Lock You In My Heart Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Gabrielle understood what Westley meant.

Whether it was Helena or Nellie, Westley didn’t give a d**n about them anymore now. For Westley, he had completely let go of the past. Gabrielle’s mood improved once she realized this. ‘Even Westley is already over them. Why should I keep holding on and making myself unhappy?’ she reasoned.

“I know. I’m sorry, and I won’t guess around anymore,” Gabrielle took Westley’s hand in hers and said with a serious look.

Gabrielle knew that Westley could determine what he should do and what he shouldn’t. He was the type of person who was well aware of what he was doing, so Gabrielle realized she shouldn’t have doubted his decisions.

“Gabrielle, I know where your words came from. You were jealous. I know that means you care about me, and I won’t blame you.” Westley naturally knew that Gabrielle was feeling guilty. Thus, he voiced his understanding as he patted Gabrielle on the head to alleviate her guilt.

Under Westley’s loving treatment, Gabrielle nodded her head obediently and said, “I won’t think too much again. I love you, and I should trust you more.” Her tone and expression showed that she was serious with her words.

“Repeat what you just said,” Westley asked, his expression shifted to seriousness.

“What did I say?” Gabrielle was perplexed.

“That you love me.” An immediate response came out from Westley.

Gabrielle was caught off guard when she heard this. She just blurted out her feelings unconsciously, but now Westley wanted her to say it again.

The thing was that she had never told Westley openly that she loved him before.

Gabrielle let out a soft giggle as a glimpse of astonishment flashed across her eyes. The corners of her mouth curled up instinctively, her eyes fell lovingly on Westley’s face, and she said, “Westley, I love you.”


more times, Co

“Say it again.” Excitement washed over Westley that he hugged Gabrielle tightly, asking her to repeat it. Upon seeing Westlaws reaction, Gabrielle couldn’t help



o ut loud. “Westley, I’ve already said it. What else do you want?” e

I jueunt to hear you say it a few more times it when you say you love me,” Westley said sweetly, looking at her e quectantly.

Westley’s words really moved

heart. Thus, she threw herself into Westley’s arms, stared into his eyes, and exclaimed loudly, “Westlan “I love you too, Gable Westley re the same loud shout, then lowered his head, and locked their lips. The uyged and kissed for a while before the go of each other, and there had a strong inseparable love in their

“Westley, why are we suddenly so sentimetal?” Gabrielle gently stroked Westley’s face and asked. “It’s not sentimental. It’s my love for you from the bottom of my heart,” Westley said as he placed a light kiss on Gabrielle’s lips. He really wanted to let her know how much he loved her from time to time to make her feel secure. “Okay. Let’s talk about something serious. What are we going to do next? We couldn’t just leave Nellie in Bangkok. Now that Bryce has gone back, the Collins family will find out about Nellie’s pregnancy sooner or later,” Gabrielle said with a serious look. This was something they should think about carefully. Gabrielle didn’t want to have anything to do with the Collins family in the first place. But, thanks to Nellie, she was once again involved with the Collins family. She didn’t like it at all.


Therefore, if they could solve this earlier, they could be more relaxed. On top of that, they would never have anything to do with the Collins family again. The more Gabrielle thought about the Collins family, the worse her mood became.


are right. Bryce is a ticking bomb. That’s why I locked him up before.” Westley agreed with Gabrielle’s words. He could imagine how nuts the Collins family would go if they found out Nellie was pregnant with Bryce’s child.

After all, the Collins family’s hope was all placed on Nellie.

“You and Bryce never got along with each other. There is no way he would agree to be locked up by you,” Gabrielle said as she recalled the last time she met Bryce. He kept saying that Westley locked him up and imprisoned him.

The intention of Westley locking Bryce up and how Bryce perceived the scenario were two different things. It was apparent that Bryce regarded Westley as his sworn enemy in his heart.

“At first, it was Nellie who came to ask me for help. She also knew how cruel and cold her mother was. If she went back to tell the Collins family too soon, her mother would definitely force her to have an abortion. But Bryce didn’t know about it. He just thought that I imprisoned him and Nellie on purpose to get revenge on him. I even gave him two punches later. So it’s normal for him to hate me that much,” Westley said with a faint smile.

“Don’t you really hate Bryce for taking Nellie away before you get married? After all, he took your wife away from you. It’s indeed a big shame,” Gabrielle couldn’t help but ask.

“What do you mean by ‘my wife’? You are my only wife, and no one can take you away from me. I do hate Bryce, but it is only because of what he had done to you before. It has nothing to do with him taking Nellie away. Besides, he was the reason I met you. If I really count it, I have to thank him.” Westley gave out an explanation. His lips curled into a smile as he finished the sentence.

“I believe you. How long are you going to lock Nellie up?” Gabrielle was very happy that Westley cleared up everything openly, and this brightened her mood.

“I have promised her that will send her back to Antawood to confront her family after five or six months of her pregnancy. But now that Bryce L escaped, things will get more com 1.” Westley was now a bit regretful about agreeing to Nellie’s reque He are to protect her child, making him the F amily’s enemy.

en Helena died, he promised in his he would take good care of the Collins family for her. But now, in order to protect Be l le’s child, he became the Collins family’s enemy. He didn’t even know if this was the right thing to do any re However, he still fel e ou save the child’s life.

Of course Tune Collins family might break ties with Dille,” Gabrielle said worriedly. “It’s

better. If that is the case, she can be wit ryce freely.” Westley didn’t have much patience to take care of

But tf Nellie was driven out of the Collins amily, Wendy may not let Nellie marry her son anymore,” Gabrielle added as she exactly knew what kind of person Wendy was. She was a snobbish woman who always valued profit and power more than anything else. All she ever wanted was to rise in the levels of fame.

So if Nellie lost her identity as the daughter of the Collins family, she might oppose the marriage.

If that was the case, Bryce and Nellie would face a new problem.

Thinking about that, Gabrielle felt sympathized with the couple, but she couldn’t do anything more for them. Letting Westley take care of Nellie’s child was her biggest concession. “Gabrielle, this is their business. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. It all depends on them. I will do what I can do, which is to protect that child’s life,” noticing that Gabrielle seemed lost in her thoughts, Westley grabbed her hands in his and said.

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