Lock You In My Heart Chapter 501


Chapter 501

Gabrielle was well aware that Westley had no feelings for the Collins family and Nellie’s unborn baby.

Therefore, she would no longer doubt about his feelings and intention even if he had hidden something which was related to them from her.

As she believed, Westley didn’t tell Gabrielle about all these things because he didn’t want her to worry too much. After all, the more she knew, the sadder she would feel.

He just wanted to make her happy without any worry and all the troubles were for himself to solve.

“I know. After Nellie’s baby is born, you can just see it as paying for what you owed the Collins family and stop burdening yourself with Helena’s death. After all, what happened to Helena was an accident. You can’t blame everything on yourself.” Gabrielle held his hand tightly and comforted him in a soft voice.

“I know, after this, I am going to cut them off of my life. I have tried my best to make up what I need to and I don’t want to have anything to do with them,” Westley said seriously as he put his arm around Gabrielle’s shoulder.

Before he fell in love with Gabrielle, he had always agreed to every request of the Collins family without any objection.

However, it was different now with Gabrielle around in his life. No matter what he did, it was his responsibility to consider whether it would affect Gabrielle or make her unhappy.

He had to consider whether she would be bothered by his decisions and actions.

His number one rule was to never do anything that might upset her in any way.

From now on, he had cut off the Collins family from his business.

“Westley, I’m glad that you decided to do so. But I am not sure it will be easy since the Collins family and your family have been friends for so many years. You don’t need to force yourself under stressful situation for my sake. I’m already happy enough to know that you are considering for me.” Gabrielle gave a grateful smile to Westley.

This man was the husbard she had decided to accompany all her life. She naturally knew what kind of person he was.

That was also the reason why they needed trust and spad a ir of husband and wife. “Gabrielle real with it and I will make sure not


suffer from any unnecessary misunderstandings.” Hearing this, West couldn’t help but rub her head, hic hea n g warm and relieved.

Right, this was the woman he loved wh a pure and kind heart. So, from now on, no matter

weis, can you share your burden with me? I won’t blame you or make a scene whatever it is. We can al u ss and I will try to understand you no matter what you do, alright?” Gabrielle persuaded softly while lookipay h Seously.

After all, m

pies had to share their secrets together they hid everything from each other, it would end up ruining their

Jently smiled and agreed. “Alright, I

w a s you say.” Although he said so, he would still keep those complicated blowuy things to himself in order not to let reel scared or worried.

“That’s settled then. You will tell me everything that involves me.” Of course, Gabrielle also knew there was a bottom line for everybody. She wouldn’t ask Westley to tell her everything which she didn’t need to know. “I will, so… You have forgiven me for this, right? I kept it secret because I just didn’t want you to worry about me.” Westley owered his head and kissed her on the forehead as an apology. “What, were you afraid that I would make a scene and ask you to sign for the divorce agreement once I find out about Bryce and Nellie?” Gabrielle raised her eyebro

ws with a wicked smile on her face.

Yes, to be honest, I did have this worry. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want you to see them at the beginning. I was afraid that you would decide to divorce me when Nellie came back someday,” Westley confessed guiltily.


“Wow, you are such an insidious man,” Gabrielle accused while shaking her head in pity.

People always said that Westley was an insidious and ruthless man who had a way of doing things mercilessly. Barely had anyone thought nice of him nor had they tried to get to know his true character.

Of course, Westley was well aware of his own reputation, but he didn’t mind nor cared about it.

However, when Gabrielle called him out like that, he wasn’t unhappy at all, instead, he even enjoyed it.

“Well, even if I am an insidious man, it’s a fact that you are my wife. What can you do about that?” Westley teased her playfully and pinched her face lovingly.

After a pause, Gabrielle asked, “But have you ever thought that maybe I didn’t have the intention to divorce you at all at that time?” She looked at him and raised her eyebrows.

“I never thought of this possibility. I always thought that you hated me very much. After all, I forced you to marry me, a man you didn’t know, let alone love at all. No woman would want this kind of forced marriage, so I expected that you wanted to divorce me,” Westley answered calmly.

At first, he didn’t mind marrying anyone as it didn’t mean anything to him. Nevertheless, his heart began to beat and he changed his mind after he met Gabrielle.

He became determined that this was the woman whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

as (


Gabrielle nodded and didn’t deny. “You are right about that. I hated the fact that I was forced to marry you at the beginning as the compensation or what the Jones family and Bryce n e. I was so desperate at that time since I wasn’t willing to marry someo uidn’t even know and love. You can e what kind of despair I felt.” She was still angry at the mentior this.

was both scared and hated to be

w a s overbearing as Westley who could do anything to achieve his goal. “Do you still feel that way now?” le enked in a low voice. Even though he felt bad, he didn’t refute her statement. After all, she was right.

Gabrielle shook hered a smile. In fact, when her feelings started to grow for him and rely on him, she no longer had that feeling of ged.

I can to r stand why you felt this way. It was all rault, so I will make it up to you in the future,” Westley stated

will crore reaching out to hold her in his ar TY better. You were the one who force to marry you. I have to say it was totally immoral move. You have to make it up to me with all your heart.” Gabrielle didn’t refuse or back down with a sly grin on her face. Fortunately, she was glad that everything turned out fine in the end. She couldn’t imagine her life without this kind of happiness she felt when she was with him. For her, Westley was the best gift God had ever bestowed her.

“Don’t worry. I will always be good to you, only you.” Westley’s promise was actually very sincere although the words were a bit cheesy. Gabrielle also felt that they were very cheesy words. If she heard this kind of words from someone else, she would discard it as sugar-coated words. However, it was Westley who said them, so she trusted him unconditionally. So, she chuckled and spoke. “I believe in you…. Hmm!” Before Gabrielle could finish her words, she was passionately kissed on the lips by Westley.


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