Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 616

Chapter 616 

But if they had followed through with it until the end, everything that she had done would be for nothing. 

A man who was touched by other women was like rubbish to her. She was already being nice by not just dumping him. 

The only reason she was still standing here and asking him such a humble question was because of the kids… 

When Earl saw her smile, his heart tensed up. 

He remembered that he went to his mother to avoid being killed, and he met Catherine. 

At that time, Catherine was just eighteen years old, the age when a girl was the most innocent, idealistic, and fertile… 

He was always a sinner, and women around him were usually the cheap ***** who had slept with different men. Meanwhile, Catherine was an innocent girl. 

When such an innocent girl seduced him, he totally could not control himself, so… 

Catherine and him had been fooling around together for a long time. 

he dared not admit it to Adina

her eyes, he saw her heart, and it was on the verge of shattering. He knew that if he admitted to

keeps bothering me and seducing me. She also purposely left the lipstick stain on my

quietly stared at him.

to know that her husband

quickly this

just got married, but he got together with

Catherine, he could not wait


that she did not

that there was this one personality living in

have such

herself and indifferently asked,

before he looked at her.

Catherine said that Earley is dead,” Adina firmly said, “He kidnapped me.

punishment do you think he should deserve?” Earl stared

her and

Adina stared into his eyes. “He should spend the rest of his life in jail.” 

Earl‘s gaze was filled with ruthlessness. 

At that moment, he suddenly came to his senses. 

He was always a hyena that searched for a pitiful place to settle down in the desert. He was also searching for that bit of light that would accept him. 

When he saw that Adina wanted him to stay and Melody relied on him, he nearly thought that Adina‘s efforts to make him stay and Mel‘s dependence on him would be his light. 

He was Earley Wynters and Earl Winters. He was a hyena that would never be able to walk under the light. 

This home belonged to Duke Winters. 

He had stolen it. 

And he nearly got addicted to it. 

“I still have something to do. I’ll have to leave first.” 

It was only when Earl took a few steps away that he realized he had cotton candy in his hand. He walked to the trash can and violently threw the cotton candy into it. 

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