Lock You In My Heart Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Time Bomb

When they arrived at the villa where Doctor Maniac and Rose were staying in, Doctor Manic was reading a medical book in the living room after having dinner.

He wasn’t surprised at all when he saw the five people coming in. In a very calm voice, he greeted, “You guys are here.”

“Yeah, we are here. How are you feeling, Doctor Manic?” Although he wasn’t surprised to see them, he was surprised seeing all of them holding roses of different colors in their hands. Gabrielle was holding a bouquet of roses as well as Westley, Remy and even Bonnie.

“Are you guys opening a flower shop or something? Why did you bring so many flowers here?” Of course, he was curious to know why they brought so many flowers.

“This is Wilson, my brother and this is Bonnie, my sister-in-law. They came here to visit you and Rose. Also, they are the ones who brought these flowers as a get-well soon gift.” Gabrielle briefly introduced Bonnie and Wilson. Obviously, she wasn’t stupid enough to tell Doctor Maniac about their connection with the Campbell Family.

Even though Doctor Maniac was on their side now, the less people knew about them, the better. 1

What was more, they had plenty of chances to tell Doctor Maniac in the future.

Heaving a slight sigh, Doctor Maniac said in a resigned tone, “Thank you so much, but this is too much.”

Putting the flowers aside, Gabrielle said, “It’s okay. The villa is big anyway. You can put them here as decoration. How are you feeling?”

She would ask someone to decorate them in the house later.

“It’s actually the same. I still need to recover for a while before starting the rehabilitation.” As a doctor, he knew very well about his wounds.

In fact, as he knew clearly about what kind of treatment he needed, he could even treat himself.

With him around, Remy didn’t have much work to do.

Pressing her lips into a thin line, Gabrielle said, “Then, don’t walk around too much. You should take more rest.”

In a low voice, Doctor Maniac agreed, “I will.”


Actually, he felt a bit weird as he wasn’t used to having so many people visit him.

When he was in the forest, there was no one who really cared about him. Therefore, he was used to being alone. 1

At that time, Bonnie said seriously, “Doctor Maniac, I can’t thank enough to you and Rose for saving Gabrielle. If you need anything, just tell us. We will try our best to help you.”

“Honestly, Mr. Morris saved me and Rose and technically, we didn’t really save Gabrielle. So, we still owe Mr. Morris.” Doctor Maniac was a righteous person.

He would only take the credit he deserved.

“Can we go and see Rose?” After seeing Doctor Maniac, Bonnie immediately figured out what kind of person he was. Therefore, she thought it would be great if he decided to work for Westley.

Nodding his head, Doctor Maniac said, “Of course.” Then, he led them the way in his wheelchair.

After visiting Rose, all of them went back to their villa. Before they came, only Gabrielle, Westley and Remy stayed here. Now that there were Wilson and Bonnie, it was even more fun.

Since the villa had three floors, there were enough rooms for all of them.

When they went back to the villa, it was still early and so, they sat and chatted in the living room.

Gabrielle made a pot of tea for them while Bonnie prepared some fruit.

Seeing that Gabrielle and Bonnie got along well with each other, Westley was happy. He had always hoped for everyone in the Morris family to love and care for Gabrielle.

Taking a sip of the coffee that Gabrielle handed him, Remy said, “I’ve been thinking about your coffee for a long time. You should become a barista in the future. If you open a café someday, I’m sure it’ll be popular.”

In fact, his words were not just flattering words. He really meant it from the bottom of his heart.

After all, he could still remember the unique taste of her coffee although it had been a long time.

With a smile on her face, Bonnie agreed, “You’re right. Actually, her cafe would still be popular simply because she is beautiful. Now, who wouldn’t like a beautiful girl who can brew good coffee?”

Giving Bonnie thumbs up, Remy agreed, “I agree with you.” 1

In a serious voice, Westley said, “Of course, it’s because she is my wife.” Then, he sat beside Gabrielle while putting his hand on her shoulder.

With a smile on her face, Gabrielle glanced at him and handed him a cup of coffee while saying, “Do you want to have some?”

Immediately, Westley took it with the other hand as he said, “Of course. You, my wife, are the one who made it after all.”

Obviously, Westley was flattering Gabrielle, but it was working very well on her.

After taking another sip of the coffee, Bonnie asked, “Gabrielle, are you really going to take them back to Antawood?”

Of course, Gabrielle knew exactly that she was talking about Rose and Doctor Maniac.

Nodding her head, Gabrielle replied, “Yes, even though they worked for Bain in the past, they betrayed him and got injured because of me. Obviously, they can’t go back to the forest anymore. So, we have to take them back.” Judging from the expression on Bonnie’s face, Gabrielle knew that she had something to say.

Therefore, Gabrielle looked at her and asked, “What is it that you want to say, Bonnie?”

Turning to look at Westley, Bonnie asked seriously, “Westley, do you know who they are? In the past few years, Bain has recruited many criminals with complicated backgrounds. I really don’t mean to speak ill of Rose and Doctor Maniac, but I’m just worried because we don’t want a time bomb around Gabrielle.”

Of course, Westley knew that Bonnie was worried about Gabrielle.

As their backgrounds were indeed complicated, it would take some time to find out about them. Therefore, Westley decided to tell them the truth. “I’ve been investigating about them for a while, but I haven’t found anything yet.”

“Don’t worry too much about that. I will help you with it.” After saying that, Bonnie glanced at Wilson and he understood what his wife meant.

Bonnie was asking him to tell someone to investigate Rose and Doctor Maniac. After all, both of them worked for Bain before which meant they couldn’t be ordinary people. In truth, Bonnie simply didn’t want any danger around Gabrielle.

Immediately, Wilson took over the task as he reassured, “Honey, I’ll ask someone to look into it.”

Licking her lips nervously, Bonnie asked, “Gabrielle, if, I mean… If the results turn out that they aren’t good and they are dangerous, what will you do? Will you still take them back to Antawood?” Well, Bonnie wanted them to be prepared for everything.

Taking a deep breath, Gabrielle insisted, “Bonnie… We all know that Rose and Doctor Maniac have already betrayed Bain which means they can’t go back there anymore. Even if I don’t let them stay by my side, we still have to take them back because they need to be somewhere safe.”

Without saying anything, Bonnie glanced at Gabrielle. 2

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