Lock You In My Heart Chapter 521

Chapter 521 A False Alarm

After taking the digestion pills, Gabrielle walked around the room for some time. Although she felt better, she was still feeling somewhat uncomfortable.” Looking out of the window at the rain which had gotten lighter than before, Gabrielle thought about something. Walking towards Westley, Gabrielle asked softly, “Do you want to go out for a walk with me?”

Hearing it, Westley said in a worried voice, “Are you still feeling uncomfortable? Should I call a doctor?” Now, he agreed with the housekeeper’s suggestion. If she didn’t feel better, he thought he should ask the doctor to come over.

“No, no, I’m feeling much better than before. I just thought a walk around the hotel would be nice. The path is so beautiful and the rain is much lighter now. Don’t you think it will be a shame if we don’t go out?” Gabrielle winked at him with a lovely smile on her face.

Not being able to stand the temptation, Westley nodded. “I’ll go with you, but you should change your clothes first.” When Westley pulled her to the wardrobe, he found that there were two sets of Southeast Asian style lover’s clothes in it. In fact, even before they came to live in, the housekeeper had prepared for them so that they could wear them back as a souvenir of the hotel.

Just like that, the two of them changed into the clothes and then went for a walk with a big umbrella.

With one hand, Westley held the umbrella and he held Gabrielle’s waist with the other. The two of them strolled in the yard step by step intimately and romantically.

With a thoughtful look on her face, Gabrielle said, “Now that we are walking like this, I feel like we are back in Half Moon Bay. The only difference is that there is no Blackboo here.” 1

Seeing a familiar scene made Gabrielle think about Half Moon Bay. Maybe it was because she missed home.

Knowing what Gabrielle was feeling, Westley held her waist tightly as he said, “Gabrielle, I know you miss home and Blackboo. We will go back home soon. I promise it won’t be long,”

Obviously, since she had been away from home for such a long time, she missed her home so much. Not to mention Gabrielle, even Westley wanted to go back. At the end of the day, it was their real home. This time was different from the times he went on business trips. No matter how long the business trip was, he had never

missed home as much as he did now. 1

“Well, we will be back soon. I really miss Blackboo though. How big will he be right now? He must be very strong right now. Puppy grows very fast and they looks different each day.” Thinking’ about the cute look of Blackboo, Gabrielle felt a yearning in her heart.

At this time, she really wanted to go back to see Blackboo as soon as possible. Since she had left for so long this time, she didn’t know if the little puppy could recognize her or not. If he forgot about her, she would be sad.

Giving her a smile, Westley said seriously, “Of course, you’ll see when we get home. Blackboo has already grown up. He will protect you in the future now.” Smiling helplessly, Gabrielle said her thoughts out. “I’m so happy to have you and Blackboo to protect me in the future. I’m just afraid that he won’t recognize me when we go back.”

Shaking his head in disagreement, Westley said domineeringly, “How could he not recognize you? If he dares to forget you, I will send him back to the Isido Town.” a Hearing it, Gabrielle couldn’t help but shout at Westley, “What are you talking about, Westley? We are the ones who decided to adopt Blackboo, so we have to take good care of him. How can we just send him back just because we don’t want to keep him anymore? It’s irresponsible. We have to finish what we started, Westley!”


Clearly, Westley didn’t dare to argue her as he held her tighter and said, “Okay, I will listen to you, Mrs. Morris. I won’t send Blackboo back.”

“Well, that’s a right answer. What is happening there?” All of a sudden, she saw a group of men, who were wearing in black coming towards their direction from not far away from them. There were about a dozen of them and everyone was holding black umbrellas. There was a thin man in the middle. As the black umbrellas were covering his face, Gabrielle couldn’t see what he looked like. However, she felt that the man was staring at her the whole time.

Standing in front of Gabrielle in a protective stance, Westley whispered, “It is okay, Gabrielle. You have me with you.” At first, Westley thought that they were the enemies of the Campbell Family who came to seek revenge. However, when he saw the man in the middle who looked noble, cold and supercilious, he felt uneasy as there was something strange about him.

Although the man wasn’t hostile to them, he wasn’t friendly either. At such a time, it was the best to do nothing and the safest thing to do was to ignore them.

Nodding her head obediently, Gabrielle whispered, “Yeah, I know.” Just like that, the two of them watched the group of men walked past them.   They were right. It was indeed a false alarm.

Once they got passed them, Gabrielle asked Westley uneasily, “Westley, do you know who they are?” Actually, she wasn’t curious about them. She was just worried about their safety.

What if it turned out that their identities were exposed and they were here for them?

Well, she always had to consider about their own safety.

Looking at the backs of the group, Westley said, “I don’t know, but I think he is someone big. Let’s just go back to our room first. I’ll ask the Campbell Family to find out about them.” Obviously, Westley was also worried. The way the man looked at him and Gabrielle when he passed them made Westley feel uncomfortable.

Although Gabrielle didn’t know why, she had a bad feeling about them. “Well, let’s just go back first. I shouldn’t have asked you to go out for a walk. If we didn’t come out, we wouldn’t meet those people.”

Holding her in his arms, Westley walked back towards their room while saying, “It’s not your fault. These people are not coming for us. I mean I don’t think we have ever met them before.”

Once they arrived at their room, Westley called his brother and asked him to send someone from the Campbell Family to investigate about those people.

In fact, they could relax only when they found out about the man.

Sitting next to him, Gabrielle looked at Westley, who was talking to Wilson on the phone with a serious look on his face. Once he ended the call, she asked impatiently, “What did he say?”

Hearing it, Westley told Gabrielle what Wilson said. “He said he will ask the people of the Campbell Family to investigate it. But since there is no major transaction recently, there isn’t any big trouble. He told us to just pretend as if we are tourists and go back to the villa early in the tomorrow morning.”

“I see. Then, we will go back tomorrow morning once the rain stops or becomes lighter. Where are brother and sister-in-law now?” Of course, as Gabrielle knew that they were here to have a good holiday, she felt sorry for bothering them again.

Looking at his wife adoringly, Westley answered, “They are in Chiang Mai now, but they will go to Pattaya after staying for a few days.”

Biting her lips, Gabrielle felt uneasy as she asked, “Actually, they seldom have a holiday like this. I feel like we are bothering them when they should be having a great time.”

Without feeling sorry at all, Westley said as a matter of fact, “It is not a matter about bothering them or not. They are also staying at a hotel. Plus, I just called him to ask   the people of the Campbell Family to investigate it. I didn’t tell him to check it by himself. Besides, everyone knows that our safety is the most important thing right now.”

In Westley’s eyes, they were brothers and he would never feel sorry for asking such kind of small matters. Moreover, only his elder brother could order the people of the Campbell Family. Otherwise, he would have ordered them to do things for him.

Heaving a sigh, Gabrielle prayed in silence, “I hope we are just overthinking and there is nothing wrong.”

Although Gabrielle tried to convince herself that it was nothing, she couldn’t help but feel a little cold in her heart when she thought about that man. Did he know her?

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