Lock You In My Heart Chapter 522

Chapter 522 The Sanderson Family’s Internal Strife

Gabrielle couldn’t fall asleep well. She was worried about something and couldn’t get it off her mind, tossing and turning on her bed. Westley couldn’t either. Gabrielle was restless, making it even more difficult for him to fall asleep, so he turned on the light.

“Gabrielle, what’s wrong? Can’t fall asleep?” Westley pulled her into his arms and asked in a low voice.

The rain outside was getting so much heavier, and crackling noises echoed in the corridor.

“I’m okay, Westley. I think it’s because of the loud sounds I’m hearing and all of this feels new to me. I also ate too much during dinner, I guess that’s why I can’t fall asleep. Don’t worry.” Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel bad for keeping Westley awake. It was hard to stop herself from moving around.

Truth be told, she couldn’t fall asleep because she kept thinking of the man they had run into earlier. His gaze was unforgettable. She was a bit worried to have met such man in this place.

She could feel it was going to be an eventful night. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Westley rubbed Gabrielle’s shoulder. He knew there was something bothering her and that worried him too. “I’m really fine. Ah, I need to go to the toilet.” Gabrielle got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.


Seeing that Gabrielle was worried, Westley called the Campbell Family’s man who was in charge of the investigation this time.

Westley had a vague idea why Gabrielle couldn’t fall asleep. It was probably because the man they had met earlier made Gabrielle feel uneasy.

Westley was also a bit shaken. He thought he would feel more at ease once he had learned about the man’s identity.

“Mr. Morris, we have identified the people you asked us to investigate. They are members of the Sanderson Family in Ensfield. The Sanderson Family has been in an internal strife recently, and Victor Sanderson was injured and flew to Thailand to recover. It seems that the issue hasn’t ended yet, and there may be another fight in Thailand. Nothing to worry about, Mr. Morris, but be careful not to get accidentally involved. Please leave the hotel first thing tomorrow and return to the villa, where we can ensure your safety.”

“Okay, I see. Thank you for working so hard at such a late hour.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Morris. If you need anything, please let me know. Do you want me to send the Campbell Family’s men to come over right now?”

“No need. We’re keeping a low profile so we don’t attract attention.”


“Understood. Please return to the villa tomorrow morning. If the rain is still too heavy, let our men pick you up.”


After hanging up, Westley leaned against the headboard and had an idea of what was going on. It turned out that the man was Victor, the one who took over the Sanderson Group.

The Sanderson Family was a big family, and it had grown rapidly in recent years, becoming the number one family in Ensfield. It was not surprising that there would be internal strife. After all, the family was a mess. Victor’s father had many illegitimate children and a few of them were quite outstanding among this younger generation. Victor was one of them. He was cold-blooded and brutal to people and things.

Westley didn’t pay that much attention to the matters in Ensfield, especially about the Sanderson Family’s affairs. It would be inappropriate for outsiders to meddle. Anyway, he wasn’t interested in their family problems at the very least.

As long as Victor didn’t come over to provoke him, he would not do anything.

When Gabrielle came out of the bathroom, Westley gently looked at her. “Gabrielle, how are you feeling? Come and sleep. It’s getting late.” Westley patted the space next to him.

Gabrielle lay in his arms and played with his fingers from time to time. “Westley, are you not bothered about that person’s identity?”

“The people of the Campbell Family already looked into it for us. They are from Ensfield, and they have nothing to do with us. Don’t worry too much, Gabrielle. Now, you can have a good night’s rest,” Westley explained.

“People from Ensfield?” Gabrielle was reminded of the man she had met at the temple. Victor was a cold-looking and intimidating man. People were afraid to get close to him.

She was surprised that he would help her out with the translation.

The man under the black umbrella they met really looked like Victor.

“Yes, they’re from Ensfield and are just here for vacation. Don’t think too much. They don’t know us, and we won’t interact with them. Just sleep for now. If the rain stops   tomorrow morning, we’ll go back.” Westley rubbed Gabrielle’s back to comfort her.

“Okay.” Gabrielle brushed away her thoughts. She hoped nothing would happen and that she was only overthinking. All she wanted was for the night to pass safely.

But having so many bodyguards around him during vacation, he must be someone with high status

In Ensfield, Gabrielle only knew Melissa. She didn’t know anyone else at all. Looking back, she was also acquainted with Victor who claimed to be from Ensfield. 2

So Gabrielle didn’t have a clue about the big shots in Ensfield, and she wasn’t particularly interested in them either. She couldn’t even list all the big shots in Antawood.

Of course, the most powerful man in Antawood was lying beside her, her dearest husband.

Except for Westley, Gabrielle couldn’t care less about anyone else, especially other


The next morning, Gabrielle was awakened by the sound of heavy rain. She opened her eyes and stared outside the window. The weather was still gloomy.

She thought they’d be able to go back this morning. But with this rain, it was still unsure.

“You’re awake? Did the rain wake you up?” Westley didn’t sleep well the whole night. He had been sleeping with vigilance, so he woke up as soon as Gabrielle got up.

“Yes… the rain is even heavier than last night. Do you think we can go back today, Westley?” Gabrielle asked worriedly.

“If the rain doesn’t stop, we won’t go back. We can stay for another day.” Westley was relieved now.

There was nothing unusual last night, and there wasn’t any fighting that broke out. It was safe for them to stay.

He hoped it would remain that way. His priority was their safety. The Sanderson Family’s internal strife shouldn’t be brought here.

He had been feeling tensed since their arrival. The encounter with the group of men and he suspected something was going to occur. Now he could rest assured.

“Are we going to be okay?” Gabrielle looked out the window, feeling uneasy.

“Of course. Nothing happened last night so there won’t be any problems. It’s still early, do you want to sleep a little longer?” Westley was worried because Gabrielle looked so tired. –

“No. It’s six o’clock now. Let’s go get breakfast together. I’m a little hungry.” Gabrielle didn’t feel sleepy now, even though she didn’t sleep well last night. 1

“Then, go wash your face first, I’ll request the staff to prepare breakfast.” Westley kissed her on the forehead.

“Honey, if it’s alright, I want us to go to the dining room instead of the room service. There’s a glass walkway from here. I’d like to see it. We can take a walk to relax.” Yesterday, Gabrielle checked the manual of the hotel. Everything she needed to know was listed in full detail. This included the building floor plans, physical therapy projects, and many more.

So she remembered the eye-catching glass walkway going to the restaurant. They could enjoy the scenery without getting wet in the rain.

“Okay, as you wish. Let’s freshen up first.”

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