Lock You In My Heart Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Shouldn’t Covet His Woman

Westley recognized Victor instantly. On the other hand, in a glance Victor too was aware of Westley’s presence there.

The Sanderson Family’s business was a promising enterprise. Under the leadership of Victor, their business had already expanded outside Ensfield. It was spreading across other cities, and even entering the overseas market.

It was known to all that Victor was an ambitious man. He was cruel, cold and ruthless. No one could stop him if he made up his mind to do something. His obstinacy was the major reason why he couldn’t get people’s support. Though he had made the Sanderson Group more powerful and influential, he was not able to win their hearts or support.

The Morris Group was the biggest group in Antawood. And it was one of the top three groups in the country. It had stepped into a wide range of industries and progressed remarkably. It was one of those groups that also performed well in the overseas market. Westley was the current president of the Morris Group. He was an exceptional businessman, who was good in business and had powerful means.

Although the Sanderson Group had advanced well under Victor’s leadership, it was still miles behind the Morris Group. Considering the level of competition between them, Victor naturally kept all the information about his competitors in mind. He was shrewd and knew that any bit of information could help him and one day he would be able to surpass them completely.

Westley had always kept a low profile. Seldom did he release his photos or reveal his private life to the public. Yet, Victor had his own ways to know what he wanted to know about his rivals. 1

No one knew that though they were arch rivals, Victor appreciated Westley a lot. Among the top ten business leaders in the country, he was impressed the most by Westley. Victor’s goal was to surpass Westley one day and replace the Morris Group

in the industry with his own. 1

But he didn’t expect that he’d get a chance to meet Westley so soon. And he had never thought that they’d meet in such a small place like Bangkok.

The most important thing at the moment was that Westley shared a close relationship with Gabrielle. 1

It made him think that perhaps, some people were born to be enemies. For the first time in his life, Victor had been impressed and liked a woman, but that woman turned out to be Westley’s.

This time, the situation was quite complicated, but Victor had never missed

target once he aimed for it.

Be it a thing or a person, if it caught his fancy then it was hard for him to let go of it.

“Mr. Sanderson, it’s not safe here. We were lucky that they failed last night. Once we had managed to leave, we shouldn’t have come back. It’s better we go back to Ensfield today!”


Raul Patel, Victor’s special assistant, approached with a serious look and reminded him.

Despite his weird behavior, they all respected Victor. He had always been calm and decisive, so they didn’t dare to say anything against him. But today things were different and Victor behaved in a weird manner.

Yesterday, they had gone to another hotel which was safer and secluded. They made it in the heavy rain at night, in order to avoid the people sent by their enemy.

But before dawn, Victor had said he wanted to come back to this hotel to deal with something. He asked the bodyguards to follow him there.

Victor didn’t say anything. He did not reply to any question that Raul asked. As soon as they reached the hotel, he asked Raul to investigate the whereabouts of Gabrielle. Then Victor went to the restaurant to plan a run-into Gabrielle plot.

Why did Victor risk his life and return? Was it because of a woman? Was there something wrong with his brain? It was unbelievable and unexpected for all of them.

Since when did Victor, who always avoided women, become so interested in a woman? This was happening for the first time!

“It’s raining heavily. Why don’t we stay here today?” Victor said thoughtfully as he watched heavy rain lash outside.

He wanted to stay for the sake of a woman whom he had not known before. It was completely out of their plan. He could have gone back to Ensfield and ended everything with their enemies. It was what had been planned from the beginning.

“Mr. Sanderson, Miss Jones probably is Westley’s woman. Are you sure you want to get into trouble with him because of her?” Raul asked directly.

In a subtle way, he tried informing Victor that Gabrielle was not a woman to go after. Rather, she was Westley’s woman. Even if Victor was developing a crush on her, he had to think carefully about it. He needed to consider if he could be so impulsive to

get into such serious trouble.

Victor had always been able to control himself in this aspect. He also opined that women were the most troublesome creatures. After Victor had rejected so many women, Raul had really thought that Victor preferred to remain isolated and was not   interested in women. Now it seemed that it was not the case at all.

After so many years, Victor actually had developed a crush on a woman and even intended to win her favor. But he was ignoring the fact that the woman in question was Westley’s woman. How could they get into such a big trouble? They had not yet solved their own issues of the family’s internal strife. And now this? Was Victor trying his luck by getting into all sorts of troubles? He was totally risking his life.

If Raul had known that Victor was returning back for this woman, Raul would have stopped him.

Even if Victor wanted to take a woman from another man, he shouldn’t have gone after Westley’s woman. They were not powerful enough to fight against the Morris Group

“Mr. Sanderson, are you listening to me? Those men are looking for you everywhere. If they find you…”

“Raul, have you heard the saying that the most dangerous place is often the safest place? Last night when we left this place, they searched for us and failed. They would naturally shift their focus to other places to look for me. No one will look for us here since we came in quietly today. So, stop worrying so much. And another thing, please send my breakfast to my room!” Saying that in a calm and composed manner, Victor turned around and left. He did not even care to look back and see how angry Raul was at him.

It had been raining for the last two days, and there was no sign that it would stop anytime soon.

Gabrielle and Westley had stayed there for two days now. On the first day, they went to experience a spa program. After that, they had been waiting in their room for the rain to stop.

They were glad that there was no threat to their safety. To some extent, it was an enjoyable experience. They got to live in the villa and enjoy the rain. From their window, they could view the beautiful scenery outside.

“Westley, it’s the third day we’ve spent here, isn’t it? The rain hasn’t stopped yet. How long will it continue?” Sitting on the carpet, Gabrielle looked out of the window at the heavy rain. She sighed and watched helplessly.

From uneasiness at the beginning to getting adapted later, she had borne all. But now getting stuck like that brought a feeling of despair. She was getting restless and desperate.

Would they have to stay trapped in that place for some more time? No one knew how many days they would have to stay there.

“Well, here the cycle of heavy rains goes on for three days. It will stop or become lighter after that. Today is the third day. If everything goes well, the rain may stop   today, or by tomorrow!” Westley tried to comfort her and bring her out of the misery she was feeling.

Although he spoke seriously, his words didn’t sound convincing or carry any logic. Yet, Gabrielle was willing to listen to him and hoping that he was right.

Even though the weather forecast said it would rain for a few more days, she was willing to believe Westley’s theory of the three days cycle.

“I believe you. If the rain ceases today, let’s go back, please.” Gabrielle was getting annoyed and frustrated with each passing minute. She was finding it too difficult to stay there.

Staying in the room and watching the rain every day would not make people feel so bad. But she was getting annoyed because she was worried about Rose’s condition.

She was eager to go back and see her as soon as possible.

“We’ll surely go back when the rain becomes lighter or ceases completely.” Although Westley was quite relieved that there wouldn’t be any danger here to his or Gabrielle’s life, he too felț depressed. Staying in the room and watching the rain for a long time was indeed annoying. And when he saw Gabrielle so unhappy, he became frustrated too.

“Well, let’s try to go back sooner to see what’s going on with Rose. Maybe she will wake up when we go back. After all, I have got an amulet for her.” As soon as Gabrielle thought that Rose would soon wake up, she was happy and content.

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