Lock You In My Heart Chapter 514

Chapter 514 You Are The Most Amazing One

Westley took Gabrielle to the commercial street in the central area of Bangkok and strolled around the place together.

Gabrielle breathed in fresh air and said, “It’s really nice to finally go shopping like this, Westley.” The two walked down the street leisurely with their fingers interlocked. Both had relaxed and happy smiles on their faces.

In this unknown street, they didn’t have to concern about anyone recognizing them as each of the pedestrians was totally stranger to them. Thus, they could stay at ease and not worry about anything at the moment. Gabrielle’s heart felt satisfied and inexplicably happy as she strolled around on the street with Westley while entangling their fingers. “Do you like it?” Westley asked softly while protecting her from being bumped by strangers.

“Yes, I really do enjoy this. They don’t seem to know that you’re the CEO of Morris Group. It’s so nice to be just an ordinary person even if it’s for a moment.” As Gabrielle spoke, she looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.

“Gabrielle!” At that time, Westley suddenly halted and put a bit pressure on her hand to stop her as well.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Is there any danger?” Gabrielle was startled by a hint of urgency in his tone, making her think that there might be something dangerous happening

Even though she appeared well on the surface, what happened in the forest had actually cast a shadow on her mind. She found it hard to get rid of the foreboding feeling she felt at that time.

She would have some overreactions subconsciously from time to time. It could be seen that she was traumatized by the past events.

“There’s nothing dangerous. I just want to suggest that we should make it public when we go back home. How do you think, Gabrielle?” standing in front of her, Westley asked while observing her reaction. 1. “Make it public? You mean our relationship?”

Of course, Gabrielle had thought about it countless times. She expected for people to know about them sooner or later. However, she didn’t expect for Westley to bring up this matter this soon. 5

It was so sudden for Gabrielle that she was caught off guard.

Westley nodded and smiled, holding her hand tighter. “Yes. What do you think about it? After announcing, we’re going to hold a grand and holy wedding ceremony. I promise to give you the best wedding a woman could ever have in her life.”

‘Not only we are going to announce it to the public but also we will hold a ceremony?’ Gabrielle thought. All of these were making her feel overwhelmed at this second.

She was a bit frightened by what he had said, so she responded, “Westley, I hope you can think it through carefully before making any decision. There’s no need to rush it. We still have a long way to go in the future anyway.”

“Gabrielle, did I scare you? Or is it because you don’t want to let others know we’re married? Are you afraid?” Westley questioned intently.


It wasn’t that Gabrielle didn’t like the idea of letting others know about their relationship.

She didn’t expect Westley to think that she was unwilling. She was willing, but she just wasn’t ready for it.

“It’s not like that. I do want people to know, but I haven’t properly prepared myself yet. You brought it up so abruptly that I got a little frightened, that’s all,” Gabrielle

explained immediately while waving her free hand.

“Gabrielle, our relationship is stable and we are content with each other. What’s more, we have even experienced life and death situation together. If we are not making it public now, when? This is our best chance, Gabrielle.” Westley gazed into her eyes and stated his thoughts.

Gabrielle’s heart was moved by his words. He was right. They were wholly connected and committed to each other even after experiencing so many things together. In fact, their relationship became stronger the longer they were with each other. How many couples could be like them?

They both were indeed a treasure for each other.

“I know it’s a good time to do this, but I feel like we should discuss it after we get back to Antawood. I just want to leave room for us to consider if there is any change

at that time, you know.” Gabrielle advised Westley in a very gentle tone.

After thinking for a while, Westley chose to believe her. He knew that she refused to listen to his suggestion, thinking that it was not the right time.

“Fine then. We can wait until we return to Antawood, but Gabrielle, I just want you to know that I mean everything I said. No matter what’ll happen in the future, my only lover is you and will be you forever. So, I’m always there when you feel like making it public.” No matter what, Westley stayed very positive about letting people know his relationship with Gabrielle. He had already made up his mind for a long time.

Thus, he was sure that he would stick to his decision and never change even if anything happened.

After all, he had never cared a penny about what others thought of him nor did he feel the need to. He always decided things by his own opinion and no one could influence on him except Gabrielle.

“I know. I’ll think about it after I’m back to Antawood, and give you an answer as soon as possible. Okay?” Gabrielle gave him a sweet smile in order to console him. 3

“I’m at your disposal. Whatever you say, Gabrielle. You have to remember what you said later. Don’t let me wait too long,” Westley demanded while looking at Gabrielle seriously. 1

“Alright, I’m starving. Can we have something to eat?” When they finally agreed with each other, Gabrielle immediately changed the subject. Then again, she really felt hungry after the walk since she had very little breakfast before going out.

“Alright, let’s have lunch first. What is it in your mind?” Westley honestly couldn’t bear the thought of Gabrielle getting hungry. Even though he knew she might be intentionally changing the topic, he didn’t mind it either.

“Let me think… Since we’ve been having bland food all these days, I feel as if I am losing my sense of taste to be honest. How about we change the menu today to something with stronger flavors, like Chinese food?” Gabrielle suggested while shaking his hand a little with a pout on her face.

This woman really knew how to achieve his affection. How could Westley possibly resist her coquetry?

“Alright, alright. I’ll take you to a Chinese restaurant nearby.” It didn’t take long for Westley to let her have her way as he showed his defeat. Then, he asked for the direction right away, using Thai language to a stranger, who told him where the nearest Chinese restaurant was.

“Westley, you can speak Thai language?” Gabrielle was quite surprised to hear that as she didn’t expect for him to be capable of speaking it very fluently.

Westley simply replied, “Yeah, it’s because of my status. I’ve learnt couples of languages.” He didn’t think there was anything to brag about. As a child of Morris family, he had to be capable of almost everything.

Not to mention that being proficient in lots of foreign languages was actually very beneficial to his business.

“Ah, I see. What else do you speak?” Gabrielle was extremely excited about it. After all, it was the first time she had heard him talking to others with the language other than English and it sounded very good in her ears.

Moreover, he just claimed that he could speak not only Thai, but also many of other languages. That was just awesome!

“Five or six, I suppose. In fact, I have never precisely counted how many since I just use multiple languages whenever I need to. We can figure it out later together if you want. How about it?” Westley indeed didn’t think that was the thing he should be proud of. Being an heir of Morris family, he had to be proficient in everything and thus, everything which others found amazing became ordinary to him. 1

Unexpectedly though, it became his another trait that Gabrielle started to admire very much.

That was just an inadvertent situation where Gabrielle once again found the man she loved was very amazing.

“Based on your words, it seems that you can actually speak more than five or six while I can’t speak any other language except English. You are really good at everything!” Gabrielle gasped and sincerely praised in admiration.

“In that case, you are the one who I think is the most amazing.” Saying this, Westley led her to the restaurant with a smile.

“Why do you think so?” Even though Gabrielle asked reflexively, she was still in a daze, thinking how awesome her husband was.

Besides, what ability did she have for Westley to describe her as ‘the most amazing!?

“It’s simply because you are married to such an excellent man as me.” Westley shamelessly bragged himself with a straight face.

Hearing this, Gabrielle couldn’t help giggling as she joked, “Yes, I am indeed the most amazing then.”

“Shall we go, my amazing Mrs. Morris? I’d like to get you rewarded with good food this noon.” Without letting go of Gabrielle’s hand, Westley led her into the restaurant with a gentle smile.

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