Lock You In My Heart Chapter 502

Chapter 502

On the second day, Wilson and Bonnie came to meet with Westley and Gabrielle. In fact, they arrived at Bangkok three days ago. Even though they wanted to visit them sooner, they had to go directly to the branch office of the Campbell Family in here to deal with some business.

This time, they mainly travelled here in order to deal with the business of the branch company as well as to see how Gabrielle and others were doing.

Seeing that Gabrielle and Westley were healed and happier, the two of them felt relieved.

Gabrielle gasped in surprise once she saw them. “Wilson, Bonnie? What brings you here?” At the sight of them, Gabrielle was so happy that she ran forward to hug Bonnie excitedly.

“We come here to deal with the business of the branch company here. We know you two are both injured. So, after we finished work, Wilson and I directly come over to see how you both are doing,” Bonnie explained softly with a smile on her face.

In fact, Wilson had told Westley about their arrival before they came here. However, Westley didn’t tell Gabrielle on purpose since he wanted to give her a pleasant surprise.

As expected, Gabrielle was overjoyed to see Bonnie to the extent that the joy on her face had never faded since they arrived here.

“Well, are you done with dealing with the work here?” Gabrielle asked as she looked at Bonnie happily.

“Yes, we have already finished. Actually, we have been in Bangkok for three days.” Bonnie smiled before scanning Gabrielle from head to toe with a look of concern on her face.

“Gabrielle, Westley, we are very glad to know that you two are much better now. I was so worried about you when I saw the pictures of your injuries before. I have been planning to come and see you long ago.” Bonnie let out a relieved breath, holding Gabrielle’s hand.

Seeing the photos of Gabrielle and Westley being hurt, Bonnie felt very anxious and worried. She had always considered Gabrielle as her sister from the bottom of her heart. How could she not feel sorry for Gabrielle when she saw the state she was in at that time?

Now, since she saw that they were almost recovered, she could rest assured now.


“Bonnie, we’re fine now and it’s all because of you. Thank you for sending Campbell Family’s men for help. Otherwise, don’t dare to imagine wat would have happened to West m e.” Even now, Gabrielle was reluctant to recall the events at that . Those memories still made her fe har over her body. Bonnie inforted Gabrielle, “You don’t need to r me for things like this. Didn’t I say that we are a family? Naturally,

ousiness is our business. Now that here, you should have a good rest here. Since this is the territory of the Campbell Family, no one dares ton etule here.” “Thanks for everything, Bon w that this is not a good time for us to go back home like this. Grandma will be scared if she sees the state


By the way, where is Tammy?” Gabrielle looked behind Wilson and Bonnie, but didn’t see Tammy. She cou s feeling curious why Tammy didn’t com along with them.

Tammy home in Antawood. Since we mainly come here for work, it’s not convenient to take her with us.

i t want her to be known by too many pie, you know,” Bonnie explained. Gait le was quick-witted and so, she imm Hotely understood what Bonnie meant. After all, the Campbell Family had too many enemies, and Tammy was a descenuent of the family, which meant the less she was known to others, the safer she would be.

“I understand it’s for the sake of Tammy’s safety. You are doing the right thing. After all, she’s still young and she should be well-protected. You made the right decision to let her stay in Antawood.” Gabrielle expressed her understanding. “Right. We took time to carefully think about this arrangement for her.” Bonnie chuckled. “But I really miss Tammy. It’s been a while since I met her.” Gabrielle pouted. She liked this little niece of hers very much as she was so cute and lovely.

Tammy also misses you, too. Before we came here, she asked me where you guys are and why you don’t come to play with her. She even asked pitifully if she hasn’t been obedient enough.” Speaking of this, Bonnie couldn’t help laughing at her daughter’s silliness. Her laugh gave off the tenderness of a mother. “Oh, poor baby. We must bring a gift to Tammy when we go back and make it up to her.” Gabrielle coul dn’t wait to go back as she wanted to see Tammy so bad. Bonnie laughed and agreed. “That’s a must. But you’d better have a good rest these days. You need to recover first so that You can go back earlier. Wilson and I have also decided to stay here for a few more days. During these times, whenever | came to the branch company, I never had the chance to properly wander and enjoy the city. Now that Wilson is also here with me, I will wander around with him for a few more days. Maybe if you recover soon, we can even go back together.”


Even though she had been here several times before, she didn’t tour around that much. After all, what mattered to her was the person whom she was travelling with.

As long as she was with Wilson, Bonnie was willing to travel with him no matter where the destination was.

Because that was enough to make her content and happy.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Since you and Wilson tend to be very busy usually, you seldom have the chance to go out like this, right? It’s nice that you thought to take this rare opportunity to have fun in Thailand. What’s more, there is no Tammy as a third wheel here.” Gabrielle supported with a naughty grin on her face.

“I know right? That’s exactly what I think, too! We should take advantage of the time when Tammy is not with us to enjoy this trip.” Bonnie couldn’t help reminiscing about the time she and Wilson used to travel around when she was dating him.

After getting married, there was no more opportunity to travel together like that since Wilson officially joined the Campbell Family and became the vice manager.

It was such a rare chance that they happened to be in a beautiful country like Thailand. What was more, they had enough time to thoroughly enjoy each other’s presence. It would be a pity to let this kind of opportunity go to waste.

“Have a great time with Wilson,” Gabrielle bid them her good wish in advance with a wink of her eye.

Bonnie laughed quietly. “Thank you, Gabrielle. By the way, how about you and Westley join us?” She invited them sincerely.

The more people there were, the livelier it would be. If they went to play together as double dates, how fun would that be?

Besides, Gabrielle and Westley were practically her family. So it wouldn’t be inappropriate for them to go together. Gabrielle chuckled dou said, “It’s okay. Bonnie, we’d better the third wheel and disturb your good time with Wilson here. We aleave to rest here and recover. Oh and are two other friends of us here. So, you can just come to us after Wavel around the city with Wilson.” Of Ue, Gabrielle politely refused the invitation. See knew that it was a rare opportunity he and Wilson to have a trip like this where they could spend time with each other. If Westley and she ic hen, it would be as if they were inconsiderate. Besides, Westley and sha h rounds on their bodies, so it was not convenient for them to go out like this. “Okay then. We can mowhere together after you get better.” Bonnie nodded. After all, wi e sidual wounds on Gabrielle’s face, sheqight not have a good time even if she went out. Wall

you when we feel better in a few daycer all, we’re here. It would be a pity if we don’t walk around the C au nielle promised. Thailand was a country of which the beau” and charm were prominent and popular among South East Asia countries. Its scenery and culture were known to be very unique and interesting with the abundant amount of delicious food. Many people even had to come to Thailand for a visit. What a pity would that be if they didn’t go out for sightseeing when they were already in here. “Okay, let’s do that. Focus on your recovery first. Then, we can travel together.” Bonnie cheerfully encouraged with a look of expectant in her eyes.

We will do so. Make sure you have all good destinations in mind so that you and Wilson can enjoy the city thoroughly. We will join you two later,” Gabrielle said back eagerly. At that time, Westley came over and when he saw that they were still conversing happily, he couldn’t help interrupting, “Have you two beautiful ladies finished talking? What do you want to eat for lunch? I’II c**k for you.” “Anything is fine. Ask Wilson to help you in cooking with you. Gabrielle and I will go out for fresh air.” Saying this, Bonnie ushered Wilson into the kitchen to c**k lunch with Westley.


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