Lock You In My Heart Chapter 490

Chapter 490

Gabrielle’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the dishes laid on the table.


She was quite famished. Her mouth watered when the smell of the sumptuous food drifted into her nostrils. After all, she was in a coma for days.


“Westley… Did you just scold me for being like a dog?” Gabrielle realized something.


Westley was a scheming man. ‘How could he put me in comparison to a dog?’


Speaking of the dog, Gabrielle had not seen Blackboo for days. Gabrielle couldn’t help but wonder how he was doing. She missed him terribly.


“I’m not scolding you. It was a compliment! You’re just as cute as Blackboo.” Westley stroked her head.


“I don’t believe a word you say. You always do that to coax me. How’s Blackboo doing?” Gabrielle anxiously asked.


“Sophie takes care of him. Blackboo had been a good boy. He’s waiting for you to come home. You need to take good care of yourself so we could come back and finally see him,” Westley said with a soft voice.



The moment she heard Westley’s words, Gabrielle breathed out a sigh of relief. She was glad that Sophie was there to look after Blackboo. The puppy was growing so fast that Gabrielle didn’t even know how big it had gotten since she last saw him.


“Eat something first,” Westley ordered as he helped Gabrielle up.


He was grateful that none of Gabrielle’s internal organs were injured. It was their silver lining.


“I’m starving to death.” Gabrielle couldn’t wait any longer.

Westley fed her carefully. His hands were gentle as he scooped up the food little by little. He was afraid that he would spill food on Gabrielle. Gabrielle war loved by his actions. She suddenly

h u ge to burst into laughter when she saw that he was just as injured oner.

estley, you’re also injured quite badly you’re feeding me. That’s interesting.” Although Gabrielle’s face was adorned with a smile, there were s vaming down from her gorgeous eyes. She was so moved by him to she couldn’t help herself from crying. “Silly girl, why are y ny. There’s nothing to cry about.” Westley raised his hand to gently wipe the tears away from the corner of the “My olunisery and yet, I am blessed to have by my side.” Gabrielle couldn’t help but put her reverence into

The ne one who’s lucky to have you by n de,” Westley replied. The tone of his voice was serious and gentle at the same time.

After their life and death crisis, Westley would willingly trade anything just for Gabrielle to stay by his side, healthy and alive.

“Westley, I wouldn’t be able to keep eating if you keep saying words like that. I’m so touched,” Gabrielle complained.

“Finish your food. Then have some rest afterwards,” Westley said as he continued to feed her.

Gabrielle obediently lay down after finishing her meal. Westley slept next to her. When Gabrielle had fallen asleep, Westley got up and left the room. He walked to the yard and gazed at the bright moon before calling Wilson.




He was in a hurry when he left for Bangkok. To keep them safe, Westley did not ask Wilson and Bonnie to come. All he did was to ask Wilson to find some people from the Campbell Family for him.


“Wilson… Gabrielle had woken up but she’s still seriously injured. We have to stay here until she recuperates. We’ll go back to Antawood after a couple of days.”


“That’s great news! Bonnie was worried that Gabrielle had gotten hurt. I’m glad she’s awake now.”


“It’s my fault. It’s all my fault that she’s hurt. The people from the

Campbell Family…”


“Don’t worry about them. Bain hurt the Campbell Family’s men. He would be the one paying for it.” Wilson’s words were cold and straight to the point.


When the men of the Campbell Family entered the forest, they still had some conflict with Bain’s people. Nobody died. However, a few of them were seriously injured.


Bain had to pay for it. After all, it was his men who hurt them.


It wasn’t a matter of reason. It all boiled down to the people they had to face. The Campbell Family could reason out with some people, but they had exceptions.


“Wilson, if you need anything, just tell me. I will do whatever you ask for as long as I can,” Westley said seriously.



The Campbell Family did not have any business in the forest. However, Westley was too worried about Gabrielle. He did not have the time to cruit people himself. The most cony vay to have some backup was to borrow some men from the Campbell willy. After a Peir gang had members all over the w d he moment their boss said the word, his men would go on any non.

“I don’t need your help now. You s avu get some rest with Gabrielle. When she gets a little better, I will book the best hospital for the both of you, yood idea to stay in that village for too long. If they don’t have good medical equipment, it will affe c overy.” Wilson had done everything for them. The Campbell

people in Bangkok. Wilson had arraro a hospital for them. However, getting there was a long drive fro age. Westley didn’t want to go there whils Gabrielle was unconscious. He was afraid that travelling that far

i ate her wounds. lurzo as why Wilson had arranged for a

m an team to go there. The rest had been handed over to Remy. Wilson had nothing to worry about because Remy was there. “I know. I’m leaving to go there in two days. I’ll take Gabrielle with me.” Westley had no other choice but to agree with his brother. Gabrielle was eager to go back to Antawood so Westley wasn’t sure if he could persuade Gabrielle to stay in Bangkok for treatment. The place that Wilson had arranged for them was even equipped with a spa. It was perfect for a woman’s recovery. They would be able to heal Gabrielle’s injured skin and get rid of all her scars. If she agreed to have her treatment there, she would be back to her old, healthy self. “You can ask the Campbell’s men to take you there whenever you wish. You don’t have anything to worry about in Antawood. Mom and dad have no idea that you guys had an accident. They think you’re on vacation. Bonnie and I are home to take care of them. I’ve designated Alvin to look after the company. Everything is fine. You can take your time to rest and heal,” Wilson updated Westley about the situation in Antawood. He was worried that not knowing would stress Westley out. ‘I know. Alvin reports to me every single day.” Westley had nothing to worry about in the company. After all, he had personally trained all of his senior executives. They were capable and loyal.

As for the Morris family, he wasn’t worried at all because Wilson was there to take over. “By the way, I really need your help with something,” Westley asked. He was a little embarrassed. After all, Westley very rarely asked for help. It put him to great shame even if it was his brother doing the favor for him. He had already asked his brother for help by borrowing some men from the Campbell Family. Now he felt shameful for asking for another favor.



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