Lock You In My Heart Chapter 491

Chapter 491

Wilson knew that his brother was a proud man. Westley would never ask for anybody’s help as long as he could solve it himself.

He never succumbed to asking for a favor. Even if it were his closest relative.

What he was asking for must be very important. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Wilson for help. If Wilson’s assumption was right, it had something to do with Gabrielle.

There were a lot of things that Westley had done for her. He even let go of his pride and asked someone for help.

“What is it? Tell me. Of course I’m willing to help you,” Wilson uttered calmly.

“Can you please get in touch with Jason? He’s Gabrielle’s boss. Recently, Gabrielle had been recommended for advanced training for jewelry design. It’s important to her. Please have the opening of the training postponed until next month. It doesn’t matter how you do it. She will be upset if she misses it. I don’t want her to be sad,” Westley said.

Gabrielle’s eagerness to go back to Antawood led Westley to believe that she didn’t want to miss her training.

“Alright. I’ll see what I can do,” Wilson replied without hesitation.

His guess was right. It was because of Gabrielle.

“Thank you, Wilson.”

“We’re brothers, aren’t we? It’s not that big of a deal. You don’t have to be so polite. As a matter of fact, I owe you more. You’ve been staying home to run the business. You took care of the family for years. I am the eldest son. That should’ve been my responsibility,” Wilson said. It sounded as if he was blaming himself.

As the eldest son of the Morris family, he was supposed to manage both the family and their business. However, Wilson gave up everything to be with Bonnie in Italy.

Westley was supportive of him. He promised that as long as Wilson and Bonnie lived a happy life, he would be glad to take over.

That was why the responcibility had been passed over to Westley. Wilson felt gravely indebted to him.

When it came to pa ng it forward to his family, Wilson co u se.


You just saat we are brothers. There’s no ne to keep accounts. I will do anything for our family. You don’t have Tank me,” Westley said earnestly As the Campbell Family’s vice generalni e, Wilson had a lot of responsibilities over his shoulders. It was way more compared to Westley’s. On tor e to the Campbell Family’s support, the Morris Group thrived even more. “I will take care of the tra la .. Stay in Bangkok with Gabrielle. Take your time recuperating. If you two come back in that state, grandma il tuous. That’s why we told her that you’re on honeymoon. I bet she’s ecstatic.” Wilson did what was best for

y Wher a photo of Westley’s injuries, he was showed. If Miley saw how he was, she would be worried sick.

nu in Antawood would be frightened to clif they went back with wounds all over their bodies. ‘Okay. I’ll do what you want,” Westley obedently replied. He didn’t mind doing it. Besides, he agreed with Wilson. If he went back looking like a battered fugitive, his grandmother would be upset. “I think Gabrielle would be willing to stay as well. I’m coming to Bangkok with Bonnie in two days,” Wilson said calmly. “Why? Is it because of us?” Westley asked.


If they came here because of them, Westley would blame himself.

“No. It has something to do with the Campbell Family. Anyway, we’re in Antawood now. We can come visit the two of you. After the New Year’s Day, we’re going back to Italy. I have no idea when we can come back to Antawood after that.” Wilson was even busier than the Campbell Family’s president.

After all, over the years, his prowess had been recognized by the veterans of the Campbell Family. The president intended to gradually give his power to him.

As a matter of fact, it was his job to visit the branches all over the world.

“Okay. Let me know when you’re coming,” Westley replied.

“Alright. I’ll tell you when I’m ready. It’s getting quite late. Rest early. Let your men fetch whatever you need,” Wilson reminded.

“Good night, Wilson.”

“Good night.”

After hanging up the phone, Westley went back to his room. Gabrielle was fast asleep. He lay on the bed and rested his body against hers.

Gabrielle wasn’t having a good sleep at all. She started having nightmares after midnight. Westley had to comfort her so she could fall back to sleep.

It was ten o’clock when she woke up the next day. Slowly, she lifted herself up and stretched her body. She felt better than she did yesterday. GO Gabrielle,

v e up. Did you sleep well? Are you fee encer?” Westley was by the corridor. He came in to check up on her. Jo

any didn’t you wake me up? I overslep selle asked as she looked at him. “You were sleeping so soundly mo v e it in me to wake you up. Let me carry you to the bathroom,” Westley offered. “Your hands are injured Ja iere myself.” ‘His entire body is hurt. How could he offer to do that for me?’ Gabrielle thought as she star a im Yesterday, ore to walk to the bathroom. Gabrielle des mot need his help today. Th. As her husband, Westley wanted to be hervice to her.

ank you. You can wait for me here. Feline the phone. I’ll call Jason later.” Those were her final words before she eft for the bathroom.

Westley knew that she wasn’t only proud. Gabrielle was stubborn as well. That was why he let her do what she wanted.

Sweat dripped from her body the moment she came out. Walking was hard work. Westley had been waiting for her by the bathroom door. He was hoping that he could help her even though it wouldn’t be of much use.

“Are you alright?” Westley asked when he saw her sweating bullets.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Gabrielle casually walked to the sofa. When she sat down, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

What are you laughing at?” Westley asked curiously.



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