Lock You In My Heart Chapter 503

Chapter 503

Bonnie led Gabrielle to the swing in the yard, and they chatted under the sun.

“Bonnie, does Wilson know how to c**k?” Gabrielle asked worriedly.

Westley was a capable c**k, which she had acknowledged herself.

Every time they were here, Westley would be the one to c**k three meals a day. Even though he was injured, it didn’t hinder him from cooking for Gabrielle.

Besides, he was willing to do anything for her.

“Your brother is a good c**k. You know, I started to like him because of his cooking!” Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh when she mentioned the story.

Upon hearing this, Gabrielle looked at her in disbelief. In Gabrielle’s heart, a big boss like Wilson shouldn’t be the one slaving away in a kitchen.

“You can’t believe it, can you? Trust me, I couldn’t, either. When I met your brother, he was a top student at Harvard University. I met him at a party. He may look amiable, but he’s always so standoffish and aloof. He was one of the top students in the university, and he had a good family background. Many women fell head over heels for him, but they were too scared to even approach him. Even those who had the guts to talk to him ended up getting rejected. Then, one day, I asked him out for a drink. I thought he would reject me right away, but to my surprise, he accepted.” Bonnie had never told anyone about her and Wilson’s love story.

In the past, there was nobody she could share this story with. She was the Campbell Family’s eldest daughter. Though few people outside knew her true identity, she had to be cautious about who she acquainted herself with, so it was hard for her to make friends. She didn’t even have a single friend to talk to.

Now, she had Gabrielle. Since they were in-laws now, Bonnie was happy to tell Gabrielle some stories about her past.

“You’re so brave, Bonnie! Maybe Wilson didn’t reject you, because you’re his type,” Gabrielle remarked with curiosity.

“Perhaps you’re right, Gabrielle. It took me a long time to find out that Wilson noticed me before I even paid attention to him. But my identity was a mystery, so I think that’s why he was very cautious around me. He only went to the party, for he knew that I’d be there. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to the party. He always hated parties.” While she was speaking, Bonnie broke into laughter. She thought that Wilson was adorable and was quite good at hiding his feelings at the time.

She wondered if Wilson would keep his love for her a secret for the rest of his life if she didn’t like him back. Perhaps we could’vEmissed out on each other if that has led,” she remarked inwardly. “Ah, Wilson is a reserved man, I see!” Gabrielle’ s well. It really surprised her that the big shot Wilson had a soft side was indeed adorable. Inner opinion, Wilson shouldn’t be on Reserved? Well, maybe at F guess he wouldn’t take action if he’s not sure of something. Later on, he found out that I also had a crus. in so he pursued me fervently!” Bonnie covered her mouth while laughing.

That’s his style.” vie was amused of how Wilson behaved, which was how the men of the Morris family normally behaved. onne et was clear, they would take action and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. I as the nature of the Morris family. The Lure decisive, quick, and precise!

“A few days later, I caught a cold and felt uncomfortable lying on bed in my apartment. He took time off his hands to visit me, and he said that he wished to take care of me. At the time, I thought that a rich young man would refuse to enter a


kitchen, but I was surprised that he p ersonally cooked porridge an entire feast of dishes for me. I ate so much that day and was very satisfied! That was when he and I formally got together,” Bonnie happily narrated. “If you want to win a person’s heart, you first have to win that person’s stomach. That’s how it went down between you and Wilson, huh?” Gabrielle asked seriously. Upon hearing her say that, Bonnie smiled. “That’s right! Though I had fallen in love with him and even thought of marrying him in the future, I only made the decision during that meal. If a man is willing to c**k for a woman, he’ll definitely be a good husband in the future!” Gabrielle completely agreed with Bonnie. The two brothers of the Morris family were similar with regards to this characteristic.


“I think Westley is the same. I’m sure you’ll be happy to have him around, Gabrielle,” Bonnie responded, looking into Gabrielle’s eyes.

“I believe I will be.” Gabrielle was in agreement with her. She knew how good it was to have Westley around.

After brothers of the Morris family finished preparing lunch together, they soon invited their wives to sit down at the dining table.

“Gabrielle, you shouldn’t eat spicy food. But you can eat anything else.” Westley pulled out a chair for Gabrielle.

There was no seafood available for lunch, but there were various options of spicy curry, because Bonnie loved eating them.

“It’s okay! I don’t eat that much. I just want Wilson and Bonnie to eat happily today.” Food wasn’t that important for Gabrielle. She was just really happy that she got to see her family.

“You’re so considerate, Gabrielle. But we should’ve prepared some lighter foods today. Both Gabrielle and Westley got injured. Spicy food could hinder their wounds from healing.” Bonnie picked up some light vegetables for Gabrielle while glancing over at Wilson.

He was the eldest sibling, so he should be the one to take responsibility for what was wrongly arranged.

Moreover, his wife just criticized him, and there was no reason to refuse.

“Got it. I’ll be more careful next time. I was too focused on having your favorite food prepared today.” Wilson wholeheartedly accoled his wife’s criticism. “Don’t be mo Wilson, Bonnie. It’s all good. We ca e auttle spicy food. Besides, we’ve been eating light foods for so many , so we’re not that picky about food a rre. Gabrielle immediately consoled Bonnie to prevent her from

ung with Wilson any further. This was alarming. She really h a vison and Bonnie would avoid arguing with each other. “Gabrielle, there’s no ner tv Your brother and I never quarrel.” Bonnie smiled. “I know that. You and w on are madly in love, so I doubt you two ever fight!” Gabrielle smiled back at her. “Well, sinc e ady here, how about we have dinner bebe seaside tonight?” Bonnie suggested. Gabo l to live in a village outside the forest nad lived her ever since she came to the city. Although the scenery

a incredible and she had a great view sea from the swimming pool, she felt cooped up here. Thus, when Bonnie invited her out for din 1, she immediately wanted to agree. “Shall we go, Westley?” Gabrielle looked at Westley expectantly. Her doe eyes were brimming with expectation. ‘Oh, how I wish to go to the seaside right now!’ she thought to herself. “Do you want to go?” Truthfully, there was no need for him to ask her if she wanted to go, for she was raring to go. ‘Yes, I do!” she answered at once. “Sure, let’s have dinner outside together tonight,” Westley replied with a smirk. “Great!” Gabrielle was as happy as a clam.


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