Lock You In My Heart Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Praying In The Temple

She was abandoned by her biological family and adopted by the Jones family as a foster child. Then, she had to marry him for retribution.

In fact, no one knew about Gabrielle’s life better than Westley did. Her whole life, she was abandoned, used and redeemed for someone’s sin. She never got a chance to experience warmth and happiness in her life.

Who would have thought that such a kind and wonderful girl was oppressed and treated unfairly?

Thinking about it, Westley felt pain in his heart which made him hard to breathe.

At that time, he swore to himself that he would treat Gabrielle better in the future. He wouldn’t let her feel uneasy or wronged any longer. 3 All of a sudden, his heart became very heavy as he held her tightly in his arms and whispered, “I will love you forever and give you the warmth and happiness you deserve in the future. I won’t let you suffer any grievance. I promise, Gabrielle.” 3

It wasn’t Gabrielle’s intention to make the atmosphere so serious like this. In fact, she just wanted to express her admiration and envy towards Westley’s family as she wanted him to cherish it. She wanted him to know that he was lucky to be the son of the Morris family.

However, his thoughts went into the direction of something else in the end.

Patting his back, Gabrielle comforted him, “Please quit having those thoughts, Westley. I didn’t mention it to make you feel this way. I just wanted to let you know that you’re so lucky to have such kind of family so don’t blow it up just because of me.” Ever since he was injured in Bangkok, Westley was easy to get emotional.

Sometimes, men also needed to be coaxed when they were sad. 2

Lowering his head, Westley kissed her on her forehead while saying, “I won’t. I just don’t want you to suffer.” “I promise I won’t. When I got into the Morris family, I got an opportunity to be loved from Grandma. So, I never felt wronged. Now, let’s go and pick up some gifts for her, and for Mr. and Mrs. Morris. Oh, also for Zaid too. We don’t have much time left. Let’s go.” Then, she grabbed his hand and continued walking on the street.

Fortunately, Gabrielle wasn’t someone who would hesitate to make decisions after comparing with other shops. Instead, if she liked something at first sight, she wouldn’t sway her decision because she would just stick to it. It took only about two hours for them to buy all the presents. After that, the two of them carried them to the car.

“Aren’t you tired, Gabrielle?” After putting everything in the car, Westley bought a cup of milk tea for her and a cup of coffee for himself.

In order to sober themselves up, they needed some beverage. They still had to drive more than an hour to the temple.

After drinking the milk tea, Gabrielle felt delighted and relieved. Shaking her head, she said, “Not really. It’s just that I haven’t done shopping like this for a long time. It feels so nice to wander around because I don’t have to worry about running into anyone annoying.”

Hearing it, Westley beamed because her words reassured him that she was really happy.


Still smiling, Westley reminded Gabrielle, “I’m glad to know that you’re happy. Now, we are going to the temple. Sit still.” With the same smile on her face, Gabrielle kissed him on the corner of his mouth and sat back in the passenger seat. 2 Turning to look at him, Gabrielle said with a smile, “That is the reward to Mr. Morris for spending time with me this afternoon and taking me to the temple. Do you like it?”

Raising the corners of his mouth, Westley leaned towards Gabrielle and bit her lips gently. Then, he said, “And this is my way of expressing my gratitude to Mrs. Morris. Keep it. Now, let’s go.” More than an hour later, they arrived at Baycrum, which was specially chosen by Gabrielle. It was relatively smaller than the other famous temples and it was located in the remote area which was in the back mountain of a village. However, as there were news about most of the prayers worked, many young couples came here especially to pray for marriage and safety. In fact, Gabrielle found it on the Internet and it had pretty good reviews. Therefore, she chose this place. Moreover, the place was really quiet and beautiful. Maybe that helped with the blessing.

After getting out of the car, Gabrielle looked at the pale building of Baycrum as she sighed dreamily and said, “It’s bigger and more beautiful than I thought.”

As they got nearer to the foot of the mountain, an inexplicable sacred feeling appeared which made Gabrielle stay in awe of Baycrum.

In awe, Westley remarked, “Very beautiful.” .

In an excited voice, Gabrielle said, “I have a strong feeling that my prayers will work here.” She really was looking forward to it.

Holding her hand softly, Westley walked into the temple as he said, “It only works when one believes in it sincerely. Now that we have come a long way here, it’s going to work.”

Even though Westley didn’t believe in Buddhism or evil forces, Gabrielle did. Therefore, he was willing to try it this time as he knew that she came all the way just to pray for their safety.

Also, this was the first time that Westley went to a temple where he felt both strange and awed.

“Actually Westley, I used to visit several temples with my mother, I mean, Mrs. Jones. But I wasn’t allowed to go inside, probably because she thought I might bring bad luck to them.” Gabrielle recalled about those times with self-deprecation. Although she was smiling, there was deep sadness in her eyes.

Hearing it, the grip on her hand tightened. Looking at Gabrielle, Westley said, “Gabrielle, don’t talk about yourself like that. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Bad luck? That’s nonsense. She just didn’t see what a true blessing you are.”

Hearing it, Gabrielle couldn’t help but burst out laughing and said, “You are just flattering me, Westley. Sometimes, what you said about me isn’t close to the true me.”

“I’m just stating the truth. My wife is the most amazing and blessed person in the world.” Of course, what Westley had said was totally flattering.

Gabrielle questioned him in earnest, “Have you even been to this kind of place, Westley?”

Most men basically didn’t like going to this kind of temple and pray for blessings. After all, they preferred to believe in science rather than this.

“To be honest, this is my first time coming to a place like this.” Looking at the white wall, Westley felt that something was different.

This temple was a bit different from those in their hometown. The styles seemed quite divergent.

Once he had driven his mother to a temple before, but even then, he just waited outside and didn’t get out of the car.

Smiling brightly, Gabrielle uttered, “Well, I’m so honored to be the first one to bring Mr. Morris here.”

Pretending to be serious, Westley said, “Actually, you have taken away my first not only this time though. How many times have you taken my firsts? I can’t remember.”

The more Gabrielle thought about it, the more she became suspicious about what he meant. When she noticed his double meaning, her face turned red and she sent him a glare. Narrowing her eyes at Westley, Gabrielle said, “Westley, we are in the temple now. Don’t talk nonsense! You shouldn’t disrespect the spirits. What if the prayers i won’t work?”

Looking at her flushed face, Westley couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Mrs. Morris, what are you thinking? I’m not talking about the one that you are thinking, but yeah you do have taken it too…”

Before Westley could say more, Gabrielle cast him a stern glance and interrupted, “Westley, shut up. Go, just wait for me outside. Don’t go in!”

When Westley was asked to stay outside the main hall of the temple, he didn’t complain because he didn’t feel like going into the temple anyway.

Holding her hand, Westley reminded her, “Then, I’ll just wait for you outside. If you need anything, tell me. The abbot here speaks in Thai.”

Making a face at him, Gabrielle said, “Well, I know you are good at. Thai, but I’m good at English. Maybe the abbot can speak English. After all, the temples are international now.”

Nodding his head, Westley agreed, “Okay, go ahead. I’ll just wait here. Remember to call me if something happens, okay?” As it wasn’t a familiar place, Westley couldn’t let Gabrielle take any risk.

“Okay. You can walk around the place. It’s very beautiful here. It will be a shame if you come here for nothing. I might need some time to pray.” After saying that, Gabrielle went into the hall.

In the end, Westley decided to have a tour around the yard. Now that he had already gotten inside, he might as well have a look at the place.

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