Lock You In My Heart Chapter 507

Chapter 507

Gabrielle grew more restless as she put more thoughts into it. She couldn’t help but think about the worst case scenario.

“Gabrielle, it’s only between the Campbell Family and Bain now. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t worry about it. Just focus on taking care of yourself and living a happy life with Westley.” Bonnie gave her a pat on the back to comfort her. She knew exactly what Gabrielle was worried about.

“But Bonnie… Everything happened because of me. How could you say that it has nothing to do with me?” Gabrielle anxiously asked.

It all started because of her. She knew it in her heart. That was why she couldn’t convince herself that she had nothing to do with it. Gabrielle was not the kind of person to run away from her responsibilities.

“I know what’s going on in that pretty little mind of yours. However, it’s the Campbell Family’s business now. Don’t worry about it. We’ll handle everything,” Bonnie reassured her. She did not want Gabrielle to feel like a burden.

“Bain and the Campbell Family have been sworn enemies for years now. Sooner or later, a fight between us will break out even if this didn’t happen. Besides, we should be thanking you. We can take this opportunity to settle the matters we’ve had before.” What Bonnie said was true.

There had always been a grudge between Bain and the Campbell Family. Despite that, the two parties never offended each other so bad things weren’t unraveled at all.

Bain’s resentment towards the Campbell Family never disappeared. He had orchestrated countless ploys to sabotage their business. Definitely, the Campbell Family would not let him go that easily.

What happened gave them a reasonable excuse.

“Bonnie… If this thing explodes, will there be death?” Gabrielle asked. This was what she was worried about.

It was the reason why Westley sneaked into the forest by himself. He didn’t want to hurt innocent people.

“Don’t worry about it. We don’t mean to hurt people. However, sometimes, it’s inevitable. But we do our best not to.” Bonnie knew what was running in Gabrielle’s mind. After all, Gabrielle wasn’t from the Campbell Family. She had never witnessed such horror. Gabrielle wouldn’t understand.

“I see. I’ll leave you to it then.” Gabrielle was a sensible person. Now that Bonnie had clarified that it was the Campbell Family’s business, Gabrielle had decided not to get into the middle of it anymore. On top of that, with Bonnie and Wilson taking control, everything would be fine.

Gabrielle couldn’t help bu wonder if the Campbell Family’s intervention was planned from the very beginning. Maybe it was an excluse,” Gabrielle thought. I’m done ring flowers. Have you finished?”

B e u with a smile as she gazed at Gabrielle. I’m the.” Gabrielle picked out roses of ho t was quite simple.


Alright, let’s go. I’I have someone try uon for us.” Bonnie held her hand as they walked out. The bodyguards outside the wine tasked to carry the flowers. Gabrielle was a little

the sight if two tall and strong bodyguards donning a black outfit. Everybody in the Campbell Family e n trained well. “Gabrielle hustley often send you flowers?” Bonnissked.

sy affectio na Gabrielle smiled as she walked town Westley’s car. Hastily, Westley got out of the car to open the door for her. “Gabrielle, what flowers did you get?” “Roses,” Gabrielle replied.

This is for you.” Westley sat down. Out of nowhere, a red rose appeared in his hands and he handed it to Gabrielle.


“Is this for me?” Gabrielle asked, taken aback. “Where did you get it?” She was in utter surprise. Not too long ago, she told Bonnie that Westley did not have a romantic bone in his body. And now, suddenly, he handed her a red rose.

She was shocked by the fact that Westley could be romantic sometimes.

The red rose was but a small gift. However, it was enough for her to know that he tried.

“I asked the shop assistant to bring it to me when you were picking flowers in the shop. I wanted to give it to you as a present. I love you. I will always stay by your side,” Westley affectionately said.

‘I love you. I will always stay by your side,’

Gabrielle couldn’t help herself from repeating his words in her mind. It was so romantic.

“Westley… Where did you learn to say such things?” Gabrielle inhaled the sweet scent of the rose.

She had held a lot of roses in her lifetime but to her, this one smelled the best because it was a gift from Westley.

It did not matter what the gift was, as long as it was given to her by the man she loved, Gabrielle would definitely adore it.

“Why do I have to learn it? When I met you, it came naturally.” It was undeniable that Westley was incredibly good at flirting.

Gabrielle couldn’t keep her emotions to herself anymore. It was as if her buried feelings burst from her chest. She held the

rose tightly as a joyfun mile crossed her lips. Do you hav umething to give me in return?” West 2 d. “Hm W hat do you want?” Gabrielle returned aze, pretending not to have any idea about what he was insinuating. “Are you trying to play dumb? If you lonco estand, let me show you.” Westley lowered his head and claimed her lips. “Stop! We’re not alone here!” a claimed. Her cheeks were painted rose as she gently punched his broad chest in protest. The Campbell

F a ru was driving the car. Making out in front of a complete stranger put her in great shame. Gabrielle h been timid when it came to intimacy EG more so when there were other people around.

a couple. I’m sure they wouldn’t mir ou don’t have to feel embarrassed.” Westley was calm as he y held Gabrielle into a tight embrace “Westley, stop it!” Gabrielle seriously warned. Despite being a married couple, Gabrielle wasn’t comfortable with public display of affection. The most she could do was hold hands or hug. “Hmm… Alright, whatever you want. I can wait until we get back,” Westley whispered in her ear. The moment he finished his sentence, Gabrielle threw him a punch. Her face was so red that it looked as if it was going to explode. Despite her powerful punch, Westley felt no pain at all.

Westley! If you don’t stop, I’ll never talk to you again!” Gabrielle threw him a deathly glare. “Alright, alright. I’m going to stop it.” Westley’s face was adorned with a smile as he gently held her in his arms.


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