Lock You In My Heart Chapter 520

Chapter 520 The Cutest Gluttonous Idiot

After placing their dinner orders, Gabrielle and Westley went back to their room to take a bath. Inside the big, spacious bathroom was a shower area with walls of frosted glass, twin sinks, and a bathtub huge enough to accommodate two people. The bathtub was sitting beside a large window that allowed a view of the beautiful outside scenery but not of the bathroom from the outside. Gabrielle and Westley soaked in the tub as they enjoyed their terrific view.

For the first time since they arrived at the resort, they were able to breathe easily. They enjoyed the peace and comfort of each other’s company as the warm, soapy water of their bath washed their worries away

“Can you believe that view? It’s so beautiful. It’s like we’re in a dream,” Gabrielle commented, looking out the window.

Outside, there were no tall trees or buildings. It was just a carpet of forest that stretched for miles shrouded with rain and mist under a dark, starless sky. It was its own kind of divine.

“Yes, it is beautiful.” Sitting in the bathtub beside Gabrielle, Westley followed her gaze.

The stunning view outside began to melt away his woes. Of course Gabrielle’s company had also contributed significantly. After all, Gabrielle had always been his calm in the storm.

“Let’s just rest and take our stay here as our holiday, okay? Don’t be so nervous now, Westley. Nothing will happen to us.” Gabrielle leaned over and kissed him.

“Okay. Didn’t you say you were starving? Let’s finish up so that we can go eat.” Westley heard some noise downstairs, so he guessed that the housekeeper was already done preparing their dinner.

“Well, I do smell something delicious.” Gabrielle took a deep breath through her nose.

“We’re three floors up from the dining area. How could you smell the food?” Westley teased, pinching her nose.

“Are you trying to say that I have the same keen sense of smell as Blackboo’s?” Gabrielle shook off his hand and narrowed her eyes at him.

“No. I’m saying your sense of smell is keener than Blackboo’s.” Before Gabrielle could slap him on the shoulder, Westley gave her a peck on the lips, got up, and grabbed some towels. He tossed one to her and then patted himself dry with another one.

Then, they put on bathrobes and went downstairs. The housekeeper had already set   the table, and the food looked amazing.

“Mr. and Mrs. Morris, dinner is ready. Enjoy,” the housekeeper said warmly when he saw Gabrielle and Westley coming.

Westley pulled out a chair for Gabrielle. “Thank you, Mr. Morris.”


“This is everything you ordered. If you need anything else, just call me. I’m leaving now. You two enjoy your meal.”

After that, the housekeeper turned on his heel and left.

“Have some soup first.” Westley filled a bowl of tom yum soup for Gabrielle. Gabrielle took a sip. The taste was a perfect balance of sweet and sour, and it was really good.

“Wow, this is some authentic Thai soup. You should try it,” Gabrielle said excitedly.

Although she had eaten Thai food before, she had never had such a delicious bowl of tom yum. She was so thrilled that she could not wait for Westley to try.

Westley took a sip of the soup and found that Gabrielle was right. It really was good. No wonder Gabrielle was so satisfied.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? Is it better than the one we had before?” Gabrielle looked at Westley with joy in her eyes.

It had to be said that the soup was really good, and it was indeed better than what they had had before.

“Yes, it’s better than what we had before. Like your sense of smell, your sense of taste is also keen,” Westley replied.

“Oh, thank you. It’s not a big deal, though. I’m just voicing out what I think,” Gabrielle said modestly.

“Well, what you think is true. In fact, I think this food is better than any Thai food we’ve had so far. Eat some more. You’ve lost a lot of weight since you were injured.” Westley served her a lot of food.

Gabrielle had a hearty appetite, so she really ate a lot until she felt bloated.

“Westley, I think I’ve eaten way too much.” Gabrielle stood up and rubbed her belly, which was now big and round.

She could not believe that she had eaten way more than she usually did. Now she felt like she was a few months pregnant because of her distended belly. She felt awful and a little ashamed.

“Are you okay? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Westley asked and flashed her a worried look. He was happy to see her eat with so much gusto. Like he said, she had   some weight to gain back. As much as he was delighted to see her be her normal self again when it came to food, he did not expect that she would eat too much.

“Well, I feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll feel better after I walk it off.” Gabrielle was feeling very pleased with herself. She ate too much but came up with an idea to help her body digest and that was to walk around. She did not think that there was another person in the world who would think of such a solution.

“I’ll walk with you. Watch your pace. Don’t walk too fast, or it will make you more uncomfortable. I’ll also ask the housekeeper to bring you some digestion pills.” Westley went to dial the internal line and asked the housekeeper to bring some digestion pills for Gabrielle.

The housekeeper would need to come and clean up the table anyway. Upon hearing Westley’s request, he immediately came with the pills.

“How is Mrs. Morris? Do you need me to call a doctor?” the housekeeper asked, looking at Gabrielle.

The housekeeper spoke fluent English, so Gabrielle could understand him. She shook her head and assured the housekeeper that she did not need to see a doctor.

“No, thank you. I just need to take some digestion pills and take a walk. Your food was so delicious that I ate too much. I was bloated before I knew it,” Gabrielle replied sheepishly.

If a doctor came to the villa to attend to her because she ate too much, then the rumors would spread. That would be too humiliating. She did not want news of her overeating to come out.

Even though she was not home, she still had to save face. “Are you really okay, Mrs. Morris?” The housekeeper was still worried.

After all, Gabrielle and Westley were very distinguished guests. As the one in charge of serving them, he should always make sure that they were well taken care of.

“Yes, I am. Thank you for bringing me the digestion pills. I’ll go upstairs now and take them.” Gabrielle rose from her seat, took the bottle of pills, and climbed the stairs to the master bedroom. She hoped that going up the stairs would aid her digestion.

“Very well. If you don’t feel better in half an hour after taking the pills, please call me, and I’ll send a doctor to you,” the housekeeper said seriously.


“Also, if you two want to do any physical therapy, you can tell me. I’ll make an appointment with the masseuse for you. We offer a variety of wellness services   outlined in the villa guidebook. Feel free to check them out,” the housekeeper added with sincerity.

“Okay. We’ll go back to our room now.” After that, Westley left the table and hurried to Gabrielle’s side. They returned to their room together.

“Oh, Westley, I feel so embarrassed. I can’t believe I just made myself look like a total glutton in a foreign land. Do you think the housekeeper sees me as such? I don’t think I can look him in the eye ever again.” Gabrielle could not help feeling so ashamed.

“I think the housekeeper was more worried about your well-being than your eating habits. He takes his job seriously, which is an excellent quality in a hotel employee. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You ate too much because the food was great, that’s it. I’m sure they’re glad that you enjoyed yourself. Besides, even if they think that you’re a gluttonous idiot, you’re still the cutest gluttonous idiot to me.” Westley held her hand and helped her go upstairs.

So, was he praising her or mocking her?

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