Lock You In My Heart Chapter 493

Chapter 493

Gabrielle stayed in the village for about four days. That period of rest did her much good as she was able to recover a lot. Now that she was doing much better, she was transferred to the hospital as arranged by Wilson.

The place was actually more of a high security villa than a conventional hospital. Moreover, Gabrielle could enjoy total privacy here. This villa belonged to the Campbell Family, and it was a safer place for the couple to stay.

One thing Gabrielle loved about this villa was the fact that it was next to the sea. From her bedroom, she had an unobstructed seaside view. Gabrielle enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the gentle sea breeze blowing off the coast.

There were two large swimming pools in the courtyard. One was a normal pool and the other was actually hot spring water. The latter was useful for healing wounds and for general skin care.

Gabrielle loved to lie in the spa pool. From there she also had a nice view on the sea. The sea was so splendid that Gabrielle often wondered whether she wasn’t having a hallucination.

As she lay there in the pool, a deep mellow voice soon sounded next to her. “Do you like it here, Gabrielle?” Westley was sitting close to her, and just like her, he was admiring the sea.

Gabrielle nodded slightly. “It’s really beautiful. I love it. I never thought that I could ever enjoy this magnificent sight. I can hardly believe that just yesterday, I was sleeping in that remote village. Just look at us now. Life’s really full of surprises.” Gabrielle sighed deeply. She was completely amazed at the moment.

This was the world of the rich people. They could realize their dreams easily. It was really unbelievable that she now had the chance to be part of it.

In fact, although the scenery was beautiful, Gabrielle still felt a little worried. She wondered how long they would be staying in Bangkok.

She turned to look at Westley and asked worriedly, “Westley, are we going to stay here forever? When will we be going back?”

“We won’t go back until you have totally recovered. If we go back now, grandma will be worried when she sees you like that. Tell me… Do you have something urgent to do back home?” Westley was confused as to why Gabrielle asked such a question. Was she that eager to leave? He knew that the most important thing for her was her training class, so he asked Wilson to make all necessary arrangements so that her convalescence wouldn’t affect her studies.

Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders lightly and said casually, “I just wanted to know.” As she spoke, she forced a smile at Westley. She didn’t want him to worry about her.

Westley held Gabrielle’s vaist and reassured her, “This place is owned by a branch company that belongs to Campbell Family. Don’t worry. Cosafe here.” He thought that she w ed about her safety and privacy. Westley then he wanted her to feel reassured. This a tha Campbell Family’s territory, which meant they were absolut safe here.

now. If there’s one thing that Campb

can always guarantee, it’s definitely security,” Gabrielle said, smiling helplessly. In the past, she never tha t campbell Family in Italy was so powerful that it had businesses worldwide. After what happened in the form a le understood how wrong she was. The Campbells were really powerful, and not just in Italy. They had brann e r countries all over the globe. She did ny idea of what Campbell Family was a chally capable of before, mainly because she hadn’t got to know


o bally. It difficult to imagine how powerful the mpbell Family was and all the businesses they ran. The people who ran the system were even more impressive. Wilson was the vice president, and Bonnie was the eldest daughter of Campbell Family. Together, they ran this powerful family. That was just incredible. Gabrielle had always considered Westley as someone extremely impressive. However, after knowing about the Campbell Family, she felt that Wilson and Bonnie were the true bosses. Things were definitely not always what they seemed. Gabrielle was even more impressed at the thought that she could become part of this powerful family. “Yeah. We’re safe here. As long as we stay in the territories of the Campbell Family, we’ve nothing to worry about. Now, take a good rest.” As he spoke, Westley gently stroked Gabrielle’s back. A few minor wounds on Gabrielle’s body had already healed. The larger ones were not yet healed but that was just a matter of time. Despite the wounds, Gabrielle’s skin was smoother than ever. Westley intended to let her stay in this villa for a while, at least until her scars had almost completel y disappeared. They weren’t in any hurry to go back anyway.



Westley and Gabrielle had never been abroad together before. Therefore, Westley decided to take it as an opportunity to go on their honeymoon. Though they would not be able to stay here for long, it would be a starting point for their honeymoon. When they would have time in the future, he would make sure he and Gabrielle had a real honeymoon trip.

Westley vowed that he would make it up to Gabrielle sooner or later. Whatever other couples enjoyed during their honeymoon trip, she would have more.

While he was deep in thoughts, Gabrielle’s voice broke the silence. “Westley, I want to know… How is Bryce and Lance now?” Gabrielle hadn’t got any news about Lance and Bryce for a long time. She was worried that something might have happened to them.

Westley had told her that considering the relationship between Lance and Bain, Bain wouldn’t kill them. He added that Bain only had a grudge against the people who had any sort of relationship with the Campbell Family, and that he never crossed the line to murder innocent people. Moreover, Lance had some joint business interests with Bain, so it was highly unlikely that the latter would harm them.

However, Gabrielle was still worried. After all, Bain was a man who had already ignored his own life. That showed clearly how determined and vengeful he could be. So it was not impossible for such a cold person to start killing people randomly.

“Gabrielle, whom are you worried about, Lance or Bryce?” Westley’s voice had suddenly changed. His tone was no longer gentle as a while ago. Now, he was deliberately cold.

Gabrielle immediately felt it. In fact, each time she mentioned another man in front of Westley, his attitude would drastically change. It was like a taboo subject. She could never talk about any other man in his presence.

However, she ignored his gloomy face and insisted, “I’m serious now, Westley. I really want to know about them. How are they? You know how much they mean to me. One is my cousin, and the other is my brother. They are my family. You also know that I only like you. What else do you want?” Westley’s attitude annoyed Gabrielle.

Westley had always avoided discussing anything about Bryce with her. Moreover, she knew that there was a grudge between both men.

As far as Gabrielle was concerned, Westley was really mean. He had no integrity whatsoever. If she gave in to his domineering acts, he would consider her to be a pushover with no willpower.


That was exactly the imace Westley gave Gabrielle by constantly refusing her to talk about other men.

Fine, fine, Gabrielle fill tell you whatever you want to kno g et upset. It’s not good for your health. They’ve gone back to Antadu two days ago.” Westley quickly ma u He a normally lose his temper in such a situ*. However, when he saw that Gabrielle was getting angry, he softened aronce. On the other hand, Gabrielle w ett Tor a moment. She looked at Westley dubiously. “Back to Antawood? When exactly did they go back 16 ), did they go back together?” Several questions popped up in Gabrielle’s mind at Once. She found it woneve that Lance went back to Antawondo abruptly. She felt a bit uneasy right now. The


a ce and Bryce got stuck in the forest osial days ago, and their safety was unknown to others. How then |

have suddenly returned home safe apuund? That was hard to believe.

Weatey explained, “They went back the before yesterday. Lance’s men picked them up. Bryce went back together with him. However, due to his condition, he didn’t go back to the Jones family.” He totally understood Gabrielle’s confusion. In fact, Bryce had been seriously injured. If his family saw his like that, they would definitely be furious. Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief. “So they really went back?” she said, half question and half statement. If her brother and cousin had indeed left the forest and returned to Antawood, they would be absolutely safe. Westley looked Gabrielle in the eye and asked in earnest, “Have I ever lied to you?” He just didn’t want to tell her everything but he would never lie to her. He gave her a faint smile and rubbed her head affectionately. It was hard for people like Westley, who were used to having things under their control, to keep their cool when it came to the woman they loved. Westley would easily lose his temper when facing things related to Gabrielle. “Do you really expect me to believe that you haven’t told me any lies? What about your beef with Bryce? I think I would have to settle this with you today.” Gabrielle gave him a faint smile as she spoke.



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