Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 618

Chapter 618 

It seemed to have something to do with the woman named Catherine. Dad had suddenly left soon after. 

Alden was very suspicious of whether his Dad had already fallen out of love. 

But he, as a child, could not understand such intricacies regarding adult emotions, and he also dared not ask his Mom about it. 

Now, his mother was looking for him alone. Was she going to tell him about it? 

Adina walked into Alden‘s bedroom, closed the door with the back of her hand, and sat down on the edge of the bed. She indifferently said, “Take out your laptop.” 

Alden‘s fingers tightened. “Mommy, …” 

“I know you‘re hiding that laptop under the bed. Take it out,” Adina softly said, “You‘re not in trouble. I need your help.” 

Alden sighed in relief. 

He nearly thought that Mom knew that he had established a hacker studio online. 

If Mom was stepping in to stop him, he had only one option, which was to disband the studio. 

so hard on, but he was willing to give up on anything as

asked him to.

Mom had not found it

leaned on the floor and speedily took out the laptop. He obediently asked, “Mom, what do you

man called Earley Wynters?” Adina said, “Check where he is now, and see if he is still

tapped the keyboards speedily while he kept searching for useful

head, and he wrinkled his face. “Earley Wynters appeared in Sea City twenty–eight days ago, but he seemed to have disappeared then. I could

he be dead now?”

“He is now a wanted criminal. We can‘t conclude that he is dead until the police announces


I got it.” Adina stood up.

even Alden could only find this much, it meant that Earley

even knew whether he was

so sure that

frowned as she left Alden‘s room.

interface of the laptop. He quickly typed on the keyboards, and various

Knock! Knock! 

door was suddenly

Alden quickly closed the laptop screen and calmly said, “Come 


George pushed open the door and walked in before he closed the door with the back of his hand. “Alden, why did Mom look for you just now?” 

Alden shook his head. ‘Nothing. Why?” 

When George saw that Alden was not willing to say it, he did not pursue that line of questioning. George paused for a while before he resumed, “Did you change the name of the company 

that Dad gave you?” 

“Yes, I changed the name and the legal information,” Alden indifferently said, “This is a gift from Dad. It‘s okay for me to make the changes, right?” 

George stared at him and said, “Yes, it‘s all right. I‘m just curious why you‘re suddenly willing to accept what Dad gave you?” 

About a month ago, Dad gave Alden a company, but he did not want it. He did not go to the company for a month. 

But Alden suddenly went to the company frequently over the 

past two days. Changing the company name and legal information was not an easy task, but Alden did it all in three days. It was hard for George not to overthink it. 

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