Lock You In My Heart Chapter 512

Chapter 512 A Jealous Streak Video call?

It was not something that Gabrielle would want to do—to have a video call with Austin. She still had the hideous scar on her face. She didn’t want him to see it.

But if she wouldn’t do the video call, Austin would be more worried about her. If he’d come to Bangkok, things might only get worse.

“Please let me have a look at you. Let me see you.” There was a long pause. Austin felt sad that Gabrielle was taking the time to respond to him.

Gabrielle finally spoke. “Look, Austin. I just got up. I haven’t even washed my face and combed my hair. I can’t let you see me like this. You’d be horrified.” She thought that this would be an acceptable reason for her to refuse Austin’s request. .

And it was. Austin stopped insisting on a video call.

He also thought of what Westley had said about what happened the previous night. They were exhausted, Westley told him. That was the reason that Gabrielle woke up late.

Of course, this only made Austin feel more miserable.

“Okay, we can have the video call when it’s convenient for you,” Austin said resignedly. He had acquiesced to Gabrielle’s argument.

Maybe he should wait for another day. Maybe then, Gabrielle would be willing to do the video call. She was in Bangkok at that moment; he was in Antawood. The distance between them was tens of thousands of miles across the seas. It was impossible for him to see her even if he wanted to.

If it were up to him, he wouldn’t give up so easily.

“Austin, I sent a parcel to Grandma. See to it that she gets it soon after you receive it. Also, tell her that we are okay here. Thank you, Austin,” Gabrielle said. Her tone was happy and light.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s not really an inconvenience to give the parcel to Grandma,” said Austin. Gabrielle was glad to hear that. “Just the same, I’ll have to thank you. Listen, I have to go now. I have to go downstairs now to look for Westley.” “Gabrielle, you really have to take good care of yourself. You should also have a real good time,” said Austin, still not wanting to hang up the phone.

“I’ll do that, Austin. Bye.”


Gabrielle hurriedly hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief.


The door opened. Westley entered the room carrying a tray of breakfast food. It was a little late for breakfast. Nonetheless, it was the first real meal for Gabrielle. “Are you done with your phone call?” Westley asked in a sullen tone.

“Oh yes,” answered Gabrielle. “You shouldn’t have brought the breakfast here. I was about to go downstairs to have it.” One look at Westley and she could recognize jealousy on his countenance. To allay this feeling, she thought of something nice to say to him.

“So you thought that I was still on the phone. You brought me breakfast so I won’t get hungry. How thoughtful of you! Caring husbands are a rarity and I am so blessed to have you.” Westley put the tray on the small table. He then looked at her, appreciating her sensitiveness to his feelings.

She knew how awful it was for him that his jealousy was gnawing at his heart. “Westley, there aren’t dumplings here,” Gabrielle said quizzically as she looked at the food that Westley brought her. Porridge and pickles, soup and bread-all nicely set on the tray and enticing to eat.

The aroma of the food was wafting through the air. She wanted to dig in and take every morsel of the breakfast.

“Dumplings? You’d like to eat dumplings, Gabrielle? I’ll have some dumplings be brought in here for you.” Westley thought that she really wanted to eat dumplings. He didn’t quickly get what she was implying.

“I don’t want to eat dumplings. It’s just that the room is starting to smell like vinegar. I sure can dip the dumplings in the vinegar,” Gabriel said, teasingly smiling at him

Westley slapped his right hand on his forehead. Was she saying that he was feeling


“It was Austin on the phone. You have been talking on the phone with my rival. Yes, I’m jealous!” Westley looked at her. The green-eyed monster was etched on his face.

“Don’t feel that way. Austin is not your rival for my love. He never will be. He’s just a friend, nothing more,” Gabrielle assured him. She then took the spoon, dipped it in the soup, and had a spoonful.

Westley had always been jealous of Austin to a point that he would believe that there was more than friendship between them.

“Gabrielle, I hope that you won’t forget that Austin is my cousin. Yours, too. Despite that, he likes you,” Westley said in all seriousness.

“I’ll keep that in mind. But you must understand that it’s you that I like. It’s you that I love. You have to trust me when I tell you that Austin is just a friend. Anyhow, you can’t forbid me to have any male friends just because we are married. That will be so unfair to me, Westley,” Gabriel said as she looked at her husband in the eye.

She so loved Westley but he should know that she couldn’t give up friendships because he was jealous.

She wasn’t willing to sever her ties from her past. This was the last thing she would have wanted.

Westley gently cupped his wife’s face in his hands. He smiled at her sheepishly. He couldn’t help it. She said the very words he wanted to hear. It was him-only him, that she liked and loved.

Those were the words that always smoothened Westley’s ruffled feathers.

She was his wife, his alone. This made him happy.

“I don’t want you to cut ties with your friends. I’ll even let you be friends with men. But they are not allowed to have a crush on you,” he said. 2

He looked pleased with himself.

“You ‘really have nothing to worry about. I am not bewitchingly beautiful. How can every man I meet be attracted to me, much more make them chase after me?” Gabrielle was now laughing.

Truly, beauty was in the eye of the beholder. She would always be the most beautiful woman in Westley’s eye, but not in other men’s eyes.

“Gabrielle, oh, you silly girl! You are so beautiful. You just don’t know it. And that’s what makes you even more charming,” Westley told her and he pinched her cheeks.

“You’re saying those words because I am your wife.” Gabrielle chided Westley. She wouldn’t believe what he just told her. She remembered the time when Bryce would scare men who gave her gifts. So even if they found her beautiful, they’d rather stay away from her. Soon, no one was calling on her. This made her think she was vexatious.

“So there’s Austin, there’s also Lance, and Micheal. Aren’t those three admirers enough to convince you that you have beauty and charm? And remember the most important thing of all-you are my wife and the woman I love.” Westley leaned over to kiss her on the lips. 2

Gabrielle’s heart fluttered upon hearing her husband’s words.   “If you keep praising me like this, I will start to believe that I am really beautiful.” She was laughing like a giggly teenage girl. Only when she had contained herself did she continue to eat her breakfast.

She thought that Westley was getting the knack of praising her.

If he kept on showering her with such praises, they might get on her head. Soon, she might not know what she really was.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I know the real you. You’ll not get complacent nor be insolently proud about your looks. But for now, I want you to eat well.” Westley took a slice of bread and spread jam on one side before giving it to her.

“Oh, thank you!”

“You really don’t have to thank for everything that I do for you. We are a couple.

  • Husbands and wives do these things for each other,” said Westley, smiling lovingly at his wife. 1

“Westley, would you want to know what I’ve told Austin?” asked Gabrielle. She really wanted to know what he thought about her conversation with Austin.

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