Lock You In My Heart Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Rose Finally Woke Up

Michelle was hugging Gabrielle so tightly that Gabrielle was having trouble breathing.

“Hey, Michelle, let go of me now. Are you trying to choke me?” Gabrielle asked in a weak voice.

Michelle ultimately let go of Gabrielle. She then looked Gabrielle intently and said, “It’s true that a woman is much more beautiful when she lives a beautiful life filled with love alongside her husband. You are really radiant, Gabrielle! Do you and my cousin have a pleasant holiday here?”

Michelle’s words instantly made Gabrielle blush and she unconsciously turned her head to look at the man in the kitchen.

Gabrielle wondered what Westley was busy with. Perhaps he was preparing breakfast for her.

“Well, I must admit that our stay so far has not been bad at all. So, why are you in Thailand?” Gabrielle just didn’t want Michelle to know what happened to them, so she chose to give a rather vague answer. It could be said that they had a narrow escape.

“I came here to shoot an advertisement. We’re just done. I knew you were here, so I decide to pay you a visit. Tell me, what happened to you? Why do you have the scar on your face?” Michelle asked, pointing at the scar on Gabrielle’s face.

“Don’t worry. It’s just a small bruise,” Gabrielle explained quickly. “Alright. Wilson and Bonnie are also in Bangkok, right? I heard they went to Chiang Mai. Why didn’t you go with them?” Michelle asked again with a smile.

In fact, Michelle was very fond of Bonnie and Gabrielle. However, Bonnie had this strong aura since she was a child, which made her seem like someone who wasn’t easy to get along with. Maybe it was just because she was the eldest daughter of the Campbell Family!

Gabrielle, on the other hand, was very different from Bonnie. She was nice and easy going. Michelle really enjoyed spending time with Gabrielle.

With a nice smile, Gabrielle replied, “Wilson and Bonnie seldom have the time to be alone. I think we should let them enjoy some time together.”

Michelle agreed with Gabrielle on this. “You are right. Well, you and Westley will like it here. This place is peaceful and really nice. Where will you be going next? You said you were here just for your honeymoon, right?” Michelle’s gaze had suddenly become serious and she stared at Gabrielle.   Hearing Michelle’s question, Gabrielle guessed that everyone she knew must know about her supposed honeymoon.

Just to cover up a lie, she was forced to tell countless lies to her friends and family, At this point, Gabrielle was tired of lying.

However, she didn’t really have a choice. Besides, it wasn’t that difficult. She just had to react according to the circumstances.

“Well, we didn’t really have a plan. I think we’ll just stay here for a few more days. We’ll go back to Antawood not long after.” Gabrielle said the first thing that came to her mind.


“Okay. Westley and you should have a great time. As for me, I’m going to stay and bother you for a few days. You and me let’s take a walk through the streets of Bangkok. I’ll bring you back to Westley afterwards.” As she spoke, Michelle pulled Gabrielle’s hand happily.

At this moment, Westley walked out of the kitchen with the breakfast in hand. He gave Michelle a disdainful look and snapped, “Gabrielle is mine! What right do you have to take her without my permission?”

He really didn’t want Michelle to come. She’d just arrived and yet, she already wanted to take Gabrielle away.

“Westley, you see you’re jealous again. I wonder how I could have missed that aspect of your personality before. Just married, you’ve turned into another man. Don’t worry, I’m not here to take your wife away from you. She’ll get back to you when we’re done! ” Michelle was really stunned by Westley’s attitude.

He wanted to protect his wife so badly that he almost seemed crazy.

Westley ignored Michelle and ultimately turned to Gabrielle. “Gabrielle, come and have breakfast. I made you some delicious pancakes.” Westley’s tone had completely changed when he was talking to Gabrielle.

“Really? I’m coming right away!” Gabrielle eagerly ran to him. However, she stopped midway and turned to Michelle to ask whether Michelle would join them for breakfast.

“No, it’s fine. I had breakfast before coming. Besides, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one breakfast was made for.” Michelle cast a scornful glance at Westley as she spoke.

Of course, knowing how jealous Westley could be, she knew he certainly wouldn’t want her at their table.

Westley turned to Gabrielle and said calmly, “You shouldn’t worry about her. She has a team to take care of her, so she can’t go hungry. However, they won’t allow her to overeat. The hardest thing for female celebrities is to constantly check their calories because gaining weight is unforgivable.”

Westley’s words really hurt Michelle. Why did she have to have such a sharp tongued cousin? She hated him!

“It’s not like I get fat easily, okay?” Michelle shouted in anger.

However, Westley simply ignored her and handed the food to Gabrielle.

After breakfast, Westley went to the study to discuss business with Alvin. On the other hand, Gabrielle and Michelle were enjoying the sun and the beautiful sea view from the yard.

“Michelle, you shouldn’t let Westley’s words get to you every time. You know as well as I how saucy he is. But he’s a good guy!” As she spoke, Gabrielle handed a cup of coffee to Michelle.

Michelle took the cup of coffee and brought it to her lips. It was lukewarm. “Yeah, I know that. I don’t like arguing with that jealous guy. However, I really admire the fact that he loves and protects you so much,” Michelle said in earnest. She wasn’t angry at all.

After taking another sip of her coffee, she added, “I really hope that you and Westley can live a happy life forever. You know, there was a time when Westley had lost his happiness. He looked gloomy that we wondered whether he would ever smile again. You’re really a blessing that God sent him.” Michelle’s eyes shone with joy as she looked at Gabrielle.

There was a dark period in Westley’s life when it seemed that happiness had forever left him. Gabrielle too had been through a similar situation, though hers was more extreme. For twenty years she didn’t know how to be happy. Her life would have remained like that if not for Westley.

Ever since she met him, her life had become brighter. She would definitely cherish this relationship with all her heart.

“Don’t worry. Westley and I will be happy for the rest of our lives.” Gabrielle’s words were meant for both Michelle and herself.

She knew that Westley was all she had now.

“I also believe that you both will be happy as long as you are together. I’ve never seen Westley care about someone this much. You are definitely very special to him.” Michelle gently patted on Gabrielle’s hand as she spoke.

The two women chatted again for a while. Suddenly, a bodyguard came over. “Mrs. Morris, Rose is awake,” the man said. Hearing that, Gabrielle stood up immediately, her eyes shining with excitement. “Did you just say that Rose woke up?” she asked enthusiastically. “Yes, she just woke up. Doctor Maniac asked me to inform you.” Gabrielle quickly ran

into the house. When she reached the study, she saw that the door was closed. Knowing that Westley was definitely busy, she didn’t want to disturb him. So, she turned around and ran out again.

“Gabrielle, why are you so excited? Who’s this ‘Rose’?” Michelle was completely stunned by Gabrielle’s behavior.

“Rose is one of my friends. She’s been in a coma for days. I’m so happy to know that she finally woke up.” Without further ado, Gabrielle grabbed Michelle’s hand and took her to see Rose.

It seemed that the amulet Gabrielle had procured was really effective. She had put it under Rose’s pillow yesterday and today Rose had woken up.

What they said was true. Often, it just took faith.

When the car arrived at the villa where Rose lived, Gabrielle quickly opened the door and got off the car. Then she began to run towards the house.

In the room, Rose was still lying on the bed, but her eyes were open. The moment Gabrielle entered, Rose’s face immediately lit up as she recognized her friend.

“Rose! I’m so glad that, you finally woke up. You can’t fathom how much I have been looking forward to this day.” Standing beside the bed, Gabrielle held her friend’s hand affectionately and her eyes were shining with joy.

“You didn’t lose your memory, did you? Do you still remember me?” Gabrielle was very nervous all of a sudden. She knew that very often, people who woke up from a coma suffered from partial or total amnesia. This was even more common among those who had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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