Lock You In My Heart Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Had To Stay Away From Such A Kind Of Person

The day was still young. It was around half past six in the morning. Therefore, most of the guests in the villa were still in bed. As a result, there was almost no one in sight outside when Gabrielle and Westley went past the glass walkway.

From the long corridor, one could see the rain drops falling from the sky because it was built with a kind of transparent glass in a manner that was very appealing to the eyes.

Still, apart from being so beautiful and efficient, it provided a very comfortable place to walk in the rain. They did not bother themselves about getting wet. Fortunately, their villa was also only a stone’s throw from the glass corridor. All they needed to do to easily get to the place was just to take a few steps under an umbrella.

“Wow! This is even more amazing than I imagined,” she remarked excitedly. Her surrounding was so intriguing. Gabrielle looked up at the transparent roof. There were fallen leaves, petals and raindrops forming another small world on top of it.

“Isn’t it just awesome that we were able to come?” Gabrielle asked. “Of course, it’s really fascinating!” Westley said in agreement.

‘If people look at things calmly, without their prejudice and uneasiness, they will find out that everything in front of them is intrinsically wonderful,’ Westley thought to himself. 1

“I don’t know for sure if we are going to leave today. The downpour has been incessant and it is quite a long time now. In case we are staying, let’s go to the spa in order to relax ourselves. It is also good for the skin.”

Gabrielle had a general understanding of all the projects.

The spa project was very suitable for the two of them. In fact, it was the same as the hot spring water they had soaked themselves in while in the villa. It helped them to remove the scars on their bodies effectively.

“Alright, we are going to do just that.” Westley had nothing else to opine. It was very rare for Gabrielle to feel relaxed. Besides, he was quite certain that the internal strife of the Sanderson Family had nothing to do with them. So there was no reason for him to worry about anything.

“That’s a deal! I’m looking forward to it today. However, let’s have breakfast first,” she said. A heartfelt smile appeared on Gabrielle’s face, stretching the lips and showing her lovely set of teeth. It also brightened up her countenance and swept awa

pod from the before. The fee

“Yeah, it’s the same here. I’m looking forward to it too.” Westley held her hand before walking on.

They could see the alluring scenery outside. Their breakfast in the hotel was a buffet. The two of them took some food and chose a tatami table in the corridor made from glass.

“Firstly, you ought to sit down and eat your food, Gabrielle. I have got to fetch some beverages,” Westley said to Gabrielle.


But she was hesitant. Gabrielle stood up wanting to go with him.

“Just go on with your meal, sweetie. Do you care for some soybean milk and juice?” Westley didn’t want to see her move around. “It’s just to the buffet table and back. I’ll be here in no time.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you. Thanks a great deal, Mr. Morris.” Gabrielle looked at Westley with a wide smile on her face.

“So give me a minute or so. I’ll be back here really soon,” Westley reminded her before leaving

While he was away, she took a small bite of porridge and admired the amazing scenery outside. Gabrielle kept on waiting for Westley’s return.

“Is this not Miss Jones? What a coincidence!” Gabrielle was called upon by a man just passing by

In response to the call, she turned around and looked at his face. It was very evident that Gabrielle was surprised to see Victor.

“Mr. Sanderson, this is indeed a striking coincidence! What brings you to this hotel?” she asked. “Were you trapped in the rain yesterday after going downhill, too?” Gabrielle thought that fate must really be at work between Victor and her.

She didn’t have the slightest expectation of seeing him again after they met in the temple. But it so happened that on the second day, the both of them were in front of each other having a conversation.

Maybe the reason why Victor stays in this very hotel can be easily explained,’ Gabrielle said in her mind. ‘Westley has checked and ascertained the fact that this is the nearest hotel here. So Victor most likely didn’t find any other one around.’ She tried to come up with a plausible reason in her mind.

“Yeah, you are right. I was trapped. Thanks to the heavy rain though for giving me the privilege of seeing you again, Miss Jones,” Victor replied. “I think the Buddha has made it possible for us to meet yet another time, don’t you agree?” Victor replied in response to what Gabrielle said earlier.

As a matter of fact, he had been living here since his arrival to Thailand from   Ensfield around half a month ago. This was because the particular hotel he stayed was renowned for its naturopathy. He specially came here to recuperate. There was a mountain nearby. A temple stood on top of it which he frequented daily. It was where Victor met Gabrielle. So, the thought of meeting her yet another time in the hotel did not occur to him.

Hence, it made a lot of sense when he said that he owed it to the Buddha for the sudden heavy rain. Otherwise he would not have met her again.

There was an accident last night. When Victor was leaving the scene, he saw the woman being protected by a man under the umbrella from a distance. For a moment, he remembered Gabrielle. ‘It can’t possibly bę her,” he whispered to himself doubtfully.

“Sometimes fate just proves to be unbelievable. One can’t fully understand how it works.” Gabrielle smiled at him faintly.

She really didn’t want to have any special connection with Victor. If Gabrielle had the power, she would rather not see him for the rest of her life.

“Are you with a friend?” Victor noticed that the table in front of her was set for two people.

If he was right, then it should be the same man from last night. He held Gabrielle while they walked but Victor was unable to see his face. Firstly, the black umbrella was so big. In addition to that, the light was really dim.

It was as if the pieces of a puzzle were beginning to fall into place. A girl would seldom go on a trip to a strange country on her own. She would be putting herself at risk. Normally, the young lady would choose to come either with her lover or someone really close, a best friend perhaps.

Having said so, if one was to judge by putting their intimate behavior from last night into consideration, then the man might just be Gabrielle’s boyfriend.

“Yes, I am with someone. He went to get something to drink. Mr. Sanderson, you are here to have breakfast too, aren’t you? They make the finest meals here.” Gabrielle managed to maintain her polite smile while looking at Victor. She hoped that he would leave as soon as possible. Else Westley would be jealous when he returned with the beverages. 5

Westley’s jealousy could be easily aroused. Yet, it had always proven to be especially difficult to pacify him. So she really wished that such wouldn’t be the case.

“Miss Jones, since you are having breakfast with a friend, I won’t disturb you any longer. Let me go and get some food now.” Victor turned around and sauntered away. Victor had only taken a few steps when he saw Westley coming over with the beverages. The two men both had an aura of power and insouciance around them. As a result, while they walked past each other, they couldn’t help but stare at each

other. •

It was a menacingly cold glance.

After that, Westley cautiously walked to Gabrielle and sat down next to her. He recognized the man who had just passed. He was none other than the dreadful Victor. Someone from the Campbell Family who was in charge of the matter had sent him the information and photos about the core members of the Sanderson Family. This was in order to give him a reminder.

So a single glance was more than enough to recognize Victor.

In other words, the man who stood at the middle of the group of men in black last night was Victor.

There was a raging internal strife in the Sanderson Family. It was extremely serious. Not only did the siblings fight for power and life, but many different problems between the elders further fanned the embers that widened the chasm. Victor was the most controversial person. He was cold blooded, ruthless and cruel. It was as if everything revolved around him. His connections were very complicated. Such a person was naturally a threat to the interests of other members of the family. So, they regarded him as their major public enemy.

It was tricky dealing with such a kind of person. Befriending him was a very bad idea. Still, being against him was even worse. Westley didn’t want to get himself entangled in the affairs of the Sanderson Family.

“Gabrielle, I brought you some mango juice and warm soybean milk. Drink up, the warmth is good for your stomach.” Westley placed the beverages he was carrying on the table in front of Gabrielle.

“Thank you, Mr. Morris. You are too kind.” Gabrielle lifted the milk and took a sip. She liked the strong flavor. The drink was really tasty.

“You are welcome. Do well to eat some more, alright?” Westley lifted a cup of coffee and took a sip. He could not shake off the feeling that Victor had just left Gabrielle. ‘Do they know each other?’ He kept on looking at her. 1

“Westley, is there something on my face? You have been staring at me quite intensely.” Gabrielle felt a little uneasy under Westley’s gaze.

“No, it’s not that. Your face is so beautiful. I can’t help but want to take a few more looks at you,” said Westley with a smile.

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