Lock You In My Heart Chapter 499

Chapter 499

The Jones family couldn’t possibly have an objection if Bryce married Nellie. The wealth of the Collins and the Morris family was bedazzling for them because they couldn’t compare to that prosperity.

So, Wendy’s wishful thinking indeed had strong grounds. Gabrielle’s marriage with Westley provided them a link to the Morris family. If Bryce married Nellie, the Jones family would become strong enough, having back-end support from two influential families.

The only thing missing in that plan was the lack of interest of the Morris family to offer any help to the Jones family. Gabrielle was the respected daughter-in-law of the Morris family, and they didn’t turn against her family was the least they could do to respect Gabrielle’s relationship with her home.

It, nevertheless, felt like a dream that the Collins would let Bryce marry their daughter. Gabrielle’s family was in peace, and Nellie’s family wasn’t shredding it. It was already beyond expectations because the Collins family thought that Bryce was the one who kidnapped Nellie.

“But,” Gabrielle said, trying to hide her discomfort. “How long are you planning to keep her?” She wasn’t pleased with how things were unfolding.

Of course! Westley kidnapped a girl! Gabrielle had the full right to be possessive for him. Adding fuel to the fire, Bryce’s words ringed in her ears. ‘Nellie is a replacement for Helena.’

Whatever Westley planned to do, Gabrielle was discomfited with the fact that he had Nellie under his custody.

“Your words, Gabrielle.” Westley gave her a look. “I have her locked up. I am not ‘keeping’ her.” Gently grabbing her hand, Westley’s expressions were grave. “You’re my wife, the only one I love. I am hopeful you won’t say or even think something like that again.”

Westley’s disappointed tone suddenly made Gabrielle smile, evaporating her discomfort. “Okay, sorry. I take my words back. Let me rephrase…” Gabrielle looked him in the eye. “Why did you lock her up? Westley, Nellie’s pregnant. Why don’t you let her go home?”

Westley’s mind was still a maze for Gabrielle. She still was unable to get what he was planning.

Nellie’s pregnancy highly suggested that she should be let free so her family would take care of her and the unborn child she was carrying.

“What do you think will happen if I let Nellie go? The Collins family will take care of Nellie with a child in her womb or Bryce will, who is unable to even take care of himself now? How do you think Bryce will protect Nellie?” Westley raised his eyebrows while shrugging. Bryce was courageous enough to offend the Collins family when he stole Nellie from them. So, it was beyond obvious that they would not let him go.

Westley was farsighted to know that given the current situation Bryce’s entry into the Collins family seemed unattainable. And even if he coulde drry Nellie somehow, he wouldn’t ming himself to an easy life. What do you can?” Gabrielle tilted her head in cos The was in sight when Westley replied “Let inside first. Then I’ll explain everything.” In a few moments, the car Bened at the grand gate of the villa We b oped Gabrielle in his arms and walked inside. Being fully recovered now, it

w o play for him to hold her in his arms and carry her around. Inside, Westley carefully as alle down on the sofa. His eyes searched for the jug of water before he poured a glass from it for his wife O le lowly sipped, the gentle flame of her eyes burning on Westley. We’re insi s he shrugged. “So, what are you planning Her curiosity was chewing on her guts. Gaba e to know everything about Nellie. It

k un humming inside her brain, effortlessly bothering her until


Plus, she wouldn’t worry so much if Westie, nad locked up someone other than Nellie. Nellie isn’t just Helena’s sister. She’s also her replacement. Westley’s ex-fiancée! And he has her locked up… Why?!’ It was all so puzzling and strange for Gabrielle that she wanted to pull out her hair. “Tell me honestly. Do you really think the Collins will agree on Bryce and Nellie’s wedlock?” Noticing her eagerness to know, Westley softly questioned.

mistakable, so Gabrielle simply shook her head. “That’s the thing!” Westley raised his eyebrows with a tilt of his head before he continued, “It’s clear that they won’t allow Bryce to be their son-in-law. The wealth and fame of the Collins family won’t let them marry their daughter into the Jones family

You’re right. Their togetherness is impossible as long as Nellie’s family plays the part of being the villain. But… Shel



oves Bryce. She really wants to be with him.” Hearing her words, Westley pulled Gabrielle closer to himself, snaking an arm around her.

His sudden act froze Gabrielle for a moment before she relaxed and tracked her thoughts back. “Despite it all, what role does locking up Nellie play here?”

Westley looked deeply into Gabrielle’s eyes before he parted his lips. “Nellie is almost three months pregnant, Gabrielle, and this baby is her and Bryce’s life. Letting her out is not an option when the Collins family is sitting out there like a serpent, ready to force Nellie for an abortion. After that, they’ll bring their stupid justification that Nellie and Bryce can’t be together without a reason for the unborn child being gone. And then…” Westley’s eyes narrowed. “They will want her to marry in some richer family, using her as a tool.” Not being an old fan of them, Westley knew the deep ridiculous desires of the Collins very well.

Their daughters were born and raised to be exchanged and bargained for benefits and power. The Collins family didn’t need them for anything else.

Helena was a bargain, and now, they’d use Nellie.

There was one thing satisfactory that Helena wasn’t alone at that time. She had Westley, and the Collins family had no fuss against their relationship. Westley was a big shot in Antawood, after all.

In fact, they were eager for the marriage to be held as soon as possible. In that way, they’d get immediate support from the Morris family.

But to their dismay, their promising daughter accidentally died.

Out of their filthy nature, Helena’s family placed their hopes of getting a rich family’s support on their younger daughter. Nellie didn’t have a boyfriend, nor did she care about such matters, but when she was given the idea of her marriage to Westley, she immediately objected. For her, Westley and her sister were almost about to get married if Helena wouldn’t have died in an accident. It felt too awkward for her to marry him at that point.

But, surely, who cared about her feelings when the only shot was Westley and his family’s money? Her family left her no room for objection.

As a cherry on top of everything, Westley didn’t complain against them which made the Collins family even more willing for his engagement with ellie. The plan of wing rich was set for the Collins family C rew what they wanted but what they didn’t know was that their daught would run away right before the marria Cocourse, if her objection wouldn’t beli , Nellie would make her own escape plan. And that unforeseen plan shoe willed everyone to their bones. Bryce was the only one

Nellie’s heart go all wild, even long before Helena’s death and Nellie’s marriage preparations with W st kus, after they ran away and stayed together, Nellie’s love for him grew even more for her to be willing to brin

into this world and fight for him. She h y to confront her family with Bryce sipa Che got pregnant and no one would be able to restrict its birth.

s get it now.” Gabrielle pondered over Wile before looking at Westley. “You’re acting as if you’ve kidnapped her anu rocked her up. But in reality, you’re try to protect her baby, right?” There was a hint of joy on Gabrielle’s face as she gave her conclusion. She was too busy to think that Nellie and Bryce’s love could be clever enough to bring the Collins family down with their baby.

“Sort of… I guess you can say that. After all, I owe the Collins family something that money can never pay off. I owe them a life, Gabrielle. And protecting Nellie’s child, I feel like I’m lifting off this debt from my shoulders.” Westley was relaxed as he spoke. “I want to protect this baby with all my might.” Gabrielle was happy and surprised, watching the change in Westley’s behavior. In the past, he avoided mentioning anything about Helena as it brought back painful memories. Her name, if spoken by someone, always made him sad. Maybe he learned to move on, or maybe after meeting Gabrielle, he knew for whom his heart thumped and how he should handle his feelings for Helena at that. Westley’s relationship with Helena was long enough for him to be confused if he thought of her as a family or as someone he loved. She was that incredible part of his life. But falling for Gabrielle was an even more wonderful experience for him. Now, Westley didn’t want to leave her ever. Gabrielle was what brought him out of the dismay he kept himself in. She was the one who made Westley realize that it was time for him to let go of Helena. It was time for Gabrielle only.


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