Lock You In My Heart Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Take Caution When Saving An Ungrateful Man

Remy was in the living room and reading a book. He heard a car pull up in the driveway. He put down his book when he saw Westley and Gabrielle enter the room. He looked at them questioningly.

“I thought you would set out for the villa at five o’clock in the afternoon. It’s already nine,” he said, glancing at the wall clock. “It’s only a two-hour drive. What took you so long to get here?” asked Remy in a worried tone, belying the unpleasant way he had welcomed them.

“Something urgent turned up and we needed to deal with it. And so, we were delayed in getting back here,” explained Westley nonchalantly. He then took Gabrielle’s hand and they went to the kitchen.

“Dinner was hours ago. The food has gone cold. Just heat it up. Has something gone wrong?” Remy asked worriedly.

Something serious must have happened. Otherwise, Westley and Gabrielle would not delay that long. But Westley was a capable man, he would have solved any problem.

As a businessman, Westley had a reputation for getting whatever he wanted because he was ruthless and scheming. He had proven this time and again. So even in Bangkok, nothing could happen to him.

“I can heat up the food. Have you eaten?” Westley asked Remy.

“Yes, I already had dinner,” answered Remy. “I’m just waiting for you two. Now, I am relieved that you’ve both returned.” He felt anxious waiting for them in the past hours. He knew that they would return but it took them longer than the estimated time of arrival. 1

So seeing them here, looking okay, he let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ll warm up the food. Gabrielle, why don’t you rest a while?” Westley said as he pointed to a chair at the table.

Gabrielle reached for the pitcher on the table and poured a glass of water for herself. She slowly drank up the water, delighted at its refreshing coolness. When she was done, she walked up to Remy.

“How is Rose?” asked Gabrielle. She hadn’t had the time to see Rose. 1

Remy assured her that Rose was doing okay. “But what about the two of you? Had something happened to you? Your body smells like blood.” Being a doctor, Remy was sensitive to the smell of blood.

He could tell that coppery scent on Gabrielle. He had to ask her about it.

Gabrielle’s eyes automatically turned to a dark spot on her shirt. Victor had leaned on her shoulder so he could have stained her with blood. She couldn’t smell it but Remy could tell.


Was it because he was a doctor that he had this heightened sense of smell? 1

It was unbelievable that even the faint metallic smell of blood could seize his attention.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing serious. We met an injured man who was being taken away by the people of the Campbell Family. Westley and I are fine. We’re not hurt,” Gabrielle explained, seeing that Remy was worrying a bit too much.

“Then I’m glad that you are both okay,” Remy said, his face relaxing again. “Gabrielle, why don’t you go to your room and freshen up before dinner?” Remy reminded her, smiling at her.

She nodded at him and went upstairs to do his bidding.

She took a shower and changed into clean clothes. Downstairs, Westley had heated up their food and was already setting the table.

“Gabrielle,” said Westley, waving at her when he saw her enter the dining room. “Let’s have our dinner.”

“Oh, good! I’m so hungry,” said Gabrielle as she sat down. The food looked so appetizing. “Now, be careful. The food is steaming hot,” Westley cautioned Gabrielle.


“We’ll visit Rose after we had our dinner. I have this amulet and I want to put it on her. The amulet gives the wearer protection against evil, danger, or disease. Who knows? Wearing it, she might wake up sooner than we expected. What do you think?” Gabrielle looked at Westley with resoluteness and calm.

“If you’re not yet tired, yes, we’ll go and see Rose.” Westley gave her a worried look.

“Well … I’m not,” Gabrielle said as she turned her head to look out the window. “It’s a good thing it isn’t raining.” It had not rained for some time. The night was beautiful. A silver moon hanged in the sky, illuminating the yard. The silvery light created pearly water ripples on the swimming pool.

She was thankful that it stopped raining. She was already having cabin fever. The rain kept her and Westley cooped up in the resort villa for three days.

“That’s nice to hear. You know that I only want to make you happy,” Westley said in a most caring voice.

He was in a good mood that anything he said was pleasant to the ears.

After dinner, they cleared the table, put the leftover food away in the fridge, and washed the dishes. They then set out to visit Rose.

“Remy, do you want to go with us?” Gabrielle asked Remy.

“No, but thanks for asking,” he replied. “I was with the two of them the whole day today. But it will be good for you two to see them. I’ll just turn myself in for the night.” Remy then picked up the medical book he was reading and walked to his bedroom.

Holding each other’s hands, Gabrielle and Westley started walking to the villa. It was only a few hundred meters to where Rose lived. Walking would be helpful to speed up digestion. It was a hearty—and satisfying-meal that they just had.

“Westley, have you asked the people of the Campbell Family about Mr. Sanderson?” Gabrielle was a bit wary asking her husband about Victor. But she felt she had to know how he was faring now. He passed out in front of her. And she saved him.

“Well, he’s not dead.” Westley’s response was cold.

His answer stopped Gabrielle in her tracks. He sounded angry. She could feel it. And she understood the reason.

This was not the first time that Westley had shown his jealous nature. She should have known better than to ask him about another man.

“Oh, Westley! Don’t tell me that you are angry again. I am only concerned about Mr. Sanderson’s safety. There’s nothing more to it,” Gabrielle assured her husband. “After all, the benefits we will receive from saving his life will be beyond measure,” she reminded him.

Westley could only shake his head. Gabrielle, only her, could say such nonsense and he’d believe it.

“There’s no one as kind-hearted as you are. You would help anyone, especially a dying person. But we are talking about Victor. Are you sure you had saved a person? He could be the devil, you know. I just hope you won’t regret helping that ingrate!” said Westley emphatically.

It was Gabrielle’s nature to be kind. But Westley thought she was being kind to a fault. Didn’t she know that the bad guy was taking advantage of her good heart? How could she help someone who hurt her?

“What are you talking about? Is he an ingrate? And what about me? Is being kind a bad thing?” Gabrielle said, laughing softly. She thought her husband was worrying a bit too much. “Well, I’ll be with you always. Nothing bad will happen to you,” Westley promised

After all, he had said something too serious that it frightened Gabrielle.

“Do you know who Victor is and what kind of a man he is?” she said as she looked straight at him. Their faces were lit by the moonlight.

Westley wouldn’t have helped Victor if he didn’t know anything about the man.

Even if Victor had died, Westley had nothing to do with it.”

People like them wouldn’t like to get in trouble.

“Well, I know a few things about him,” Westley told her truthfully.

“So, what kind of a man is he? Will he get you in trouble?” Gabrielle was a bit edgy as she waited for Westley’s reply. Seeing her husband’s expression made her think that Victor was definitely not an ordinary person. He must be someone influential.

“Silly girl, you don’t have to worry too much. There’s no big trouble for your husband. If I can’t solve matters as trivial as this, I won’t deserve you at all.” Westley gently rubbed his wife’s head to reassure her.

“No man can compare to you. You’re simply the best and most powerful,” Gabrielle said, heaving a sigh of comfort after hearing her husband’s words.

When she saw Victor passing out, his face bloodied, the first thought that entered her mind was to urge Westley to save him.

At the same time, she felt ambivalent about asking her husband to save someone who had caused them anguish.

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