Lock You In My Heart Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Felt Vaguely Uneasy

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the Caria Resort Hotel. The rain was getting so heavy that it was starting to make daylight look like nighttime. It appeared that it would rain all night.

Gabrielle felt that they were lucky to have a nearby hotel to check in. The weather was unfavorable, and it would be too dangerous for them to drive back.

“Let’s go, Gabrielle.” Westley opened the door and asked Gabrielle to get off the car. Then, he gave his car keys to the doorman.

After checking in, Westley took Gabrielle to their room.

The resort was inspired by the charm of Southeast Asian architecture and aesthetic. They had beautiful villas of different sizes.

Westley and Gabrielle were not able to get one of the small ones. They could only book a big, luxurious villa that included a housekeeper, a swimming pool, and a small yard. It was quite magnificent.

It was expensive, but for Westley, money was no object. All he cared about was a safe place for himself and Gabrielle to spend the night out of the pouring rain.

The big villa was not an issue. In fact, Westley could have rented the entire resort if he wanted to.

The housekeeper greeted them, gave them a quick tour of the villa, and then ushered them into the master bedroom on the third floor. The master bedroom had the best view. From there, they could see the whole resort and a vast forest.

The place was built near a mountain, and its best-known feature was its naturopathic projects. There were specialized recuperation areas like hot spring baths and a massage parlor.

All guests were welcome to enjoy the resort’s well-equipped and fully staffed wellness centers for free, but Gabrielle did not care for them. She just wanted to stay the night and get some rest.

“Do you like it here, Gabrielle?” Westley asked. Standing in front of the French window of the master bedroom, Westley and Gabrielle looked at the sprawling resort and forest in front of them.

It was still raining pretty heavily, and it made the leaves on the trees ripple. During this season in Antawood, such rainstorms were a drag. They only became tolerable, even enjoyable, in the beginning of spring. “This place is beautiful, and it makes me feel like we’re enjoying spring ahead of   time.” Gabrielle smiled.

Although the weather in Bangkok was like spring all year round, she grew up in Antawood, and she could better adapt to the weather in Antawood.

“It’s spring here every day. I just didn’t expect that it would rain so heavily today. I just checked the weather forecast. It’s going to rain for two to three more days,” Westley said, knitting his brows.


The weather surely messed up his plans, and that was the last thing he wanted.

Westley liked to be in control of everything, and he did not relish it when things went out of track. Fortunately, he was able to book a villa with a good environment, which was his biggest comfort at the moment.

“If it really rains in the next two or three days, we can spend those days here. Unless you don’t want to of course.” On the other hand, Gabrielle was more flexible and open-minded. When facing unexpected events, she preferred riding the tides instead of trying to control them.

‘If you can’t change the environment, then change your attitude toward it. That way, your circumstances will never have control over you.’ It was a saying that helped her face tough situations.

Gabrielle had always done well in this respect. She adapted to whatever happened around her, so she was rarely shaken or panicked by anything.

“I don’t mind. I like it here. If you want to stay, then we’ll stay.” Westley had no objection as long as Gabrielle was willing to stay.

The only thing that he worried about was their complete safety. The resort was not in the domain of the Campbell Family. No one on the Campbell Family’s payroll was guarding the area. If something bad happened, any sort of help from the Campbell Family would never get to them in time.

The best they could do was to be extremely careful.

“What’s wrong, Westley? Are you worried that we’re not safe here or that we may run into some trouble?” Gabrielle could guess what Westley was worried about, so she asked him gently.

Westley was a little surprised. He curled his lips and held Gabrielle in his arms. “You know, it scares me how you can read me so easily sometimes. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m worried about. We can only be one hundred percent safe with the help of the Campbell Family. This place isn’t in their territory. If we encounter any problems, I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you, and if you get hurt, I won’t ever be able to forgive myself.”

Westley had always lived in the future. He had always been three to five steps ahead of anyone. He never only considered what was in front of him.

“We’ll be fine, Westley. As far as everyone in this resort is concerned, you and I are just ordinary tourists here. We have no direct connection to the Campbell Family, and their enemies won’t target us. We’d be in more danger if we had taken the Campbell Family’s men with us,” Gabrielle reasoned, trying to comfort Westley and calm him down.

Gabrielle had thought about what Westley was worried about, especially after what happened in the forest. They had completely stirred up conflict between Bain and the Campbell Family.

It was hard to say whether or not they would be implicated, but if they would, she would understand.

Even if there had been a feud between the Campbell Family and Bain from the very beginning, the accident still started because of them.

Anyway, however the situation changed, they would come up with countermeasures to deal with it.

“I’m not worried about the Campbell Family. I’m worried about other things, and the rain isn’t helping my anxiety. I really hope it’s just that I’m thinking too much.” Westley’s expression wandered between dejected and afraid.

Gabrielle reached out and rubbed his eyebrows, trying to smooth them. “Well, you are definitely thinking too much. We’ll be fine. Just relax and take this as our little vacation, okay?

You are Westley Morris, and your elder brother and sister-in-law are the heads of the Campbell Family. What do you have to be afraid of?” Gabrielle held his hand and squeezed it.

The light and airy atmosphere was replaced by a dark and heavy one because of Westley’s mood and words. “Did I just dampen your spirits?” Westley squeezed back her hand and looked at her uneasily.

“No, but I’m thinking about getting a scrumptious dinner with you. I’m sure they serve delicious food here at this lovely hotel. What do you say? We had a long trip, and I’m starving.” Gabrielle did not want to burden Westley with more worries, so she decided to change the subject.

It was almost time for dinner. Westley called the housekeeper and asked him to prepare their meal.

“What do you want to eat, Gabrielle?” Westley asked while looking through the menu.

The selection was quite extensive. There was western food, Chinese food, authentic Thai food, seafood combo, vegetarian combo, and other kinds of combos on the set  menus.

Basically, they could order any dishes they could think of here.

“Let’s have authentic Thai food.” After going through the menu, Gabrielle decided to have some Thai food for dinner.

She thought that she had to eat some authentic local dishes in Thailand just as she would try the cuisine of other countries locally.

“Okay. Thai food it is.” Westley asked the housekeeper to replace all the seafood ingredients with meat.

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