Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Earl stood up, picked up the coat from the couch, and walked outside. 

George followed him while asking doubtfully, “Why are we going to the company?” 

“You‘ll know when you arrive. Why do you ask so many questions?” 

Earl looked very impatient. He floored the accelerator , and the car sped down the road. 

George held the seat belt tightly, and he stared at Earl driving with his dark gaze. 

He suddenly found his father very strange. 

He also finally understood why Alden would have such thoughts. 

The car stopped in front of the Winter Corporation with a hard brake. 

It was just 7:00 am now. It was not rush hour, so there were only a few people in the company. 

Mr. Winters bringing the young

the top floor and pushed open the door of


the couch and coldly asked.

“Dad, you used to bring me here when I was 3.”

underneath the couch, and he coldly said, “You should know the password, then. Open it.”

and looked at Earl. “Dad, I don‘t

at him. “Didn‘t

for good measure. If the box was opened violently, it would automatically destroy the data.


of fortune, so Earl could not

on the couch and coldly said, “I plan to entrust half of the properties of Winters Corporation to you after some

George‘s expression stiffened. 

harsh to him before. Was he really that useless?

told me the password

safe deposit box…” 

“Can‘t you guess it?” Earl sneered. “From my mobile phone password, computer password, home door password, and intelligent product password … can‘t you infer the password of this safe deposit box from all the clues?” 

“But isn‘t this password set by you, Dad? Why do you want me to speculate about it?” George looked confused. 

Earl was stifled by the question. 

He took a deep breath and said, “George, why are you so stupid? Didn‘t you see that I‘m giving you a test now?” 

He stood up, put one hand in his pocket, and said condescendingly, “You‘re the next heir of the Winters family. I need to test you from all aspects. Your mission today is to open this safe deposit box.” 

“Okay, Dad, I got it.” 

George walked to the safe deposit box and carefully studied it. 

This was a very complex smart password lock. There were eight digits for the password, which included English letters and Arabic numerals. If an error was keyed in once, there would be an interval of more than thirty minutes. Five consecutive errors would forcefully lock the box for three days. 

When Earl saw George seriously studying the password lock, he was finally relieved. 

This boy knew Duke better than him, so he would know what numbers and letters Duke commonly used as passwords. 

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