Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 617

Chapter 617 

When Adina saw his back rapidly disappearing, she slowly pursed her lips. 

Unsure if it was her imagination, she always felt that this man‘s emotions would go out of control whenever she mentioned Earley Wynters. 

Earley Wynters, Duke Winters… 

Duke Winters, Earley Wynters. 

She repeatedly mumbled these two names. 

“Mommy, why did Daddy leave?” 

Melody ran over, sounding like she was close to tears. 

Adina kept away her thoughts before she bowed down and lifted Melody up. “Daddy needs to work. I‘ll play with you.” 

“No…” The little girl cried willfully. “I just want Daddy! If Daddy is not around, I don‘t want to play either. Waa…” 

Adina sighed. 


that Melody asked for. Even if she asked the moon, he could

after they got married, Duke suddenly did not come home for a month, and when he did

the way he

bear such a

not be able to

see his sister crying. He said affectionately, “We can come and play in the

is also tired. We should go back and

to take

only when they went outside the park that she realized she had not driven here today. It was Duke who drove

drove the car

stopped a car. Twenty minutes later, the


you the only ones back? Earl… Where‘s Duke? Why isn‘t

out of the car. She smiled and

a smile. “So, how was your trip today?”

park today.” Adina handed Melody over to Mr. Brown, and she said in a seemingly casual

talked to Catherine for a long

Mabel‘s gaze wavered. “Haha. I lived in Ascrialia for four years, and it was Catherine who took care of me there, so Duke has been feeling very indebted to her.” 

Adina held a glass of water, and she drank while she asked,” May I ask if Duke has any other siblings?” 

“No… no.” Mabel pulled herself together, and she weighed every word carefully before saying, “Addy, why do you suddenly ask about this?” 

“I just suddenly found it strange.” Adina smiled and said, “There are no records of any multiple births in the Daugherty family, and the Winters family doesn‘t seem to have it too, but I gave birth to quadruplets. Don‘t you find it strange, Mom?” 

“It should be a genetic outlier, I guess.” Mabel awkwardly said,” You never know with this kind of medical stuff…” 

Adina nodded. “I was just curious. Mom, why are you getting nervous?” 

“Am … am I?” Mabel‘s back was drenched in sweat. “I just feel slightly warm. I‘ll go out and get some fresh air.” 

Adina stared at Mabel‘s back, and her gaze deepened. 

Adina looked at Alden who stood not far away, and she indifferently said, “Alden, come with me.” 

Alden obediently followed her. 

He had been following Mom from afar today. He should have 

picked up on the interactions between Mom and Dad. 

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