Lock You In My Heart Chapter 496

Chapter 496

After taking Gabrielle back to her room to change clothes, Westley took her to another villa by using the community sightseeing car.

“Gabrielle, we got here. This is the place where they are living.” Westley got out of the car first to open the car door for Gabrielle. Then, the two of them walked towards the villa, hand in hand.

In front of the villa, there were two well-built bodyguards, who were guarding the place. Once they saw the couple approaching the villa, they nodded their heads in recognition and pushed opened the black door for them.

“Who are those two people, Westley? Are they Lance and Bryce? No, they can’t be. You said that they went back to Antawood. How could they be here?” Gabrielle said and denied her words as she asked.

Thinking about how cute she was while rambling, Westley burst out laughing.

Seeing her flustered expression, Westley couldn’t help but tease, “You trust me that much, Gabrielle? What if I lie to you saying that Lance and Bryce are still trapped in the forest?”

Gritting her teeth, Gabrielle pinched him on the waist while saying, “You told me before that you would never lie to me! I won’t forgive you if you fool me again!”

Not wanting to make her angry or worry anymore, Westley quickly said, “I’m not lying. Lance and Bryce are in Antawood right now. If you don’t believe me, you can contact them by yourself. I’ll even help you.”

Only recently, her heart was finally at peace. If he made her angry again, she might go back to Antawood alone and divorce him.

Thinking of this, Westley’s heart trembled and he held her hand tightly, wishing to hold it forever.

“Well, I am worried about my cousin.” As of now, Gabrielle didn’t have a phone yet. Although Westley said he would buy her a phone, she wasn’t in a hurry at all in fact. She was fine with using his phone to contact others like she had been doing all this time.

She knew that Westley didn’t mind either. Besides, she rarely needed to call anyone.

She didn’t know whether Bryce had returned to the Jones family or not. If they knew what happened to him, she was aware that Wendy would definitely look for her all over the world and get even with her for the sake of Bryce.

Til have your phone delivered tomorrow. You can contact whoever you want at that time. It’s more convenient for you.” Westley insisted on boying her phone. Nevertheleslavas not convenient for people in this casera to live without a cellphone. Gabenodded and asked, “Where are they? ! you take me here to meet someone?” She was led into the villa by

estley, only to find that the living room p letely empty without any trace of life in it. What kind of meeting was this


“They are in that bedron

e s y pointed towards the room besides them before he held her hand and walked towards

They react o r and before they could knock, it was cred from inside. Gah shocked to see the man who was reveu Lo Maniac?” She was shocked and at what to say or how to react. Because Doctor Maniac in front of her was sitting on a wheelchair, his calm expression completely different from the arrogant and high-spirited one before. What happened? She stuttered, “You…what…” “Gabrielle, stop looking at me that way. The last thing I need is sympathy right now. Don’t make me look like a poor creature who needs pity!” Doctor Maniac said in an arrogant tone with a little resentment mixed in it. Now that he spoke these words, she was completely sure that the man sitting on the wheelchair was truly Doctor Maniac, which made her shocked even more. What was he doing here?

And why was he sitting on the wheelchair? Were his legs broken? How did that happen? Was he crippled for the rest of his life?

“Doctor Maniac, what’s going on here?” Gabrielle could finally voice out her thoughts.

“That’s for later part. First, come over and look at the person lying on the bed.” Doctor Mani

ac slid his wheelchair away from the entrance to let them enter the room.

Hearing this, Gabrielle couldn’t wait to walk towards the bed.

She was even more shocked when she saw that it was Rose who was lying on the bed. Her appearance which had the icy touch and gorgeous charm had turned into extreme paleness that it almost looked lifeless. The scene of her lying on the bed with wounds all over her body really scared the hell out of Gabrielle.

“Is she really Rose?” Gabrielle whispered to Doctor Maniac in disbelief.

“Yes, but don’t worry too much. I bet this evil woman won’t die so easily. She is just at her last gasp. As long as I am here to keep monitoring her, she will definitely wake up. However, her injuries are a little serious, so she needs some time to wake up.” Doctor Maniac had a confident look on his face.

He was the type of doctor who was absolutely confident in his ability to save lives. If he guaranteed to save her, it had to be said that his promise would be realized.

So, as it went, once he gave up a patient, it meant the condition was really beyond help.

“I do believe you. But can you tell me what happened to both of you?” Gabrielle was dying to know the situation here.


Nonetheless, she was happy to see them get out of that hellish place.

It should have been comething to celebrate in that case,

this was a real shock for her to see them, one wounded while the other sabled.

T t u. Let’s go out to talk.” Indicating them out, Doctor Maniac gave a glance at Westley. Westley put his arm around Gabriell ‘s so ers and supported her since her body was trembling slightly. Seeing the two people she cared about in this dat a tion really made her feel anxious and pity. ‘Gabrielle, let’s go out fil m s this, Westley took her to the living room with his arm around her shoulders. Doctor Maniac role in a wheelchair and stopped beside the sofa. ‘As for the uys can serve for yourself,” Doctor Marac offered as he couldn’t serve in this state.

s tley had arranged someone to take of them in advance. Not ed. We are not here to drink tea. Stor taking me anxious and tell me what happened already. Why are you both hurt? And what kind of injury made her still in a coma?” Gabrielle became more scared once she spoke out her thoughts.

” Well, long story short, when you left, people of the Campbell Family surrounded the forest. Bain got so mad that he immediately told to arrest the traitor. At that time, Rose stood out and admitted that she was the one who let you go deliberately. Well, she was ready to accept the punishment. You know the way Bain punishes the traitors. Killing her directly is the lightest punishment. So, he beat her till she was barely conscious and then threw her into the wolf den and Let the wolves tear her bit by bit so that she would die in despair. Obviously, the scene was b****y. Are you okay?” By the time he finished talking, Gabrielle was looking pale. Immediately, Doctor Maniac consoled her. “I-I’m fine actually. So what you mean is Rose was beaten and thrown into the wolf den?” Well, Gabrielle knew everything that had happened. Nodding his head, the doctor replied, “Yes.” Gabrielle licked her lips nervously and asked, “Then why are you…” ” Well, I went into that wolf den and while I was trying to carry that woman out, those wild wolves bit me. After that, I was shot in the leg by Bain’s men. I survived because the Campbell Family saved me. Or else, I would have died in that den with Rose. How tragic it would be if I died with this vicious woman! Thank god that I didn’t,” Doctor Maniac said in a disgusted voice on purpose. After listening everything from Doctor Maniac, Gabrielle found out something. No matter how much Doctor Maniac said he hated Rose, he didn’t. What was more, he even cared about her. Otherwise, why would he save her from the wolf den by risking his life?

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