people.”
Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and bishops are not. One piece of iron.
When Milo and Gay said this, the other bishops didn’t say anything.
Bishop Del controls the coveted Europe, and there is a factor of making enemies.
Everyone knows Tang Hao’s character. It can be said that no one is optimistic that Bishop Del can continue to stay in Europe after this selection.
Milo sneered in his heart. He had received news from Andre that Delk had participated in the devil’s trial on the Isle of Light, but on the trial island, there were all ants who hadn’t yet protected themselves. People are moved around by an ant, and they are really moved. Such a person is nothing to be afraid of!
In front of the holy city gate, two figures walked in.
In this holy city, crowds of all skin tones were flooded, and the combination of Zhang Xuan and Tang Hao would not be noticed by many people.
“Do you know the content of the selection?” Zhang Xuan looked at this holy city. He wandered around the world. It was not the first time he came to this holy city. Different.
In the past, Zhang Xuan didn’t master Qi, and he didn’t know that there were so many incredible things in this world. In the past, he even felt that this city was a bit too sacred.
But now, Zhang Xuan understands that he has been sitting in the well and watching the sky. After mastering Qi, Zhang Xuan is more sensitive to the world. When he stepped into this holy city, Zhang Xuan felt a sacred breath rushing towards his face. Come, this kind of breath can even calm down some of the hostility in his heart.
Tang Hao heard Zhang Xuan’s question and shook his head, “Do you know, what does it matter? The enemies in front of you are all enemies.”
“Hey, relax.” Zhang Xuan patted Tang Hao on the shoulder. “Do you know what you are going to do now?”
“See you tomorrow morning.” Tang Hao nodded and walked to the opposite place from Zhang Xuan.

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