Lock You In My Heart Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Craving For A Warm Family

Westley found the Chinese restaurant together with Gabrielle. He asked for a private parlor so they could eat in peace.

An array of dishes laid before her eyes. Each and every one of the plates looked sumptuous. She couldn’t help herself from picking up her chopsticks and start indulging. “Chinese food really is the best. This is great!” Gabrielle was obviously enjoying the food.

In consideration to Gabrielle’s wounds, Westley didn’t order anything too spicy. He asked the chefs to put the spice level on a minimum. Despite that, her mood was still outstanding.

The dishes here were incomparable to the ones they had at the villa.

“Take it easy, Gabrielle. No one’s going to take the food away.” With a tissue, Westley gently wiped the sweat off of her nose. Her satisfaction was apparent with her actions.

“The food isn’t very authentic but it tastes amazing. Don’t worry about me. You should eat as well,” Gabrielle urged.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Have some more.” Westley put more food on her plate.

After lunch, Gabrielle walked out of the restaurant donning a big smile.

“Westley, I’m so happy. Let’s go shopping and pick up some gifts for grandma. Let’s visit the temple after. I’ve already checked. The nearest one is an hour away so we’d better hurry.” Gabrielle grabbed his hand and was about to sprint. She was terrified that they were wasting time.

“A gift for grandma?” Westley asked.

Westley did not expect her to buy a present for their grandmother. They had been in

Thailand for over half a month and all he thought about was her well-being. He barely had time to care about other things.

“Yeah. After all, we’ve been away for quite some time now. Grandma must be worried. Let’s get her a gift. We should tell her that we’re having a great time here and that there’s nothing to worry about,” Gabrielle said.

Westley felt just how loving Gabrielle was. She had always been prim and proper. Her thoughtfulness was out of this world as well. He never doubted her intentions.

Gabrielle’s consideration for other people was unparalleled. She would always put friends and family first. She always looked after them and carefully thought about   what they needed. It was something Westley never even thought of.


“That’s a great idea. I agree. Speaking of which, how did you come up with that idea?” Westley held her hand as they strolled down the street. They scrutinized the nice stores in the area. 1

“I didn’t think about it until Wilson arrived. When Austin called, I figured I could ask him to send the gift to the Morris family and maybe have a little chat with grandma after. That way, she wouldn’t be so worried about us. What do you say?” Gabrielle looked at Westley. A curious look adorned her beautiful face.

It wasn’t until then that Westley realized something. “Is this what you and Austin were talking about?”

“Yeah. What else do you think we were talking about? Austin and I are just friends. He looked after me before. Besides, he’s your cousin. We’re family, nothing more. You always seem to have your doubts on me.” Gabrielle pouted. She was clearly dissatisfied with what Westley was insinuating.

She had always been supportive of her husband and had clearly drawn a line between herself and other men.

Gabrielle was well-aware of the difference between friendship and a relationship. It looked as if Westley did not know at all.

He was always jealous.

When a husband was constantly jealous, his wife would be subjected under great pressure.

“How could I not trust you? If anything, it’s myself that I don’t have confidence in. I mean… You are insanely charming and beautiful. Men are always wagging their tails at you like eager dogs. I know you’re not interested in other men but you couldn’t say the same about them,” Westley explained.

The truth was that, her charms seemed to be a burden to him. Westley felt as if it was his responsibility to get rid of the men who dared to get to her.

“I don’t know what to say. I can think of some ways to prevent men from coming on to me. However, I don’t think I would want to do something that drastic. Anyway, I don’t get jealous of the women who lurk around you,” Gabrielle retorted as she pinched his hand. She felt as if she was caught in a helpless situation.

“That makes sense. Have you thought about what you wanted to get grandma?” Westley diverted her attention to something else.

Talking about jealousy seemed to be upsetting the both of them so he decided to drop


“Not yet. Maybe we should go someplace else. I want to buy something that’s perfect   for her. We can pick up something for Mr. and Mrs. Morris as well,” Gabrielle said.

“Gabrielle… You’re so kind to my family. It would be awful if they disliked you.” Westley heaved a heavy sigh as he pinched her face. A smile adorned his handsome face.

After all, it was Westley’s luck to marry a woman who cared so much about his family.

“I’m not as amazing as you make me out to be. I’m nothing but an ordinary person. I can be selfish too. I’m doing this just so you wouldn’t be in a difficult situation between me and Mrs. Morris,” Gabrielle calmly replied. She felt quite uneasy.

The truth was that, Mrs. Morris did not really approve of her. Gabrielle was trying to get to her good side so Westley wouldn’t be in such an arduous place.

“Don’t worry. I will always take your side. It doesn’t matter what happens or whoever disapproves of you. Nobody can stop us from being happy together. It’s not like they have the right to take us apart anyway. You don’t have to please anybody just to get in their favor, alright?” Westley comforted as he stared at her intently.

He meant every word. Westley could only wish that Gabrielle believed him.

Westley never intended to have Gabrielle adjust for the sake of his family. It didn’t even cross his mind.


“I know. But they’re still your family. I don’t want to be the root of a misunderstanding between you and your family. Do you understand? When I was born, my parents abandoned me. Even though I couldn’t get the love I wanted from the Jones family, I still feel lucky that they cared enough to adopt me. I longed to have a home and they offered me one. I wanted a warm place where I could be welcomed with open arms whenever I felt like I needed to rest my bones. You were fortunate enough to have been born in such a loving family. You should cherish what you have,” Gabrielle explained.

Gabrielle had always craved for a family. For a place where warmth was a constant presence. Unfortunately, she did not have any of those. She was an abandoned child. When she came to the Jones family, all she got was a sliver of kindness. There was none of the love and affection she craved so much for.

When she met the Morris family, Gabrielle envied how much they loved and got

along with each other. Seeing how harmonious and peaceful their family was gave her the determination not to be the person to destroy such tranquility.

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