Lock You In My Heart Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Westley’s Worries

They had talked to Doctor Maniac before they came, so he didn’t go back to his room to rest. Instead, he sat on a wheelchair in the living room waiting for them.

“Mr. Morris, Gabrielle, you’re back.” Doctor Maniac called out to them.

“Doctor Maniac, we’re really sorry to bother you at this hour. I wanted to see Rose so we decided to drop by. I went to the temple to pray and asked for an amulet. I want to give it to her,” Gabrielle explained.

“It’s no bother at all. All I do is rest here all the time anyway,” Doctor Maniac answered with a smile.

“How are you these days?” “I’m doing fine. I’ll be able to start my rehabilitation training soon.” Doctor Maniac sounded happy.

After all, who liked being in a wheelchair for a long time? It was surely not a pleasant experience. He used to walk around freely, but now he was stuck in a wheelchair. His injury was taking time to heal. It would be an unhappy situation for anyone.

“That’s good to hear. I’ll go see Rose first.” Gabrielle hurried to the room.

Rose remained motionless and dependent on the respirator. Gabrielle felt a sting in her heart when she saw Rose like this.

“Rose, I’m back. I went to the temple and prayed for you. I also drew a divination stick about your condition. Look, it’s a favorable one. I especially got you this amulet. I hope it will bless you and that you wake up soon,” Gabrielle said, putting the amulet under Rose’s pillow.

“Rose, I’ll wait for you to wake up. Then, if you’d like to, we can be sisters for life. I have a brother, but I never knew the feeling of having a sister. You have to wake up soon, okay? We have a lot to catch up on.” Gabrielle talked to Rose for a while, then she left the room.

“Thank you for looking after Rose, Doctor Maniac. Don’t forget to take care as well. We’re leaving now.” After expressing her gratitude to Doctor Maniac, Gabrielle and Westley went back to the villa hand in hand.

“Are you feeling better?” Westley gripped her hand gently and walked away. He noticed that she looked so much more relaxed.

It seemed that this visit had put her in a lighter mood. As long as Gabrielle was in a good mood, he would be relieved.

“I feel so relieved after seeing Rose. I placed the amulet under her pillow, hoping it would help her regain consciousness soon. Do you think the Buddha will hear my prayers?” Gabrielle looked at him and asked uneasily.

She knew she wouldn’t get an answer even if she asked Westley. He couldn’t tell the future and he didn’t know the answer either. But, she just wanted to be assured, even if he told a lie.


“Of course, you’ve always been sincere with your prayers. How could the Buddha not hear it? About the three divination sticks you drew, did the Dewey tell you about them personally?” Westley asked, feeling doubtful all of a sudden.

For a small temple like Baycrum, the abbot or the monks were usually not fluent in English. Gabrielle didn’t know Thai at all, how could she have understood the explanation of the divination sticks?

“Of course, I was lucky enough to receive three favorable divination sticks, but the truth is, Dewey only knows Thai.” Gabrielle felt a little guilty at the mention of this.

Because she had assumed that she would never see Victor ever again.

She didn’t expect they’d be able to meet in the hotel. He eventually passed out in front of her with blood all over his face.

This was kind of cliché and she had to doubt something.

“So, Mrs. Morris, could you please explain to me how you could understand Dewey’s explanation in Thai?” Westley narrowed his eyes and his face darkened.

He had a sneaking suspicion. How did Dewey manage to be so fluent in English? Turned out, this wasn’t the case.

“Someone happened to be there and he understood Thai, so he translated them for me.” The more Gabrielle said, the smaller she felt.

“If I’m not mistaken, the person who translated for you should be Victor, right?” Westley guessed right. No wonder when they were in the restaurant, he felt that Victor knew Gabrielle. It turned out there was something going on that he didn’t know. “Wow, Westley, you nailed that. The one who interpreted for me for free is Victor!” Gabrielle knew that he was getting angrier and angrier, so she held his hand to coax him.

“Mrs. Morris, I remember telling you clearly when you entered the hall that if you had any problems, call me. But you would rather ask someone else to translate for you than ask me for help. You couldn’t tell if a person was suspicious or kind. Why did you ask someone else? Do you mean to make me angry?” Westley was visibly upset.

Jealousy was one thing. But more importantly, he was worried that Gabrielle would be deceived. His little wife was so innocent and kind-hearted that she could always be deceived by a few pleasant words. In her eyes, there were always more good people in this world.

“Westley, I didn’t ask him personally. When I was about to look for you, he offered to help. I helped him up because he fainted with a nosebleed before that, so he insisted on thanking me with a free interpretation. So I… agreed.” Gabrielle looked at Westley nerviously and explained everything. “So, don’t be angry, okay? And don’t be jealous. It was just a friendly gesture.” Gabrielle rubbed his hand and pouted.

“I’m not jealous. I’m just worried that you’ll get tricked easily. Victor is a member of the Sanderson Family in Ensfield. None of them is easy to deal with. Especially Victor. He’s very sophisticated, scheming, and good at plotting. If you are really targeted by him, how will you handle it?” Westley really felt sorry for the pure and innocent girl. She was easily tricked by Victor’s facade.

“I have you by my side. As long as you’re with me, nothing bad will happen, right?” Gabrielle smiled at him.

Westley immediately felt weak. “You… what am I going to do with you? I won’t let you down as long as I’m here. I’ll make anyone who dares to deceive you regret being born into this world.”

“I know. Mr. Morris is the best.” Gabrielle tiptoed to give him a kiss.

“Let’s go back since it’s getting late. You should rest well today. You haven’t had good sleep the past days.” Looking at her tired face, Westley was worried. Maybe because it didn’t rain again, or perhaps because she felt safe being protected by the Campbell Family here, Gabrielle slept comfortably till dawn, without being disturbed by nightmares.

When she opened her eyes, it was already ten o’clock. There was no sign of Westley by her side.

This man never had the habit of sleeping in, so he always got up early every day. By now, he probably had finished exercising.

Westley didn’t exercise much after his injury. But he had a routine of working out for an hour in the morning to aid in his recovery.

Gabrielle went downstairs as soon as she tidied up. She was surprised to see Michelle sitting in the living room.


“Oh, Gabrielle, you’re finally up.” Michelle ran to Gabrielle happily and held Gabrielle   in her arms.

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