Lock You In My Heart Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Victor Sanderson

Westley was right. Dewey Robles, the abbot, and other monks of the temple could only speak Thai. After all, the temple wasn’t that large, so not many foreigners came here. Therefore, their English was not very good, and they could only use it for simple greetings.

Thus, when Dewey was asked to answer questions, he basically spoke all in Thai. Gabrielle looked at Dewey, completely dumbfounded, as her brain couldn’t figure out a single word he was saying. It seemed that she had overestimated the English skill of the abbot. Now their communication didn’t work out at all.

Sensing their failed communication plan, she decided to go and ask Westley for help. He was, after all, good at the Thai language. So, if she requested Westley to help her translate, she would be able to understand the abbot’s words with ease.

“Excuse me. I don’t understand Thai. I have to ask someone to translate for me. Please wait a moment.” Gabrielle explained to the abbot in English and then got up to find Westley.

“Do you need my help?” Just when Gabrielle got up to find Westley, a low and cold voice came behind her.

Gabrielle looked up at the man standing behind her and slightly nodded her head in response. “Mr. Sanderson, are you feeling better?” Gabrielle asked, remembering what had happened in the hall.

She remembered the event of the tall man kneeling beside her suddenly fainted with nosebleeds when she was praying in the hall. She handed him a piece of tissue and helped him to a nearby place to get some rest. Along the process, she learned his name was Victor Sanderson and that he was from Ensfield. I

Ensfield was where Melissa lived, so Gabrielle had a few friendly feelings towards this man based on that fact. $

After that incident, a monk took him to rest to prevent him from experiencing abnormal things again. “I’m much better. Thank you for your help just now,” Victor said as his eyes fixed on Gabrielle’s face.

His face showed an indifferent expression, and his eyes were as cold as ice, giving people the impression that they should not get close to him.

Of course, for Gabrielle, when the incident happened, she didn’t even have the time  Sanderson to look carefully at the person, let alone sense his indifferent impression or whatsoever. She just realized that someone besides her was probably about to faint, so she just gave him a hand out of an instinctive sense of the body.

“Don’t mention it, Mr. Sanderson. I actually didn’t do anything. Others would do the same if they were in that circumstance,” Gabrielle said with a smile as she looked at Victor. Although this man didn’t seem to be easy to get along with, Gabrielle didn’t really care much. After all, it was just a coincidental encounter, and there was no way they could possibly meet again in the future. 2

So, naturally, she couldn’t care less about this man or what he thought of her. “I don’t think anyone will be as kind as Miss Jones to help a man they’ve never seen before,” Victor replied indifferently.

He was aware that no one dared to even get close to him, let alone assist him so boldly. After all, everyone in Ensfield thought he was terrible.

“I’m flattered, Mr. Sanderson.” Gabrielle showed her content with a smile on her lips.


“Not at all. I’m just telling the truth. If you need anything, tell me, and I will try my best to meet your request no matter what,” Victor added in earnest.

For Victor, owing people wasn’t his thing, especially something like that.

“No need, thanks though, Mr. Sanderson. I really didn’t do…”

“How about this, Miss Jones? I’ve realized that you can’t speak Thai, which I’m familiar with. How about I help you translate it? Is that okay? Considered it as a favor I return for saving my life.” Watching Victor abruptly turning a small act of kindness into a life-saving grace, Gabrielle was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to respond.

“Well, since you insist, I accept. This time, I will trouble Mr. Sanderson to help me translate, and after that, I think we’re even.” Gabrielle finally gave in and made a request, understanding it was impolite to keep insisting when the other person was so eager.

Gabrielle didn’t like owing others a favor, nor did she like being treated as a benefactor inexplicably. Especially for a man like Victor, who wasn’t as simple as he appeared, he must have a certain powerful background. 1

It could be that he had a lot of followers in Ensfield, but he didn’t bring them along with him to Thailand. Or, to put it another way, it was safer here because of the low awareness of his identity.

Just like Westley.

“Miss Jones, may I ask what you are asking for? If it is too personal, I can’t listen to it,   ” Victor said, looking very serious.

As a person who worshiped Buddha, he naturally believed in these things. People prayed for almost everything, including many privacy wishes that they didn’t want others to know about.

“I don’t have any. I just came here to pray for my friends’ safety. Something happened to my two friends, and they are in a coma now. I hope they can wake up earlier, so I came here to pray for them,” Gabrielle replied earnestly.

She specifically came here for Sloane and Rose’s sake, hoping that the two of them could wake up from the coma as soon as possible.

Especially for Sloane, who hadn’t woken up yet, and it had been half a year.

“I’m not wrong. Miss Jones is really a kind-hearted girl. They must be very happy to be your friends.” Victor’s impression of Gabrielle improved even more after hearing it.

Gabrielle was a beautiful girl, but her beauty was not ostentatious. Instead, she was reserved and gentle, making people like her more each time they looked at her.

Victor had always believed in Buddhism and fate. So the fact that he met such a kind girl like Gabrielle in such a small temple made him think that fate had brought them together.

“You flattered me, Mr. Sanderson. I’m not as good as you said. Why don’t we listen to Mr. Robles’s explanation about it first?” Gabrielle was afraid that if she received another compliment, her brain would not be able to respond, so she anxiously changed the topic.

“Okay, let’s see what Miss Jones got first. It should be the best one.” Those words came out of Victor’s lips naturally, and the corner of his mouth raised unconsciously that he might not even notice it.

He hadn’t smiled genuinely in a long time, but today he actually laughed because of a girl he had just met. It was strange enough for him to believe, let alone others. “Thank you for saying that, Mr. Sanderson.” After saying that, Gabrielle shifted her gaze to the abbot, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“Master, please go ahead.” Victor looked at the abbot and suggested in Thai. The abbot began interpreting the oracle in the Thai language, and Victor helped in translating the words the abbot was saying for Gabrielle to listen.

According to the abbot, the two divination sticks Gabrielle had pulled were both good ones, implying that her prayers would work.

“Miss Jones, you’ve heard it. These are good ones, so you can rest assured. Your friends will wake up soon.” Victor looked at Gabrielle and gave her words of comfort.

“Really? Mr. Sanderson, you didn’t lie to me, right?” Gabrielle had never had much confidence in good luck, so hearing what Victor said, she got a little suspicious.

After all, she was a person with bad luck since birth. How could it be possible that she pulled two lucky divination sticks with her own hands?

Gabrielle couldn’t help but doubt herself.

“Miss Jones, it just works when you stay sincere. It’s your sincerity that touches the Buddha. It’s not surprising that you got the best divination sticks, and I’m certainly not lying in front of the Buddha.” With a light smile on his lips, Victor reaffirmed his words.


Gabrielle might not believe what he had said at first, but what he said later made her willing to believe that he didn’t lie. After all, people who believed in Buddhism didn’t speak lies in front of the Buddha.

“I trust you.” Gabrielle happily took the two amulets handed over by the abbot so that when she returned, she could give those to her friends in the hope that they would bless her friends.

“Thank you, Dewey. I want to pray one more time.” Gabrielle felt she was so lucky today that she decided to pray one more for Westley not to waste her good fortune.

“Of course, please,” the abbot said as he kindly smiled at Gabrielle.

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