Lock You In My Heart Chapter 498

Chapter 498

Gabrielle had mixed feelings on the way back to their villa.

She felt nervous and guilty when she thought of Rose and Doctor Maniac’s injuries.

But when she remembered Doctor Maniac saying he would go back to Antawood with them, her heart soared. It sparked hope for them, and mostly, for Sloane. Even if he wouldn’t be able to cure Sloane in the end, Gabrielle would be glad to simply try.

“You look gloomy. What’s wrong?” Westley held her in his arms.

Westley somehow understood why Gabrielle felt depressed. She blamed herself for what happened to Rose and Doctor Maniac.

“I’m fine… just feeling a little sad. They got in trouble because of me.” Gabrielle bit her lip tight.

“You didn’t want this to happen. Nobody would have thought it would happen. They’re going to be fine, I promise.” Westley laid her head on his shoulder.

He never imagined Rose and Doctor Maniac would get hurt.

They were so loyal to Bain, after all. No one expected they would choose to leave the forest. If the two of them wanted to get out after the confrontation between Bain and the Campbell Family, Westley would have gotten them out of there.

But that night, they were carried back by someone from the Campbell Family, drenched in blood.

Doctor Maniac later told him everything that had happened. The two of them betrayed Bain and couldn’t return to the forest anymore.

So, he helped them without hesitation.

If they didn’t want to leave Bangkok, Westley would still do everything in his power to help them. The only problem was Bain. He wouldn’t let them off the h**k so easily.

The best option was for them to go to Antawood together. Bain and his men wouldn’t be able to do much if they left Thailand.

“I know, Went. But I can’t stop worrying… will they Antawood with us?” Visibly anxious and restless, Gabrielle fiddled Westley’s fingers.


Let’s hope they will.” “If they come back home with We do our best to help them.” Gabrielle buried her face on Westley’s chest. There was not much she a cor Rose and Doctor Maniac. She wanted to m’ or everything, and now she wouldn’t waste any chances. I know, aw We’ll do whatever it takes. Does that make you feel better?” Westley rubbed her head gently.

you. I was thinking about Sloane. th Doctor Maniac treating her, I think she’ll be able to recover from her this time.” Gabrielle had faith in Doctor Sarac’s skills. She believed he would be the one to help cure Sloane. “Doctor Maniac is a skilled practitioner and Sloane is strong, right? She’ll be able to overcome this. She will wake up soon.” Westley gave her a smile.

Even though nothing’s promised, hearing Westley’s words was enough for Gabrielle to feel better. “Sloane is such a kind-hearted girl. She was always so bright and joyful, and never did anything to hurt other people. It’s unfair for her to suffer this much…” Gabrielle’s heart ached for her friend. She m

issed her so much.


They had known each other for a long time and Sloane had been of great help to her. Sloane wasn’t just her best friend, she was also her family.

“All the more reason you should take care of yourself so we can go back to Antawood soon,” Westley said, running his fingers through her hair.

Gabrielle nodded obediently. “I’ll take good care of myself, I promise.”

“That’s right. You don’t have to worry about anything else because I’ll take care of everything. Don’t think too much now, save your energy for the days ahead.” Westley kissed the top of her head.

“I’m very happy to have you by my side, Westley. I can always count on you for everything. You always ease my worries.” Gabrielle spoke softly, making Westley blush.

“I’m your husband. I’ll always be there for you. Giving you support and happiness is the only thing that matters to me. If solving your problems will make you happy, then I’ll help in any way I can,” Westley sincerely said and his words warmed Gabrielle’s heart.

He always knew what to say.

“Thank you, Westley. I’ll call you every time I’m at a pinch,” Gabrielle joked.

“Yes, you just need to be happy Mrs. Morris.” Westley wanted to shoulder all her troubles.

This was his sweet burden.

Fortunately, this trip had rot ruined their relationship. They chose to stick together and their feelings for one another were Stronger than ever. CO By the way uld you happen to know where Nellie he woman suddenly crossed Gabrielle’s mind. “She all in Bangkok and she’s pregnant”We learned everything he needed to know about Nellie. Westley had nothing to hide anymom He would answer all of Gabrie o ns. “Why don’t you let her to tne Collins family now? She’s pregnant and all alone… Anyway, Bryce has returned to Antawood. Do v ey can still be together?” Gabrielle didn’t want to stick her nose in their affairs. But everyth ad happened was because of them, so Calorielle wanted to set things right.

y business, I couldn’t care less,” West answered coldly. From chat he heard about the Collins family wouldn’t allow Nellie to marry Bryce.

The Collins family didn’t think the Jones family was good enough, so they hoped Nellie would marry into a wealthier household that could help them with their company and everything else. Nellie marrying Bryce wouldn’t be of help to the Collins family. However, Westley didn’t tell Gabrielle about this. He was afraid she would be worried. “Right… it’s not our problem.” Gabrielle sighed. She guessed it was impossible for Bryce to marry Nellie because the Collins family wouldn’t agree. Although they were not as wealthy as the Morris family, they were still richer than the Jones family. Of course, they would want their daughter to marry into a more powerful household. Nellie was supposed to marry Westley, but Bryce stepped into the picture. There was a huge difference.


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