Lock You In My Heart Chapter 488

Chapter 488

With all the doubts that Gabrielle had in their relationship, Westley couldn’t help but think that they had serious trust issues between them.

Bryce could be part of the reason that made Gabrielle start to doubt him.

This had upset Westley to a considerable extent. Mostly, he was deeply concerned about this.

There were a number of reasons for marital breakdown. Couples growing apart, communication problems, money disagreements, and the most common, betrayal in mutual trust.

Relationships started to suffer when couples struggled with trust issues. It would be difficult for them to see the good in each other because they didn’t believe the words and gestures of each other were genuine. The union would turn toxic, and in the end, break down.

Of course, Westley wouldn’t want things between them to go that way. Especially now when they had finally become closer. He would not let any crisis come out of their marriage.

“Yeah. That was what Jason said,” Westley replied in a relaxed tone.

“Okay,” Gabrielle answered in a tone that was light, but her expression showed that she was not happy at all.

“So, have you set the time for the class?” Westley asked, now sounding and looking unhappy after noticing Gabrielle’s expression.

He tried to shift the topics into what he thought would make her feel better.

Gabrielle nonchalantly shook her head. “They still haven’t decided. Definitely, any time after New Year’s Day. They’ll let us know when it’s settled.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry then. As soon as Jason calls me, I’ll let you know, okay? You’ve just woken up. Stop thinking about it. What you need is more rest, and that includes relaxing your mind from stressful thoughts.” Westley looked at her. His eyebrows furrowed with worry.

“I’ll get in touch with him tomorrow. Just let me do the talking. And if there’s time, it would be better to go back home. I can manage, I don’t feel that awful … really.” Gabrielle wanted to sound reassuring but her tone was soft and weak.

It was not really up to her to decide on what they had to do. It was the doctor’s and she should listen to what he would say.

Goodness gracious, she was taking painkillers to ease the pain she was feeling all over her body! How could she say that it was not serious? GO She had bee ling herself into thinking she was o


“You call Jason tomorrow, but from now on, worry or think too much. Have a good rest. I’m here with you till you ge better. And then, we’ll go home,” We d in an authoritative voice.

Fine,” said Gabrielle. By the olce, she knew it would be best to heed what he said. Also, it was easy for her to isten up to Westley. She ato recover from the accident as soon as possible. It seemed to be the es puun. The sooner she got better, the earlier they could return to Antawood.

Now, have est. Is there anything that you want to ea Westley then gently pulled up the blanket over her. You nured, too, Westley. Why don’t you re w ell? Stay here with me. I’m not hungry anyway. Lie beside me.

cat later.” Gabrielle was distraught seri Westley also had wounds all over his body. Westley, on the other hand, became excited nearing Gabrielle’s invitation. He wanted more than just to lie down with her.

But Gabrielle was aching because of her injuries. He would just stay beside her. “Being here beside you is more than okay for me. I won’t touch you. I’m afraid I might hurt you unintentionally.” So Westley ay still next to Gabrielle. Don’t worry. My injuries are not really that bad. And, I’m definitely not delicate that you can’t lay a finger on me.” Gabrielle instinctively moved closer to Westley. Please, baby, I don’t want to hurt you.” Seeing that Gabrielle moved closer to Westley he admonished her about her condition. Feeling she had no choice, Gabrielle obeyed. She and Westley lay side by side on the bed.


g next to each other was more than enough for them.



Gabrielle could still remember that fateful night when they nearly lost their lives. They were crossing the river of forest in the middle of the night. How could she forget it! The horrible scene played over and over in her mind.

She survived. True, she came out of it badly. But still, she had been fortunate to be alive. It was more than she could ask for.

Thinking about this made Gabrielle reach out to clutch Westley’s hand. There were ups and downs, but mostly downs, in their relationship before that night when they almost died.

But since that night, they had vowed to be together for all time.

Westley felt her hand and clasped it so that their fingers intertwined.

“Is there something wrong, Gabrielle?” Westley was worried that she might be having disturbing thoughts.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I only want to hold your hand.” Gripping his hand, Gabrielle hoped that she would be able to convey to him that she was comforted with him lying next to her.

“You have nothing to worry about. I’ll always be with you.” Westley’s voice was gentle and reassuring.

“Westley, we are a couple who share weal and woe, aren’t we?” Gabrielle simply had to ask him.

It had never crossed her mind that a time like this could come when she and Westley would have to run away for their lives.

“Yes, we are a couple. We have been through really difficult times together. Now, nothing can set us apart, not even God.” Westley tightened his grip on Gabrille’s hand. If he could just meld his hand into hers, he would do it to cast away her worries.

He wanted to put his arm around her. He wanted to make her feel that they would not be separated. Ever. “You are right, dear. We will never be apart.” Gabrielle no d then inched her body closer to Westley. Westley uratood. He, too, moved toward Gab o in bodies were touching with no space at all between them. Feate weak but comforted by his near to

h a brielle soon fell asleep. Westley, too, fell asleep, lulled by t stearat reathing of Gabrielle. His worries about her condition had kept him awake. Thank goodness for the sleer at Remy had given him, or he might not be able to catch even a wink of sleep. Gabrielle had come n

oma. Here she was, lying next to him. This had somehow allayed his anxieties. He felt comforted and re

Remy lork e m in the afternoon. He smiled when he saw them sleeping. ‘Ah, let them rest. I’ll ask about lunch later the and stepped out of the room.

ad his lunch. He felt relaxed—and this is the first time since he came here that he felt that way. And so, he decided to walk around the village. He remembered being alone outside the forest. He was anxiously thinking of Westley, thinking that he would risk his life to save Gabrielle.

What he saw shocked him! Two figures lying in the water late at night. Their bodies covered in blood. Remy shuddered at the sight. What happened to them? What can I do for them? Oh, are they going to make it? Oh please, please, let them get through this alive,’ he prayed in his heart. The situation was not that bad. Westley and Gabrielle woke up. Remy let out a huge sigh of relief. Seeing them unconscious and not moving was torture for Remy. What if either of them or even both of them, do not awake! He thought he wouldn’t be able to continue being a doctor. What use would it be, being a doctor but couldn’t save their lives? As a doctor, Remy had faced life-and-death situations. But when it would involve family members and friends, he didn’t know if he could take it. The pain would be too much and it would never go away. He looked at the sky. The sun was shining brightly. This buoyed up his spirit. Things would turn out well. “Dr. Davis! Dr. Davis!” The harried and worried voice interrupted his musing. He was not able to appreciate the bright sunshine.



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