Lock You In My Heart Chapter 484

Chapter 484

Hearing this, Gabrielle’s heart sank. So, it was up to Bain to convict someone whether they should receive punishment or not, and he didn’t even need any evidence. This was the rule here.

It was just like those henchmen around those big shots who could do anything unscrupulously, without the law’s judgment as long as they were heeding to those big shots.

Then, Rose was also Bain’s confidant. She wouldn’t be regarded as a traitor for such a trivial matter, would she?

Gabrielle had no choice but to comfort herself in this way at this time. She would be devastated if Rose was regarded as a traitor. She knew that the punishment must not be light.

“Gabrielle, it’s their internal affairs anyway. Don’t worry about it. Besides, it’s not that she let you go, but I am the one who brought you out, remember? If Bain really looks into it, Rose should not be the one to be blamed, unless he is an unreasonable person who thinks he can convict people at will.” Westley didn’t know what to say to lighten the guilt in her heart, so he could only tell her what he guessed about the situation.

Gabrielle understood what Westley meant. Just like this words, it was indeed a matter between Bain and Rose. She couldn’t do anything to help her if Bain thought that Rose had betrayed him. She could only pray that Bain wasn’t a despicable man who lived in the air of unreasonable superiority.

Gabrielle really felt that it was so unfair for Rose to live a life like that. She had no freedom and what was more, there was a chance that she might be executed at any time.

“Gabrielle, I know what you are thinking, but it could be possible that Rose was not forced by Bain to come to the forest. It’s her own choice to live there and she should have foreseen what the result would be like. She doesn’t need others to think for her. Moreover, the people who have clean backgrounds in the forest are almost non-existent. Since Rose had decided to help you, I am sure that she was clear about the consequences and was ready for it.” Westley knew how Gabrielle was like. She was used to considering other people’s feelings and safety after all.

“Westley, I know what you mean. She just wanted to help me without wishing for any return, but I can’t help feeling that I owe her. That’s why I hope you can tell brother about this matter and ask him to take Rose and Doctor Maniac away from the forest. You also know that the two of them are really good people. They have helped us a lot. I don’t want the two of them to continue staying under Bain’s influence and be in danger all the time.” Of course, Gabrielle knew that it was too much for her to make such a request, but she had to do something for Rose to repay what she owed her.

After thinking for a while. Gabrielle felt that her request was ridiculous. She retracted her request as she said, “Never mind. If this is impossible, o forget it. I know it will put you in a position.” She knew what kind of situation they were facing right now In thise, it was too much for her to make sua equest to Westley who was in the same situation with her.

brielle, it’s not an unreasonable requ you have to know that the people in the forest are all basically criminals who have committed major crim e dess. Even if I ask Rose and Doctor Maniac to leave with us, this may not be what they wish.” Westley ha o n a Gabrielle about the real situation in here. He didn’t think that those two would agree to comply eve

to save them. You are right t’s drop this topic. How far have we go ! No one is following us, right?” While asking, Gabrielle took a lo v ironment on both sides of the river. Lovever, she could barely see anything as it was so dark that lev n light couldn’t shine through. There were the sounds of the insects, rustled leaves, and the howling beasts, L couldn’t tell what kind of creatures th ere at all.

Indeed, all kinds of danger hid in the forest. Therefore, people said that if a person got lost in the forest, there was the possibility that the person would not only get caught by Bain’s men but also be eaten alive by those beasts. “By now, we’ve drifted down for nearly twenty minutes. We still have half an hour to get to the waterfall. When we get there, we have to get off the kayak and walk onwards because the waterfall is a little high,” Westley calmly explained to her the time and their route plan. When he meant by half an hour, everything would have to go well in order to arrive by that time. Then, they would have to walk for about twenty minutes to get out of the forest. After that, they would arrive at a farm. “I hope we can arrive at the waterfall safely just like this. We will be surely safe once we arrive at the waterfall, right?” Gabrielle asked expectantly.




“Gabrielle, I also hope that we can reach the waterfall safely. As for whether we will be completely safe or not after that, we will have to see.” Saying this, Westley continued to row forward.

‘Bang!’ That was when kayak bumped into a rock. Gabrielle’s body was forced backwards by the impact. Fortunately, she managed to grasp the ropes tightly on both sides, or else she would have been thrown down, seeing how great the impact was.

“What just happened, Westley?” Gabrielle asked anxiously. She had never experienced something like this, so she was naturally afraid.

“It’s fine. The kayak just bumped into a small stone. How are you? Did you get injured somewhere?” Westley turned his head and asked worriedly. It was inconvenient for him to see her since she was sitting behind him.

“No, I didn’t. I just felt the impact all of a sudden. It’s a relief that nothing serious happens.” Gabrielle breathed out a sigh of relief.

Nonetheless, this incident instilled a newfound fear into her heart. She looked up at the dense treetops which were obstructing her view of the sky, and then looked at the endless river in front of her. She didn’t dare to look behind them as she felt that there was a gloomy devil from hell waving to them from behind. It was as if when they were not careful, they would be torn and devoured. Her imagination got the best of her, simultaneously making her feel cold.

“Gabrielle, are you scared?” asked Westley softly.

He understood that she wasn’t in her best state of mind right now with these unfamiliar surroundings and events happening to her. Never in a mio i would she have thought that she have to escape the forest in the middle of the night. “To be hone n a little scared, but with you here ! e eleved somehow because I know you won’t let anything happen to me. It?” Gabrielle answered firmly, an expta meaning evident in her tone.

had to be said that she trusted and re e stley almost by instinct now. Westley nodded firmly, confirm

tement. “Well, I won’t let anything happen to you. Now, we are going to enter the sharp bends area soon.


h old tightly and the most important thing is not to let yourself fall into the water. I’m not clear about the situa on water, and it’s easy for things to go out of control if you fall.” He had to warn her what they were going to d a nce. Gabriell a mind and held the ropes on the sider cathe kayak more tightly, not daring to relax at all. |

she fell into the water by accident, natoly would she be in danger but also Westley would be implicated by her. Shosolutely couldn’t let such a thing hason. Westley, I understand. I will hold tightly so that I won’t fall down,” Gabrielle reassured firmly. She already felt bad that she couldn’t be of much help to him. There was no way she could cause any more trouble for him. If she fell into the water, Westley would undoubtedly jump into it to save her. Then, both of them would be in danger.

Thinking of this, Gabrielle felt more and more uneasy and the foreboding feeling in her heart grew stronger. She somehow felt that something big was going to happen.



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