Lock You In My Heart Chapter 487

Chapter 487

“Gabrielle, I know you’re awake. You can hear me, right?

Everything’s fine now, Gabrielle. We made it out alive with only a few injuries.

I know you’re exhausted and you want to sleep longer, so I’ll wait for you.”

Gabrielle was in deep sleep. She kept hearing voices inside her head, but couldn’t tell clearly. In her heart, she knew who it was.

‘Westley… you promised you wouldn’t abandon me…So please don’t…

“Gabrielle, we swore not to abandon each other forever. We’re both safe now, it’s going to be okay.

We’re finally outside the forest now. When you wake up, let’s go back to Antawood immediately, okay?

You’ll love the scenery here, Gabrielle. It’s so beautiful.”

Both of them got carried away by the strong current after jumping down the waterfall. Luckily, they were discovered by the men of the Campbell Family who had been waiting outside. They were rescued and taken to the farm. Their people had already guarded the entire area, so it would be safe for both of them.

Even if the farm was close to the forest, Bain’s men wouldn’t dare to come out and mess with them.

Gabrielle finally woke up after a few days. She blinked slowly and looked around. The walls were strange and the room seemed old.


“Gabrielle, you’re finally awake!” Westley had just come out of the bathroom and was shocked to see Gabrielle regain her consciousness. He had been staying by her side all the time.

“Westley…it’s you. Where am I?” Gabrielle asked, her voice hoarse.

“We got out safely. How are you feeling?” Westley sat on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on top of hers.


She tried to move but felt pain all over her body.

After all, her wounds did not fully heal yet.

Gabrielle was injured shortly after jumping into the rapids. She felt numb in the icy cold water that when she was struggling in the water that she couldn’t feel a thing. But now, it wore off. People would mostly feel the pain from the injuries after waking up.

“We… we escaped. We didn’t die. We’re still alive… I’m so relieved…” Ow! It hurts… ”

Gabrielle yelped, feeling a sharp pain.

As long as the two of them were alive, everything was worth it. The bleeding and injuries were nothing because they had freedom now. A new life was waiting for them.

“I know it hurts, but hang in there, sweetheart.” Westley wiped her forehead. “Remy, come quickly! Gabrielle’s awake.”

A few moments later, Remy came in. Westley had made things difficult for him because of her, but he felt relieved after seeing Gabrielle had woken up.

“Gabrielle, you’re finally awake. If you didn’t wake up soon, Westley would have tortured me to death.” Remy approached them, cracking a joke.


Don’t push yourseloo hard, Gabrielle. You just woke up to exert yourself too much. Your wounds might open again.” Rem inded her. “We get some warm water for Gabrielle. It’

l e her feel better,” Remy suggested. Right.” Westley poured some wateront vu cup and helped Gabrielle take a sip. He had already prepared it

v t in case she woke up. Does your whole bodia faurielle?” Remy asked. “Yes.” ‘It’s nor v een battered a lot. You also got some serious injury at the back of your head and your waist. Even the ter cushioned your fall, you still got hit Rocks and stones. Luckily, you survived all that. Do you

us ber?” Remy gently talked about Gabria condition so she could feel more at ease. Yes, I remember.” “Great, your memory’s intact. After a day or two, we can go to a hospital in Bangkok for a thorough check-up, and then return to Antawood,” Remy explained. “Gabrielle’s having a hard time. Can you prescribe some painkillers for her? I don’t want to see her suffering like this.” Westley couldn’t ignore it. Gabrielle’s brows were twisting and her face was full of discomfort. Westley felt so sorry for her.

T’Il give her some painkillers, but they’ll only help for a short while. She needs to go through the normal healing process, which will take time. Of course, we also have to clean her wounds regularly and apply medication. I admit it can be uncomfortable at times.” Remy had to tell them first. “It’s okay. It’s just for a short while…” Westley knew that the process of natural healing was painful and long and he didn’t want Gabrielle to bear with it. “‘ll go get the medicine first. Let Gabrielle rest,” Remy replied. The painkillers would make her feel better. Westley wouldn’t be able to bear seeing Gabrielle in pain.

She was such a healthy girl, but now she was lying in bed, covered in bruises. Westley thought he might be a curse to her. After marrying him, Gabrielle would always end up in trouble.

Then, hurry up and get the painkillers,” Westley urged. Remy rushed to get the medicine and came back fast. He handed the pills to Westley and let him help Gabrielle take it. Thankfully, her pain decreased over the last ten minutes. Although she could still feel the ache, it was better than before.

“Gabrielle, how do you feel now?” Westley asked in a concerned tone. “Much better. But your wounds… Are you okay? Is it serious?” Gabrielle felt uneasy after seeing the wounds on Westley’s face and body. He was covered in bandages around the head, shoulders, and abdomen. It was clear he was hurt pretty bad. “Don’t worry about me, they’re all scratches. My injuries are less serious than yours. I was able to wake up the day we escaped but you slept for three days and four nights. I was scared to death that you weren’t going to wake up. But here we are, still alive and safe from harm.” Westley looked at her and smiled. When he jumped down the waterfall with Gabrielle in his arms, he had already thought about the worst outcome in his mind. He knew there was a possibility they could die.



However, if those were their last moments together and they ended up dying, he would not regret a thing.

But fate had other plans for them. They survived what happened and were given a second chance at life. Now,

Westley could only think about being with Gabrielle, and that was enough for him.

Gabrielle felt bittersweet.

He was right, they were still alive.

Surviving with only several injuries was something to be thankful for.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I’m happy that we lived because this means we can still be together. But I’m really concerned about your wounds…” She scanned Westley from head to toe. She had a feeling he had lied to her about his condition. The wounds looked more serious than he claimed.

“This is nothing. I’ve been guarding you for the past three days. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was seriously injured, would I? If you don’t believe me, you can ask Remy. He’s a doctor.” Gabrielle could be really stubborn and Westley knew she wouldn’t believe him.

He intended to hide his wounds and cover up so Gabrielle wouldn’t see them. He didn’t want to make her worry.

Westley never thought Gabrielle would suddenly wake up so he couldn’t cover up anymore. Now, she saw all his injuries.

She couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Well… if you say it like that then… it’s good to hear that you’re fine. One more thing, um… Is it safe here?” Gabrielle spoke softly. After all, they had almost lost their lives. She was thinking of their safety the most.

“We are safe. The people of the Campbell Family are guarding this area. We’re currently staying in the two most remote houses at the far back, surrounded by their men. Nothing bad will happen. You can put yourself at ease.” Westley held her hand, assuring her.

“Thank you, that calms me down.” Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief.

“Just rest for a while, I’ll be here to protect you.” Westley caressed her hair gently.

The escape might have taken a huge toll on Gabrielle. She wouldn’t be able to forget something traumatic like that so easily. The darkness of that night would remain in her heart for a long time.

After everything that happened inside the forest, she had a reason to worry, especially if they were still being pursued by Bain’s men.

“Okay.” Gabrielle didn’t want to think too much anymore.

“By the way, Lance and the others…”

“They can deal with their problems by themselves. We shouldn’t get involved,” Westley replied. Lance and Bain’s beherhood would prevent them from fi. orribly. people like any valued loyalty and merit. If he de meone useless, then he wouldn’t waste his time. Bai Wed Lance, so he had an exemptir nard. was safe in Bain’s territory for now. He could also leave if he wanted

There was no need for them

out it.

If Lance wasn’t confida aunty, he wouldn’t boldly come to the forest unannounced. If he didn’t have any plans up his sleeve, he or self at risk. “How are to escape there, Westley?” It was imro Giole for Gabrielle not to care.

a don’t seem to know how influentiale is in Thailand. You shouldn’t underestimate him. Trust me, he’s

tery safe without you,” Westley calmly trained to her. “Really?” Gabrielle was still anxious. Lance was her cousin, after all. Bain wanted to kill her. She thought he might come for him because she had escaped. “Of course, Gabrielle. I would never lie to you. Lance is more capable than you think,” Westley said in a serious tone. When have you ever told me the truth?” Gabrielle’s eyes squinted as she stared at him. “I can tell you about what happened between me and Bryce.” Westley already knew what Gabrielle wanted to know. It would be about Bryce’s injuries and that he locked Bryce up.

Tell me everything.” Gabrielle felt the banging in her chest. It was getting louder and faster. “I will explain everything to you, just not now. I’ll wait until you recover a little. It would be better to not exert yourself and control your emotions. We don’t want your wounds to open up.” Westley held her hand tightly.

He was right. She shouldn’t be too emotional or else it would just worsen her injuries. “Westley, I hope you won’t lie to me anymore,” Gabrielle pleaded. “I won’t lie to you, I promise. I will tell you everything you want to know, but you have to get plenty of rest for now, okay? When you’ve rested enough, then we’ll talk.” Westley looked serious.

“Where’s my phone?” Gabrielle asked. “It’s broken. I’ll buy you a new one when we get home. You can use mine for the time being.” Westley handed her the phone. When the two of them jumped down from the waterfall, all the things in their backpacks had been soaked in water. Sticks and stones underneath did further damage. Westley’s phone was brand new. He asked his men to get him a new one and sent it to him after they settled in the village. “Please help me contact Jason and tell him about my current situation. The training class will begin in a few days and I don’t want to miss it.” Gabrielle didn’t borrow the phone for entertainment, she wanted to reach out to Jason. She had never contacted him at least once after she arrived in Bangkok. She could easily ask the company for a leave, but she didn’t want to miss the training class.

“I have contacted him for you in advance. No matter how much I dislike the guy, he’s still your boss. I already informed him about what happened to you in Bangkok and he said he’ll help you out regarding the training class. You just need to get your strength back and go home with me.” Westley knew how important the training class was for Gabrielle. The lecturer was one of the most famous designers she admired. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for her, so she wanted to grab the opportunity. “Has the class started?” Gabrielle asked anxiously. “No. It hasn’t been decided yet. Jason will contact me right away once they got a date.” Gabrielle looked forward to the training class and Westley knew how important it was for her. He went and begged Jason for an extension. “Did you talk to Jason personally?” Gabrielle was stressing over it. After all, the training class was a big event for her. She wished she could go back to Antawood right now.



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