Lock You In My Heart Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Double-edged Sword

When Westley arrived, Gabrielle had already finished praying and was waiting for him outside the hall.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you done?” Westley asked, panting.

He had just helped a kid who fell down and felt guilty for not being able to show up on time.

“Yes, I’m done. The abbot monk even interpreted the oracle of all the divination sticks I pulled. You won’t believe it. They were all bearing good fortune! I’m quite lucky, aren’t I?” Gabrielle happily looked at him, opened her palms and showed him the three amulets. 1

“Take a look at these amulets I got. What do you think, Westley?” Ever since their trip started, Gabrielle’s smile never faded. That was how happy she was.

“Wonderful! As I said, Mrs. Morris, you’re bound to be the luckiest person in the world. It’s only natural your divination sticks would bring you good favors. So, the abbot was speaking in English. Did you understand what he said?” Westley was surprised by this. 1

Gabrielle gulped, then smiled. It was actually thanks to the mysterious man named Victor, who translated for her. Gabrielle thought she shouldn’t mention him anymore.

Westley would get jealous if he knew a man tried to approach her. Gabrielle didn’t want that to happen.

In Gabrielle’s defense, she was sure she wouldn’t be able to see or meet Victor again in the future. It was only a one-time interaction. He was just a stranger passing by.

“I’m smart enough, you know. Anyway, I’ve heard the abbot monk’s interpretation. Are you done walking around the temple?”

Gabrielle asked curiously. After all, Westley didn’t seem to like going to temples very much.

“Yeah. It was as beautiful as you said it would be. I saw a little kid fall down while I was roaming around, so I helped him and tried to find his parents. That’s why it took me so long. I feel bad because we had a deal that I would wait for you.” Westley explained what happened.

“So that’s why. You did the right thing helping the kid. What a good husband I have, Mr. Morris.” Gabrielle held Westley’s hand and placed an amulet onto his palm with a fond smile.

“What’s this…? Did you get this for me?” Westley was surprised when he saw the red   and golden amulet. He hadn’t expected Gabrielle to ask one for him.

“Of course, it’s for you. I got some for Sloane and Rose and prayed for their recovery. This one specifically, I hope will protect you and keep you safe so we can be together for the rest of our lives. Do you feel the same way?” Gabrielle looked him in the eye.


It was such a beautiful wish. How could he resist?

They felt the same and he agreed without hesitation.

“Don’t worry. I’m your lifetime partner and I’ll make sure to give you the happy life you deserve,” 1

Westley said, holding her hand then interlocking their fingers.

“Don’t ever go back on your words, dear husband. Remember what you promised.” Gabrielle reminded him in a serious tone.

“As long as you choose to stay with me, I will be with you for the rest of my life.” Westley leaned to kiss her forehead.

“I could never leave you, you know.” Gabrielle giggled. “It’s good that you don’t think of such things.” Westley only wanted Gabrielle to say that she would never leave his side for the rest of their lives.

“I promised you in front of the Buddha and I wouldn’t dare to break that promise. You believe me, don’t you?” Gabrielle pouted. “I do believe you. Come, let’s explore the place. I’ll be your tour guide.” Westley smiled warmly.

“Alright then, Mr. Morris, please show me around.” Gabrielle happily took his invitation. She was in a very good mood.

After all, she did draw three favorable divination sticks.

At first, she wanted to draw one about her marriage with Westley but she thought about it for a while and dropped the idea. She believed their marriage would continue to get better and the two of them would grow to love each other even more. She had no reason to draw for it now.

“Let’s go. You’re going to love it.” Westley took the lead and they walked around the vicinity. However, the sky was suddenly changing. The clouds turned dark and the wind blew heavily. It was about to rain.

“Westley, it looks like it’s going to pour. Should we head back now? I don’t want us to get caught in the rain. It’s going to be hard to drive on the road if we don’t make it in time,” Gabrielle anxiously said.

“You’re right, we should.” Westley felt uneasy looking at the sky. If they didn’t go

back right away, they might get stranded.

“Let’s hurry up.” Gabrielle pulled Westley’s arm and walked out of the temple fast. Even though Westley drove quickly enough, they still got caught in the rain not long after leaving the temple.

“Westley, it’s raining so hard! I don’t think it’s safe for you to drive in this weather. The sky is darker too… it seems it won’t stop anytime soon. How about we find a hotel nearby?” Gabrielle looked at the gloomy sky.

It was almost zero visibility and the rain showed no signs of stopping.

It was a challenge for the person driving. Westley couldn’t see much of the road and Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel worried for him. They didn’t have to rush back, there was no need to drive in these conditions.

“Wait, I’m going to check for nearby hotels.” Westley pulled the car over and checked on his phone to book them a place to stay for the night.

“Alright, I’ve booked us a hotel. There’s a resort hotel ten minutes away with a cozy ambiance. We’re going there right now.” Westley said, smiled.

“Thank goodness. I’m fine staying anywhere. I just want to get out of this storm.” Gabrielle only wanted them to have a safe place to stay overnight. She was someone who could adapt to anything and did not care about the setting.

As long as it was safe enough, be it the woods or the cave in the wild, she wouldn’t mind.

“Sit tight, we’ll be there soon.” Westley stepped on the pedal.

“Don’t drive too fast, okay? It’s dangerous. We can take it slow.” Gabrielle reminded him.

“When you’re in the car, I’m always more careful.” Westley knew he shouldn’t drive so fast. There were no fences or barriers in the road. Something could happen if he didn’t drive carefully.

“Even when I’m not in the car, you still need to be careful. Safety is important for both of us.” Gabrielle lectured him. She thought Westley only cared if she was in the car. Did he not care about his own safety when he drove alone? 1

“You’re right, Mrs. Morris. I’m sorry. I’ll keep it in mind. I’ll pay attention and drive safely.” Westley immediately agreed. “You’re very important to me, Westley. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” Gabrielle said sincerely.

“I know, sweetheart. I’m so lucky to have you worry about me, though. But from now on, i’ll listen to you.” Westley had never cared so much about his own life before. But   when Gabrielle came, he had come to realize that he was afraid of death. He wanted to be with her for a long time.

Love was a double-edged sword. One’s armored strength and one’s weakness.

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