Lock You In My Heart Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Gabrielle already felt like she were friends with Melissa the first time they met. She liked her a lot. Even though Melissa had made it to the top of the industry, she wasn’t arrogant at all.

Instead, she was very easy-going, making Gabrielle admire her all the more.

“Are you here by yourself, Ms. Glyn?” Gabrielle asked curiously.

“No, I came here with my team yesterday after we finished a meeting with our customer. I decided to stay by the seaside for a few days. I didn’t expect to run into you here, Gabrielle.” Melissa tightly held Gabrielle’s hand and smiled.

“Neither did I, Ms. Glyn. In that case… can I invite you to dinner?” Gabrielle offered excitedly.

“How long will you be staying here?” Melissa took a quick glance at Westley, who was standing a few meters away from them.

Because of the history between the Walker and Morris family, Melissa understood why Westley was aloof towards her.

But she really liked Gabrielle, the daughter-in-law of the Morris family. They got along quite well, like mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter?

She thought of the bitter past. If nothing had happened to her daughter, she would be the same age as Gabrielle now.

Sadly, there was still no news about her daughter’s whereabouts. The Walker family had already given up searching for her a long time ago.

“We planned on staying for a few days as well, Ms. Glyn. We never got to go on a honeymoon after we got married. So this time, we thought we could do it in Thailand,” Gabrielle explained.

She didn’t want to lie to Melissa, but she couldn’t reveal the real reason why they were in Bangkok either.

“I see. There’s going to be a jewelry exhibition coming up, Gabrielle. I’m an invited guest. Do you want to come with me?” Melissa asked.

Gabrielle was ecstatic about the invitation. “Really, Ms. Glyn? Can I?” Gabrielle couldn’t costain herself. It was a great opportun i dents like her. She wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to keep learnir fout jewelry design. If Molsa was invited to be there, it meant that ti nibition was going to be spectacular. Newcomers wouldn’t usually be able to pate in such grand events. The qualifications to get invited were really strict. ‘Of course. I’m really happy


today. It’s not just a coincidence you’re also here. It was meant to be. So, will you come?” Melissa asked o m “Of course, Ms. Cy n t to go with you. Thank you for giving re this chance.” Gabrielle hugged Melissa tightly. “Don’t than i r . It was God who gave you this charse want you to have fun and learn a lot at the exhibition, alrick De very helpful to you.” Melissa chucklently, patting her on the back.

u rely thank you, Ms. Glyn. I will learn a uch as I can and I won’t fail you.” Gabrielle promised. Do it for yourself, my dear. Do what you love most. You don’t need any validation from me. I only wish the best for you.” Melissa cheered her on. Gabrielle was smiling happily like a child. This was the reason why Melissa liked Gabrielle so much. She was simple and pure. Her passion for jewelry design was admirab

e and she was diligent and hardworking. Melissa saw the potential in Gabrielle and believed she could just be the future of the jewelry design industry. Every time she would look at Gabrielle, it reminded her of her old self. Her enthusiasm for jewelry design and eagerness to learn.


“Thank you for your kind words, Ms. Glyn. I can’t wait for the exhibition!” Gabrielle was overjoyed.

“Me too, Gabrielle. I’ll send you my hotel’s address and the exact time of the exhibition. You can come and find me and then we’ll go together,” Melissa said.

“Okay, Ms. Glyn.”

“You go ahead now, Gabrielle. Mr. Morris has been waiting long enough. You said you came to make up for your honeymoon, so I won’t disturb you two anymore. I hope you both have a good time.” Melissa bade good bye.

“Thank you, Ms. Glyn. I’ll excuse myself now.” Gabrielle also didn’t want to make Westley wait.


Gabrielle ran back to Westley immediately. She looked so blissful.

“Are you happy to see Ms. Glyn?” Westley asked, pinching her cheeks.

He was happy to see them get along so well.

Despite the fact that the Walker family and Morris family weren’t on good terms, Gabrielle and Melissa’s relationship remained unaffected. It was also a good thing that they were teacher and student.

“Absolutely! Ms. Glyn told me something amazing.” Gabrielle jumped towards Westley and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Hmm? What is it? I’m curious.” Westley smiled and held her waist so she wouldn’t fall down. “You can guess.” Saorielle met his eyes and smiled misch


h o u look, it must have something to in the jewelry, right?” Westley chuckled. Gah ble majored in jewelry design. She’ dan e nse passion for creation. She had always been interested in jewelry and always felt happy designing them. She wasn’t fond of wearing in aking designs was something that sparked joy in her heart. “As expected of my harte ou know me so well. That’s right, there’s going to be a big jewelry exhibition here in a few days. Ms. Glyn in it to come with her. Isn’t that great news?” There were stars in Gabrielle’s eyes.

That’s ore o uld really go.” Gabrielle was so thrilled, vestley clutched her tightly.

I’d come. It feels like a dream.” Gahil was so gleeful that she suddenly held Westley’s cheeks towards h o gave him a big kiss.

Westley did not expect the surprise kiss from Gabrielle. He had to thank Melissa’s invitation for it. “Well, would you like me to give you a ride there?” Westley asked.

“It’s okay. Ms. Glyn told me to look for her in the hotel she’s staying at. She will take me there personally.” Gabrielle explained. She was on cloud nine. “Alright. Shall we go back for dinner now?” Westley cupped her chin. “Yes, let’s go back. I’m so happy I could eat lots!” Gabrielle kissed him again. “Let’s go.” Westley held Gabrielle in his arms and walked back. “It feels surreal… I never thought I would see Ms. Glyn here. And now, I can attend the jewelry exhibition. It’s unbelievable.” Gabrielle leaned closer to his neck and closed her eyes.


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