Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 619

Chapter 619 

Alden stood up, his gaze dark. 

He looked at George, who was similarly tall, and he slowly said,” I want to increase my assets. I want to have the ability to protect Mom.” 

George pursed his lips. “You still don‘t trust Dad, right?” 

“Has he given me any reason to?” Alden asked George back.” People always say kids always change their thoughts very easily, like the weather in June, but Duke Winters changes even faster than kids. I can‘t be sure if he will love Mom for the rest of his life, so I have to gather my strength. When Mom is completely disappointed in him, I‘ll take her and Mel away.” 

“So…” George‘s voice was hoarse. “You never thought about Harold and me?” 

“Your family name is Winters, while Mel and I are Daugherties. We are not the same.” 

Alden turned around and sat on the bed. He looked down and looked very off–putting. 

When George saw Alden looking like this, he did not know what he should say. 

thing he thought about was to explain and find various

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matter to me.” George looked at him and said, “I’m the eldest brother. I‘ll protect each of you. Please believe me.”

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the mansion early in the morning.


and he immediately welcomed him. “Master, have you had breakfast?”

casually threw his coat on the sofa, frowned, and asked, “. Where‘s

carefully asked, “Is there something very important that you need to discuss with him? Do you need me to wake him up

up now.”

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Mr. Brown dared not look for trouble. He immediately went upstairs and knocked on George‘s room door. 

George had not slept at all last night. He had been deep in thought on how to make himself stronger and capable of protecting Mom. 

As he feared, he had insomnia the entire night. 

“Young Master George, Master asked you to wake up now and go downstairs.” Halfway through Mr. Brown‘s sentence, he was shocked. “Why are your dark circles so heavy? Did you stay up very late last night?” 

“I‘m fine.” George put on a jacket and got out of bed. “Why is Dad looking for me?” 

“I have no idea. It should be something very important.” Mr. Brown helped George put on his shoes and combed his hair. 

George went downstairs, and he instantly saw the man lying on the sofa. 

In the past, Dad would emit a noble and elegant aura wherever he sat. Even if he was exhausted, he would remain as poised and as posh as an aristocrat. 

But Dad was now lounging lazily. He rested his legs on the tea table like an aloof upstart. 

George suppressed this awkward feeling before he said obediently, “Dad, why are you looking for me in such a hurry?” “Go to the company with me.” 

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