Lock You In My Heart Chapter 506

Chapter 506

Westley carried Gabrielle back to the dining room. Remy was already there and he was chatting with Bonnie and Wilson. They stopped talking when they saw Westley come in with Gabrielle in his arms.

Gabrielle went red in the face. She didn’t know what to say.

“Remy, Bonnie, Wilson! I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting,” Gabrielle said apologetically.

“You don’t have to apologize, really. We got here earlier than you two. I just thought you’d be here a bit later. Gabrielle looks happier now. She would enjoy it here. Bring her to the seaside more often,” Bonnie said earnestly.

In spite of the faint smile that Gabrielle wore, her happiness could still be gleaned from her face.

“Thank you, Bonnie, but it’s okay. It’s still a long way from here.” Gabrielle didn’t want to cause any trouble for the Campbell family.

“It is still important to be careful.” Bonnie nodded. She understood what Gabrielle meant.

“Remy, did you check on Rose and Doctor Maniac? I just want to know how Rose is doing,” Gabrielle said, looking at Remy anxiously.

She knew how seriously Rose had been injured. She had been in a coma since that fateful day.

But in her heart, she knew that Rose would wake up soon. It might take some time but she would recover from her injuries. Doctor Maniac was taking care of her. He had promised that he’d give his best efforts to cure her.

“It looks like Rose is getting better. Thanks to Doctor Maniac. He is one of the best doctors I have known. And I see that his treatment technique is rather unique. I am impressed. So I am also confident that Rose would come out of her coma sooner than we all expect her to do.” Remy could say that because he had been assisting Doctor Maniac all this time.

That Remy could speak highly of Doctor Maniac surprised Gabrielle. It also gave her more reasons to believe that he was the right person for the job. He could ch a ne. Gabrielle could feel it. “Rencouldn’t believe what I’m hearing from ou rarely express your admiration for people but here you are, prising Doctor Maniac for doing his job , I, too, believe that Rose will come around soon.” Gabriel was ecstatic.

After all, good things had beer or one after another. Everything was going smoothly now.

That’s true. Look at you ye ey. You’re both doing well already. You can go out and do outdoor activities. And that’s good, especially for Buea very.” Remy was speaking as the doctor in him. We appre ing that from you. We’ll follow your advice Din y , Gabrielle. Let’s have our dinner before ou introduce us to your friends.” Bonnie looked at Wilson. Larse, they were the ones who saved G ane. We should meet them and thank them personally.” Wilson agreed. “Okay, we’ll do that.” Bonnie was feeling creery.

“Gabrielle, I wonder what your two friends like. We can bring them a gift.” It would be the right thing to do since this was the first time they were meeting them. “It’s okay, Bonnie. You don’t have to bring anything. They are my friends. And I don’t think they need anything right now. Doctor Maniac is in a wheelchair because he injured his legs. Rose, well … she’s in a c oma,” Gabrielle told Bonnie.



She didn’t think they needed anything since they were both injured.

“Okay, I’ll prepare gifts for them the next we meet them. I hope that by that time, they have already recovered. But now, I can bring them some food and flowers. We can’t see them bearing nothing at all,” Bonnie insisted.

“Of course, Bonnie. That will be nice,” Gabrielle said, nodding and smiling at Bonnie.

“So we’re agreed that we bring them flowers and food. After dinner, we’ll go to the nearest flower shop and supermarket,” Bonnie said.

After dinner, they went to the supermarket first and then to the flower shop.

Bonnie and Gabrielle went inside the flower shop. The men chose to stay in the car.

“Gabrielle, what flowers do you think they will like?” Bonnie asked. There was a wide array of flowers to choose from. She wanted to pick the flowers carefully.

“I’m sorry, Bonnie. I really don’t know much about their preferences. I have only spent a few days with them in the forest. I feel very guilty for what happened to them. They were hurt because of me,” Gabrielle said while looking at the roses in front of her.


She thought Rose would love roses. All women do. And she was named after these flowers. Yes, she told herself, she would love the roses

“Gabrielle, th saved you because they wanted to d l ou don’t have to feel guilty about it. I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to that way, too.” Bonnie saw the sunflo er one liked what the sunflowers symbolized—a thriving life. So she ped two of those. “I know but I just can’t help the th Throw that they saved me because they cared about me. They will be among my friends for life.” Gabrielle che e r a red, pink, white, and green roses. Gabrielle, do your fam o ses?” Bonnie asked when she saw the multi-colored roses in Gabrielle’s hands. “One of them whose. I suppose she likes roses. I’II gs Olandful of each color for her. I think she’ll like them.” Gabriella eu to Bonnie.

as sense.” Bonnie gave the bunch of flers she had chosen to the shop assistant. She then turned around to piccome more flowers to bring back to the la. She decided on simple yet elegant-looking ones. As a Campbell, she had been a witness to fighting and killing since she was a child. And yet, like a Campbell woman, she had loved being

surrounded by beautiful things. “Gabrielle, the Campbell family is already involved in this imbroglio. It is also our problem now,” Bonnie said in a quiet but firm voice. She wanted Gabrielle to know that her family would protect her come what may. They would handle things as needed. “Bonnie, how are things in the forest?” Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel something big—and bad—was about to happen. “As far as I know, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll see to it that Bain pays for hurting our men,” Bonnie said. This time, her tone was cold and calculating. Gabrielle shuddered. While Bonnie was always gentle and calm in front of her, she knew that she could be frightening when she had to be.

It had been quiet, unusually quiet, in the past days. It felt that this calmness presaged trouble.

A storm was brewing.


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