Lock You In My Heart Chapter 485

Chapter 485

Gabrielle’s hunch was completely correct because they found themselves at shallows full of twists after turning a corner.

This place had not only twists and turns but also rocks and whirlpools. In short, this section of the river was a very dangerous place. Westley naturally had confidence in crossing it, as long as Gabrielle wasn’t so scared.

“Gabrielle, we’ve got to pass a bit long turns later, and if you’re afraid, you can just close your eyes.” Concerned that Gabrielle would panic, Westley informed her ahead of time and comforted her.

Let alone Gabrielle, even Westley himself felt a little nervous. Especially at the thought of Gabrielle being behind him, he felt worried even more.

No matter how unbreakable his armor was, there always had a weak point. And that weakness of his was Gabrielle.

“I’m not afraid, Westley.” Sensing the concern in Westley’s tone, Gabrielle gave him a firm answer.

And what she said wasn’t just a white lie to make Westley feel better. With Westley in front of her to protect her, she really felt a lot less concerned.

Westley was the man she could totally count on. As long as he was with her, she would no longer be afraid of any dangerous situation.

It was also what a husband and wife were meant to do, sharing bliss and misfortune together.

“I’m sure.” Gabrielle gave out another reassurance. At the same time, she tried her best to keep her eyes open and scanned the situation around her.

What she hoped for right now was to be the one who could help Westley with something, although the view here was really not good at all.

Although Gabrielle tried hard to look around, she couldn’t discover or hear very much. So, she just threw her arms around Westley tightly, leaned her head on his back, and closed her eyes to feel the surrounding situation.

The sound of water gurgling, wind blowing, trees rustling, and animals growling around filled her ears.

And what Gabrielle needed to do now was to find out whether there were any other sounds, such as human voices or footsteps, from these messy voices.

“Why did you loosen the rope, Gabrielle?” Westley asked as he was frightened by Gabrielle’s move. In this case, it would le safer for Gabrielle to grab the rop h ug and hold onto him. After all, she might be forced to ose her gricuer the impact of the water, and she ab ilung at any time. We don’t speak. I will hold you tightly and ‘t let go. Now I want to hear if anyone is coming,” Gabrielle said Sellously. Since they had been away for


d the people from Campbell Family had already arrived at the village, Bain would definitely find out that she way soon. Although she wasn’t le nemy of Bain, she did have the connection with his implacable foe, after all. So she could be counted as

directly. After could use her identity to negotiate term Campbell Family or even to threaten them.

yone had escaped. So Gabrielle knew for sure that Bain would send his people to chase them as soon as he found out, no matter what it took. And even if he couldn’t catch them alive, he would find a way to kill them. In short, he would definitely not let her go, and Westley would also be included. At the thought of this, Gabrielle’s heart trembled with fear. “Westley, all you need to do is just take me out of here as soon as possible. Don’t worry about anything else. We won’t be separated so easily,” Gabrielle said firmly. “If you say so, Gabrielle. Then hang on tight and never let go!” Under the faint moonlight, Westley began to search his way forward with a big stick to avoid bumping into the stones in front of him.

However, it was not easy to cross because of the rushing current and numerous large stones. They had been stalled there

for over ten minutes and had bumped against the stones nearly three times. Once Gabrielle was almost flung away, but luckily, Westley reacted quickly and grabbed her hand immediately. Otherwise, she would totally be flushed into the river.



“Are you alright, Gabrielle? There are only two more turns left to pass through this area.” Westley really got startled by the incident, and even the stick in his hand slipped off and fell into the water. The stick was supposed to be used as a rudder for the path they were taking. But now that the stick was gone, they had no choice but to count on the kayak to go through the rest of the journey.

No matter what, for Westley, it was worth the risk. He would never hesitate to risk the stick or anything else if it was for Gabrielle’s safety. Given the rushing current, if she did fall into the river and he could not save her in time, she would most likely be drowned or hit a stone.

“Yeah, I’m alright. It was so close, but you caught me in time. Otherwise…” Gabrielle was terrified when she thought of the scene just now.

Indeed, it was just too horrible.

Westley grabbed her in time when she was almost about to be knocked down. If not, she would have really fallen.

Only if the shoal was even and not too rapid would she be able to swim to the shore, and she wouldn’t have to worry about her safety.

But the thing was that now the current was not even and full of turns, as well as stones. So, one would definitely not be able to survive after falling into it.

Even if those who fell in the river still had breath, it was just for a moment. They would die sooner or later.

“We’ll be fine, Gabrielle. Don’t worry. I’m here.” Westley was actually taken aback too. He didn’t feel any better than Gabrielle or even more nervous and scared than her.

“Well, I believe you. Nothing will happen to us. Will it be better after we pass this area?” Gabrielle felt a little relieved after hearing what Westley said and questioned him with a serious expression.

She was silently praying in her heart to not encounter any horrible things on the next trip. At the very least, she wanted to be safe and sound.

She had no idea of what yould happen in the following, but they indeed had got scared many times while crossing the river.

“It’s going to a setter, I guess. The water won’t bes a dund frightening, and there will be fewer stones, too.” Westley comfr Gabrielle. In his mind, he sought to re l What the riverbed looked like based on his rough memory of when he I came here. “We’ll make it through, successf a unarmed. Do you think we’re kind of like a troubled couple after having such a life-and-death experience V s Gabrielle cracked a joke to brighten the situation.

But when the words an Of her mouth, it didn’t sound like a joke at all. “You’re right to We are now a couple who have gone to ough difficulties together. Our lives have been bound, and no ona Ipate us, not even life or death!” Westle ought so too. His eyes were fixed on the stones in front of him.

blick, he could only kick them away w is legs to avoid bumping into those obstacles. In regard, Westley did a good job. They didn’t hit the stones ever after again. Yes, no one can separate us. We won’t be apart again any longer.” Gabrielle wholeheartedly agreed with Westley’s statement. After all the things they had gone through, no other people, not even life and death, could separate them. “Westley, I think I’ve heard the sound of a motorcycle,” Gabrielle said as she heard the roar of the motorcycle’s motor.

The sound was quite loud, roaring from far and near. She immediately thought of a possibility that the sound came from the motorcycles of the people Bain had sent over. After all, all of those sounds were coming from the direction of the village. “Westley, did you hear that?” Gabrielle closed her eyes and listened carefully several times. She got scared after confirming that the roar was indeed from the motorcycles. “I did, yes. It’s true. The motorcycles. It’s getting closer to us.” Westley also heard the sounds. A thought immediately flashed across his mind. It must be Bain’s people.’



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