Lock You In My Heart Chapter 497

Chapter 497

Gabrielle was moved by what Doctor Maniac had said. It was a good thing that he was there, or Rose could have died.

It was her fault. She had put Rose in danger. And now, Doctor Maniac got involved.

“Thank you, Doctor Maniac. Thank you for saving Rose. I am indebted to you and Rose. If you need anything, don’t think twice in telling me.” Gabrielle’s words came from the bottom of her heart.

“No, no, no. You don’t owe me anything. Saving Rose was my decision. And don’t forget, it was your husband’s men who saved me and Rose. We owe our lives to them,” Doctor Maniac said calmly.

He had been a doctor for a long time. Until now, his countenance had conveyed indifference toward his patients. He had been a cold-blooded man.

And yes, what he had said was true. Bain’s men almost killed Rose. They abandoned her after hurting her. He could have done nothing, after all, Rose had been mean to him.

But he couldn’t just sit and watch her die. He had to save her!

“Just the same, if you need anything, tell me. You are safe here.” Gabrielle didn’t say anything more. Doctor Maniac may look dispassionate but she knew that he could see through everything.

Didn’t he survive in the forest? He wouldn’t be able to do that had he been stupid.

He was just good at hiding his feelings.

“I know. It is the Campbell Family’s place so it must be safe.” Doctor Maniac had no doubt about it.

“By the way, how’s your leg?” Gabrielle asked tentatively. She really wanted to ask if his leg injury had disabled him but she didn’t want to sound impolite.

“My leg is healing well. They had taken out the bullet from it. In the future I can stand as before. But my full use of my leg will take some time.’n was straightforward about his injilig a doctor himself. Gabrielle ha a t faith in his medical skills. He was us in his profession. Having him here gave her hope for Sloare

Doctor Maniac, can I ask you somethin i elle said as she looked him in the eye. The doctor nodded and proddu , what is it?” He could sense how important to her to know the answer to her question. What are you going aller this? Do you want to stay here? Or do you have other plans?” In her mind, Gabrielle wanted to ask our go back to Antawood with them. O Docte u r eady knew what was in Gabrielle’s ? Westley had previously spoken to him about taking him and

a tawood together with them. He also the would arrange everything should they decide to do so. He auded that they shouldn’t worry about at they had been before Antawood. There, they could lead new lives. The offer, Doctor Maniac admitted to himself, was tempting.


“Mr. Morris had already talked to me about it. He saved our lives. We will do things as he has instructed. We will go to Antawood with you,” Doctor Maniac said in an acquiescence tone. Upon hearing this, Gabrielle looked at Westley. Her eyes were glowing with warmth and excitement. “Is that true? Are you taking Doctor Maniac and Rose back to Antawood?” “Yes, it’s true. But of course, it is still up to them to decide if they want to leave with us. Rose is still in a coma. Will we be able to ask her when she comes out of it? I can’t force her to go back with us. Until some other arrangement is made, it would be good for them to go with us.” When Westley met them for the first time, he had already conferred with Doctor Maniac about his plan. He also told him that he wanted to ask Rose about that when she woke up.


“Well then, let’s wait for Rose. She shou

ld wake up soon, should she?” Gabrielle asked Doctor Maniac, looking not quite sure what his answer would be.

“I wish she would wake up sooner. Since she’s seriously injured and wants to die to end the pain, waking her up will be a great challenge for me. Nevertheless, I’m up to it,” Doctor Maniac said with conviction.

Rose was attached to the most advanced equipment to help her through her physical ordeal. Moreover, Doctor Maniac, whose medical skills had been regarded as prodigious, was taking care of her. Rose should wake up sooner than later.

“You’ll let us know the moment Rose comes out of her coma, won’t you, Doctor Maniac?” Gabriella knew that he would do so. She had great faith in him.

She also wanted the doctor to see Sloane when they got back to Antawood. Sloane had been bedridden for half a year now. Gabrielle wanted her to recover but didn’t know how and when that would happen.

That b*****d Benny! Because of him, Sloane had to suffer the consequences.

“Of course,” Doctor Maniac said, smiling.

“We’ll have to go back first. If you need anything, please call us.” Gabrielle and Westley were going to go back to their villa.

“I will,” Doctor Maniac said. His tone was mellow and relaxed.

“I do hope you can go back with us to Antawood, Doctor Maniac. If I may be honest, I’ll have to tell you about my best friend. She had been a coma for nearly half a year now st brain experts were there to can feel that, buan bring her out of her coma and n well. You are my only hope. You can’t imagine the things I’ve been thron while in Bangkok. I feel so lucky to av at you. You must have been God-sent.” Gabrielle looked at him. Ha es showed how she felt. It had been in her mind since she’s Dc Maniac in the forest. Sloane had not regained conc e ss. A number of doctors had treated her but none could get her out of her coma. Perhaps Doctor Mar e answer they had been waiting for. “But if you do o to Antawood with us, I’ll understand u can forget everything I’ve said.” Much as Gabrielle had hoped th D a niac could treat Sloane, the decisioe to go to Antawood would still be his. I l vant to go, she didn’t have any right to ce him.

Fog him might only make things worse “Gabrielle, I appreciate your faith in me as a doctor. But I have yet to see your friend so it’s premature to say that I can cure her.” Doctor Maniac wanted to treat Sloane but he didn’t want to promise anything until he saw the patient. “So you do intend to treat her?” Gabrielle was so happy. She would have rushed over and hugged Doctor Maniac. It was only seeing him on the wheelchair that she stopped in her tracks. “I promise that I will do my best to treat your friend. But I can’t guarantee that I can cure her.” He didn’t doubt his skills as a doctor. But there were patients whose conditions were incurable. He could only do his best. “Doctor Maniac, I have trust in you. But if she can’t get well in the end, I will still be grateful to you for taking care of her,” Gabrielle said as she knew what the doctor meant.

The doctors had told her that Sloane had no desire to live at all. It would be difficult to wake up such a person. But miracles could happen. Gabrielle believed that miracles would come to those who fervently believed in them. She believed miracles happened when men would do their part, too. If she had done everything to make Sloane well again, she wouldn’t have any regrets in the end.


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