Lock You In My Heart Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Having Kids

Late Bonnie had no idea what had really happened between Gabrielle and those two people in the forest. So, she didn’t say anything more.

What they had to do now was to wait for the investigation results first.

If Rose and Doctor Maniac were judged to be really dangerous, she would persuade Gabrielle not to let them stay by her side any longer.

She knew that Rose and Doctor Maniac needed to be in some place safe, but it didn’t have to be Antawood where Gabrielle was. Of course, she would offer some help since the Campbell Family had a lot of oversea branches. They could easily find a place for Rose and Doctor Maniac to hide for a while.

Anyway, she would wait to suggest and persuade until the results came out. “Let’s wait for the results. After all, they have helped Gabrielle. I believe in Gabrielle’s judgment. They shouldn’t be bad people despite how it looks like.” Westley spoke as he held Gabrielle in his arms.

“Humans are complicated beings. We will have to observe for some time. They might have done bad things before, but they really seem to consider Gabrielle as their friends.” Remy also agreed with Westley’s statement and was willing to believe that Rose and Doctor Maniac did not have bad characters.

After all, he had interacted with Doctor Maniac for days. From what he learned about him in professional perspective, he seemed to be a nice person.

Thus, his judgment about Doctor Maniac wasn’t so bad.

As for Rose, although he hadn’t talked to her yet, he thought she should be also good. After all, she saved Gabrielle while risking her life.

In this world, that kind of person was so rare.

“Well, I agree with Remy. Everyone can be both good and bad. Just look at us, everyone thinks the Campbell Family is terrifying, but there are some members who are gentle and considerate towards family and friends, just like me.” Bonnie made herself as an example as she explained.

In this world, everyone lived with masks on.

There was no one who was perfect and flawless. Human beings who had emotions were complicated. Everyone was different, and even the most evil people had some good in them despite them accepting to hold onto it or not.

“Right. It’s up to Gabrielle to decide. They are her friends nonetheless,” Wilson said as he also agreed with Bonnie.

He was also aware about the nature of the people.


They themselves were the best examples. They never tried to explain or refute about the rumors and scandals they were being entitled upon. They never bothered to show up in public in order to clean their name.

Because the Campbell Family already didn’t have a good public reputation. There was no use changing it.

They didn’t need to explain to the public because they knew well who they really were and that was what mattered.

“Bonnie, Wilson, I know you care about me and I am so grateful for it. We should talk about it after the investigation results come out. By then, you will see that they won’t hurt me. We are friends,” Gabrielle firmly said with a determined expression on her face. It was obvious that she trusted them very much.

She also knew that Bonnie and Wilson were saying these words for the sake of herself.

“Alright. Gabrielle has her own judgment and I believe in it. Moreover, Westley will always be there to protect her, so we have nothing to worry about.” Bonnie had said what she should say as Gabrielle’s sister-in-law. She was aware that she shouldn’t meddle too much in it.

After all, it was Gabrielle and Westley’s business. They knew what to do and what was the best for them. It was all up to them to decide.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Let’s go to bed. We have to leave tomorrow early morning.” Wilson stood up and took Bonnie’s hand to take her to the bedroom with him.

“Yeah, it’s pretty late now. I think you will still be sleeping when we leave in the early morning. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t see us when you get up. It’s best if we say goodbye here. Let’s hang out after you are recovered, Gabrielle and Westley.” Bonnie looked at everyone and smiled.

“You are already leaving? But you have just been here for a day though.” Gabrielle felt a bit sad to hear their departure which was a bit too soon.

Since she didn’t have many relatives or friends here, she was really happy for the visit of Bonnie and Wilson. Now, they had to leave after staying here for only a day.

“Gabrielle, it’s because we have something to deal with tomorrow morning. We also want to stay with you for a few more days to catch up with you, but we can’t. Instead, when you recover, call us and we can hang out, okay?” Bonnie reassured once again before she reached out and hugged Gabrielle.

“Alright, Bonnie, I will. Be safe and have a great leisure time.” Hugging back wholeheartedly, Gabrielle patted on Bonnie’s back.

They had just gotten together, but they were about to separate before they could thoroughly enjoy the time together. She sniffed in sadness. Laughing, Bonnie said, “No worries. Without Tammy around, I am sure we will have a good time.”

Although Tammy was a lovely and obedient little girl, she was a kid. Parents would inevitably feel annoyed having kids around all the time. What was more, there was no privacy to enjoy the time as a couple together.

Ever since they had Tammy, Bonnie and Wilson hadn’t been alone for a long time. This time was their rare chance to finally spend some time together.

“Bonnie, you know, Tammy would be very sad to hear that,” Gabrielle retorted while giggling

That little girl was still waiting for her parents in Antawood while her mommy was here, all too happy to get rid of her for a moment.

“She will forgive us. We are going to bed now.” Holding Wilson’s hand, Bonnie went upstairs while waving goodbye towards Gabrielle.

Westley and Gabrielle also turned around to go back to their room. Westley reached out and held her hand with a smile which showed that he was in a good mood.

“Westley, you look happy,” Gabrielle stated suspiciously while squinting her eyes towards him.

“Of course I’m happy. I’m telling you, we can’t have a child so early like Bonnie and Wilson. I want to spend more time with you, only the two of us. So, before we decide to have kids, we should hang out more. Is there anywhere you want to go, Gabrielle? How about we make up for our honeymoon as soon as possible?” Westley asked seriously.

Hearing this, Gabrielle was speechless. It turned out that Westley was in a good mood with the thought that they could enjoy some quality time together since they didn’t have a child yet.

Now that she thought about it, it was indeed true. Once a couple had kids, things would be different from then onwards. Even for the couples who were deeply in love with each other. having kids might distance them physically or emotionally

“Let’s wander around Thailand after we recover. I haven’t thought about where I want to go for honeymoon yet. I just want to finish my training classes and graduate for now.” Gabrielle spoke out her own plan.

Westley appreciated that his wife was such an independent woman who had her own ambitions. However, he was slightly sad because it seemed that he was not included in her plan.

“Gabrielle, I understand your intention, but don’t you love me more? Don’t you want to spend our honeymoon with me as fast as we can?” Westley asked, his tone a bit jealous and had a hint of grievance.

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