Lock You In My Heart Chapter 489

Chapter 489

The moment Remy heard the shout, his heart pounded. ‘Is there something wrong with the couple again?’ he wondered.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to them?” Remy asked the bodyguard. Anxiety was apparent in the tone of his voice.

“No. Mr. Morris just wants to see you. They’re fine,” the bodyguard explained. The obvious look of concern on Remy’s face urged the bodyguard to talk faster.

“Ah, I see. Hurry up, then. Why is Mr. Morris looking for me?” Relief washed over Remy the moment he heard that the two of them were fine.

When Remy walked back, he caught a glimpse of Westley sitting by the corridor in front of the house. He sat there. In silence, he basked under the warmth of the sun as if nothing happened.

“If you’re fine, can you stop sending people to call me with urgency? I was afraid that something had happened to you,” Remy said as he sat next to Westley with a look of disgust on his face.

“What could possibly happen to me? Do you want me to get into trouble?” Westley asked as he took two sips of water.

“Of course I don’t! I just don’t want to ruin my reputation because of you.” Remy glanced at him.

“I asked you to come here because I was feeling lonely when I woke up alone. Keep me company.” Westley tilted his head to gaze upon the sky. The white clouds against the blue horizon looked breathtaking. The bright luminescence of the sun made it even better.

“How about Gabrielle?” Remy took the glass Westley passed on to him and took a sip.

“Let her sleep. She hasn’t woken up yet. When she was in a coma, she couldn’t sleep comfortably. Her face always had a frown. It wasn’t until now that she’s finally sleeping better. Let her sleep a little longer,” Westley said. There was concern in his voice.

“Are you hungry? I saw the two of you sleeping around a while back so I didn’t wake you up for lunch,” Remy asked. “It’s fine. Gabrielle au will be having dinner when she


Y ou’re a doctor. You should be responsible for her nutritious m Can you ask someone to have it ne how?” Westley ordered. Remunged. He had already come up with an plan for Gabrielle and Westley. He did not need Westley’s reminder. “I already told the c**k what to mak N a t Gabrielle is up, what are you going to do?” He was talking about whether or not the couple were coming sock t awood. Now that the both of the revered, they could finally come home. Staying here wasn’t a good idea. We can leave wie eiele gets better. We’re not in a hurry,” Westley calmly replied. It had onl y since Gabrielle had woken up. If they Git hastily, it might aggravate her wounds. Westley did not want

So you’re right. What are you going to do out Lance and Bryce?” Remy had been filled in about the situation in the forest and about what had happened between Bryce and Nellie. Westley had kept the two of them in Bangkok. Nellie had to go see a doctor because of the odd feeling in her belly. Bryce took that opportunity to run away. Lance helped him seek refuge at the forest.


Nobody could have possibly anticipated for things to go this messy. It was qu

ite annoying.


He also slept quite well. He had not slept that good in days.


“It’s none of my business. I don’t give a s**t about them,” Westley said coldly.

“That’s just cruel!” Remy joked.

“Lance is capable of saving Bryce. Bain and Lance’s relationship is unimaginable. Now that Gabrielle has left the place and no one from the Campbell Family was there, Bain wouldn’t have a reason to kill them. They are not going to die in there,” Westley calmly explained.

If Bain had the intention to kill the two of them, Westley would not hesitate to save them. After all, Lance was Gabrielle’s cousin and Bryce was her adopted brother. He had to save them.

“I don’t really care about them. What about Nellie? She was pregnant. Aren’t you going to send her back? She wouldn’t be able to do anything funny now anyway,” Remy asked as he turned to look at Westley.

Nellie was Helena’s sister. Helena used to have a good relationship with Westley. Their families were in good terms. However, because of the Collins family, they were now sworn enemies.

“Let’s talk about it later.” Westley was not in the mood to talk about the Collins family.

“Alright. It’s none of my business after all. I don’t want to get into it. Do whatever you want.” All Remy had to do was to fulfill his duty as a doctor. He couldn’t care less about other things. Besides, what Westley wanted to do was out of their jurisdiction.

“Of course I will. Your only task is to tend to our well-being. You shouldn’t worry about these things. Do you have something urgent to do in Antawood? If that’s the case, I can arrange for someone to take you there,” Westley asked.

Remy was his private doctor but he was also his friend. Remy had his own life to live as well. Westley couldn’t sto Remy from spending his time the

w a nted to. Besides, was sièy and Gabrielle had already wok e ir recovery did not need much medical attention. it’ wing serious. It’s not that the hosni can e em to function without me,” Remy said lightly. “Alright, then. Go to the kitchen an ell throw o prepare the meal. I’ll check on Gabrielle. If you have something to deal with, don’t hesitate to tell me e of friends, after all.” Westley gave him a pat on the shoulder before leaving to go to the room.

V When dinner was y Vestley woke Gabrielle up. Gabriella or dinner.” Westley sat by the edge of th Coed and gently gave Gabrielle’s face a pat. to long for Gabrielle to wake up. She one B her eyes and gazed at him. Then she turned to look at the

It was getting dark. She had slept for quite some time. “It’s getting dark,” Gabrielle murmured. “It’s almost eight o’clock. Get up and eat. Aren’t you hungry?” Westley couldn’t help himself from getting worried when he saw how pale her face was. “I wasn’t hungry earlier but now I am. I could smell the aroma of the chicken soup from here. Is there chicken soup?” Gabrielle asked as she looked around to follow the aroma. Her eyes landed on the food perched on the small table nearby.

“Your nose is just as good as Blackboo’s isn’t it? More sensitive even. Soup is your best option since you still shouldn’t eat solid food,” Westley reminded as he stood up and moved the table closer to her.



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