Lock You In My Heart Chapter 494

Chapter 494

Right now, Gabrielle exactly conveyed that she wanted to get even with him today. Her expression and behavior made her look like a dangerous fox.

At the sight of this, Westley couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Indeed, as the old saying goes, ‘Be a rascal among rascals.’ After becoming his wife, Gabrielle learned to be foxy and became a little evil like him.

Looking into Gabrielle’s sharp and inquisitive eyes, Westley felt a bit nervous and expectant at the same time.

He turned around and leaned against the edge of the pool, saying with a faint smile on his face, “Alright, let’s make it clear. Even though you are almost recovered, it’s not good if your mood fluctuates, but I will tell you whatever you want to know. Where do you want to start?” With his hands spread out on the edge of the pool, he looked at Gabrielle quietly, waiting for her to get even with him like she wished.

Besides, he knew that what happened to Bryce and Nellie could be a forever thorn between the two of them if he didn’t make it clear. He didn’t want anything to affect their relationship.

“I want to know everything about what happened to Bryce and Nellie. When and why did you lock the two of them up? Why did you hide it from me? Did you know their whereabouts from the very beginning, including when they were in Switzerland? Are you the one who hit Bryce?” Once she was given permission, Gabrielle began to ask a long list of questions directly.

After hearing this, Westley studied her determined face carefully.

It turned out this little woman was adamant about getting even with him today.

Well, this was getting interesting since it was the first time that someone had challenged him like this.

He asked back in reply, “Gabrielle, if you ask so many questions at once like this, how would I know which one I should answer first?” Westley tried to put his arm around Gabrielle’s shoulder playfully, but she patted his hand away.

“You are not allowed to touch me before you answer my questions,” Gabrielle retorted seriously.

At this moment, Westley didn’t dare to do anything else as he realized that the situation was pretty serious. He leaned against the pool obediently and looked at Gabrielle.


This situation looked as if the two of them were completely in the opposite standing, just like the relationship between the prisoner and the ins lor. What he could only do was toe verything and earn her forgiveness. Otherwise, he would be severely pe linned by her if he showed any resiste n swer her questions. He can understand about his wife that she s Isty once she was really pissed off.

stley hummed and thought to himsel a petite body was armed with a short tempered soul.” Okay, I’II answer everything. W e should I start with?” Westley decided to surrender with a good temper. “You can start with any o.


as long as you answer all my questions.” Gabrielle looked stubborn and principled, devoid of forgivina a tu Westley bu uynter, saying, “Okay, okay. I’ll confess Wearn your forgiveness.”

You ave been honest in the first place. Don a dare laugh. You’d better answer all the questions seriously,”

g, Gabrielle scolded seriously. “Sure, sure. I’ll be serious.” Saying this, Vestley immediately changed his expression into a serious one, completely like a domineering CEO who was in the middle of important discussion.

Gabrielle nodded, acknowledging his attitude. They had to be serious when talking about important matters. “Now, start spilling.” Gabrielle impatiently said while staring into his eyes, trying to detect any lie showing in them. “It’s true. I have known the whereabouts of Bryce and Nellie from the very beginning. After all, I can find anyone with my ability,” Westley admitted calmly.


Now that Gabrielle wanted to know, he would tell her everything from beginning to end. That way, he could le

t her know that he deserved to win her trust completely.

“If you really knew their whereabouts from the very beginning, why didn’t you take them back directly?” Gabrielle glared at him while asking in confusion.

It turned out that from the very beginning, this man knew where those two had run away to. With Westley’s ability and the background of the Campbell Family, it was natural that he could find the two of them after all.

She began to believe that even if the two escaped to the outer space, Westley could find them.

Therefore, Gabrielle was not surprised at this revelation, but she couldn’t help feeling a little angry.

Even after knowing their whereabouts, he remained indifferent and didn’t take the initiative to bring them back. Yet, he kept fooling the Jones family. What was the point in doing that?

“Are you angry?” at the sight of Gabrielle’s darkened expression, Westley raised his eyebrows and questioned in a low voice.

“How on earth can I not be angry? You knew their whereabouts long ago, but you lied to us on purpose. What’s more, you even forced the Jones family to look for them, and you asked me…” He even made her marry him as a punishment! How hateful he was!

“I was aware that you would be angry if you know this, so I didn’t want to say it. If you are going to be mad the more I tell you things, I can’t go on.” Westley also knew what he did was wrong, and he didn’t want to make her angry at him. This was the reason why he didn’t intend to mention the past to her at all.

Nevertheless, he knew that in order to maintain the sincere relationship between the two of them, he had to disclose everything he had hic un from her before. Otherwise, the lerstanding would make both of them fall into despair. Now, Westle ud firmly believed that Gabrielle would be in one who would spend the rest of her life with him. So, he wasn’t setant to solve any possible misunders rys between them any longer.

an, I won’t quarrel with you now. I will until you finish telling me the whole story. Then, I’ll convey my dissatisfactions.” Crossing her s ent chest, Gabrielle spoke. Westley was a thoughtful tonian who had an indifferent attitude. No one could read his mind, not even her. Gabrielle didn’t real ki Vanything about this man except the fact that he treated her better than anyone. “Okay, I’ll


e rything. But please show mercy to melo, my lady’,” Westley said while bowing his head towards her ir courtesy.

le just glanced at him coldly and said the words, “You may start.” Taking a deep breath, Westley explained, a didn’t bring them back directly because I despised to marry a person who obviously betrayed me by choosing to flee with another man. I also made a good use of her action as I suppressed the Collins family’s constant blackmailing to the Morris family. This had been my plan at that time. Then, Grandma hoped that I could get married as she was not in good health during that time. I couldn’t let her wait any longer and so, you became the most suitable choice for me at that time.” Westley explained so carefully and honestly that Gabrielle couldn’t sense any lie in his words.

I was the best choice?’ she thought.

So, what he meant was that he needed a wife at that time, and Gabrielle happened to be the best candidate on the list. That was to say, to Westley, it didn’t matter whom he would marry since he couldn’t marry the woman he liked. Thinking of this, Gabrielle’s heart twitched and a dull pain surfaced in her heart. Maybe, in Westley’s heart, she was not even comparable to the woman he loved. Letting out a subtle shaky breath, Gabrielle clenched her fists under the water, trying to calm herself down. After all, she was the one who asked Westley to tell her the truth. So, no matter what the truth was, she asked for it and she had to bear the pain by herself.



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